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Tip In order to enhance the look of the grid in Illustrator, you may want to create a template of your own and use it as a guide when designing. # Getting to Know Photoshop Photoshop is a raster image-editing program. The layers system that most image-editing programs use allows you to work on different parts of an image. A layer is a collection of components that defines an area of an image. For example, you could draw a layer containing individual shapes, such as a circle and a square, and then paint into the circle with a brush. In Photoshop, there are seven types of layers: Original image Layer is made from an original image **Compatible with:** CS4+ Background Used when you want to change an image’s background. The background layer is fully opaque—everything on the layer is visible. You can see through the layers below it. **Compatible with:** CS5+, CS6, CC, CC2017 Mask Used when you want to apply an image to a shape, such as an element that follows the transparent parts of the layer. All the objects on the layer are masked, meaning you can’t see anything else. **Compatible with:** CS4+ Layer group When a group is active, all the layers in that group are active (that is, you can move them as a group). A layer group is like a folder, and you can have as many layer groups as you want. You can change the order of the layers in any layer group. **Compatible with:** CS3 Smart object A smart object is simply a copy of the active layers that can be edited and manipulated as a unit. The smart object is copied but is not included in the file’s layers. **Compatible with:** CS4 Dock When you first open a new document in Photoshop, you’ll notice that it’s usually attached

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2. What is Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor for photographers, image editors and hobbyists. It was developed in 1996 by Adobe Systems to be a first version of a photo-editing program, and later, to be a photo-editor software. Photoshop is a multi-window editing software. Photo Editor is the main window and the other windows are for tools like the Brush tool, the Hand tool, the Pen tool, the Color Sampler, the Patterns tool, the Adjustments tool, the Layers tool, and any other tools. The rectangular area that contains the Toolbox in Photo Editor is the Tools panel. It contains items, such as the Brush tool, the Hand tool and the Pen tool. You can manipulate photo assets through the layers of a digital canvas. You can modify the image’s color, contrast, brightness, and image quality. It supports layers and masking functions. 3. Photoshop tips Here are some Photoshop tips: There are two ways to save images: the Save As or Save button and the Save Image dialog box. When you click on Save, you can do the following things: • You can name a file • You can choose a location to save the file • You can specify a number of folders to save the file into • You can choose a format to save the file into • You can choose the image resolution • You can choose the image quality • You can specify if the file will not be overwritten if the file exists • You can specify a compression type to save the file When you click on Save Image, you have four options: • Save the file under a specified folder. • Save the file as a selected image. • If you click on the Down Arrow on the top left of the image, you can scroll through the list of saved images. • You can specify the file quality, color space, file format and compression type The Image Size controls how the image will be displayed on your monitor. You can choose to resize the image at 100%, 150%, or 200%. Selecting 100% means the image will not be resized and you will need to crop the image. You cannot resize a 4k image into 1k for example. 4. Graphic design and Photoshop tips Photoshop is often used by graphic designers. Design a681f4349e

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Included in Photoshop are different categories of fonts. Categories include those for body text and headers. The pattern (or brush) tools are useful for laying images on top of each other. They are similar to the paint bucket tool in the GIMP. There are several different actions that you can put together to make other effects. These include actions that create objects from scratch, dissolve an object into another image, and combine multiple files. If your Photoshop installation is old or out-of-date, there are still many more to learn. The most important thing to do when installing Photoshop is to make sure that you don’t overwrite any documents that you may have created. Many basic steps include making a copy of your current Photoshop document. It’s recommended that you always make a backup of your original Photoshop document. These could be a few extra images that you created, a picture taken and uploaded to the internet, or a PowerPoint presentation you are working on. After you make a copy of the current Photoshop document, you can begin to learn more about the basics of the software. Included in Photoshop are different categories of fonts. Categories include those for body text and headers. You can install Photoshop in several different ways. Although there are many different ways to install Photoshop, this is not the only option. For instance, if you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can purchase a version of Photoshop on a DVD, CD or USB drive. The only drawback to this option is that it can be expensive. If you only have access to your computer’s Internet connection, you can download the software from Adobe’s website. Photoshop is offered in three different versions for free download: Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS4. Each version is extremely popular, and one of the reasons is the way that it is presented. Photoshop Elements is designed with inexperienced users in mind, while Photoshop CS4 is designed for experienced users. Though the entire Photoshop installation process is important, it is not the only part that is important. This software is robust and complex. Newbie users may be more comfortable with the basic installation features, which can cause them to make mistakes that will put them out of business. Before performing a Photoshop installation, it is crucial that you check your computer’s memory, and download the most updated version of Photoshop. Fortunately, Adobe offers versions of Photoshop on CDs, DVDs and USB keys. After installing Photoshop, you will be presented with

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The Clone Source dialog box allows you to choose the source image for the original pixels. The Dodge tool allows you to change the colors of an image, specifically to lighten or darken an area of an image. The Eraser is used for removing unwanted pixels from an image. If you need to fade one or more layers of an image, you can use the Fade Tool. This tool is available through the Fade menu, or you can select the eyedropper tool, press and hold Ctrl, and click on the gray level you want to fade. The Gradient tool allows you to colorize an image. The Gradient tool allows you to apply a gradient to any of the layers in your image. In this case, you can use the Gradient tool to create a fade effect, which is available on the Fade menu. The Gradient tool also allows you to create an image that has many gradual tones of color. To do this, draw a path by first selecting the path tool. Then simply click on the color you want to apply. You can use the Grid tool to move the image around. Dragging the mouse down or to the left will display a small grid, which you can use to align the image. Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the mouse to move the grid to a specific location. You can resize or rotate the grid by clicking on the four corners of the grid and dragging one of the corners. To erase a part of the grid, click on the portion that you don’t want and press the Delete key. Then simply click on the inside or outside edges of the grid to place the image in that location. The Lasso tool allows you to select a specific area of an image. The Lasso tool allows you to paint an image by “lassoing” a specific area. To do this, hold down the Alt key while clicking on the image. In order to paint around the entire image, press and hold Alt and click on any area of the image. You can use the Alt+Drag method to create free-form shapes to paint on your image. The Pen tool allows you to create graphic shapes and drawings using multiple colors. You can paint various shapes on your image by using the Pen tool. Pen Tools allow you to control individual pen points, apply brush and dash effects, as well as combine them with other tools. To erase areas that you don’t want, use the Eraser Tool, which is

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Minimum Requirements: Hard disk: 512MB RAM: 256MB DirectX: Version 9 Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit) See the Compatibility Chart for details.Q: Database table for images I’m trying to come up with the best way to store images. Currently, I have a file table where I store the file name, size, and path to that image. This makes it easy to link up images on different pages. However, it