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Note Photoshop and Elements are part of a company called Adobe. You need to buy both the programs separately or together as a family. ## Photoshop Quick Tour The first time you use Photoshop, you might be overwhelmed by all the features and controls. There are dozens of menus, tools, and features, and you’re not sure where to start. Fortunately, Photoshop includes a brief Quick Tour that shows you where to find many of its most useful features (Figure 2-1). When you run the Quick Tour, a 20-minute video tutorial called _Photoshop Elements Showcase_ plays. The video shows several tasks in action to illustrate the features, as well as two tools that are unique to Elements (Built-in tutorials). FIGURE 2-1: The Quick Tour displays all the tools at your fingertips, including the toolbar in the upper-right corner of the window. Figure 2-2 shows the Quick Tour window that opens when you press Alt+Q. A few thumbnail previews along the left side of the window show you the applications and tools available in Elements. You can also click the Preview button at the top to see a larger version of the thumbnail. FIGURE 2-2: You can customize this window to display only the tools you need to use in this application. ## Exploring the Elements Interface The Elements interface is very different from the interface in other Adobe applications. The Elements interface tries to guide you to the proper commands. For example, the Help menu is split into two parts: One part guides you through the process of using a feature, such as rotating an object; the other part tells you how to save, export, and share the image. You navigate through the interface using the following points: * **The top of the window:** Contains menus, tool palettes, and several prebuilt tools, such as eyedroppers and paint tools. * **The middle of the window:** Contains the main Elements workspace for all your image editing tasks. You use the middle area to view, crop, rotate, and perform other functions on your images. * **The bottom of

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PCL Technologies, the creators of both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, have announced a one-year end-of-life. This means that version 15 of the software will no longer be supported at all after December 31, 2018 and users will no longer have access to the latest features. You can learn more about the end-of-life announcement in the blog post on the website. If you are still using Photoshop (for whatever reason), you should consider upgrading to Photoshop Elements as your alternative. There are many reasons to consider Adobe Photoshop Elements, not the least of which is cost. While Photoshop is still often a good investment, Photoshop Elements is free. The basic version of Photoshop Elements comes with a wealth of features to help you edit your photos and design websites. For a low price, you can get a basic edition and see how Photoshop Elements works. After you’re satisfied with the software, you can upgrade to a more full-featured version of Photoshop Elements. The Adobe Creative Cloud membership also includes commercial Adobe software such as Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom and illustrator CC. Here are the latest features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 18: This is a list of features that you can find in a regular edition of Photoshop Elements 18. For more information about what’s different and what you can find in the beta version of Photoshop Elements 2018, read our Photoshop Elements 18 tutorial. The 30-day free trial of Photoshop Elements gives you access to the full features of the software. In addition to new and updated features in this edition, Elements 18 for Mac now includes access to millions of royalty-free stock images and a new UI interface. You can read our Photoshop Elements 2018 tutorial to find out more about this release. Editor’s note: This content is regularly updated for new features. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments or send us an email. Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 has a powerful feature called Smart Brush that automatically adjusts brush size and shape to your strokes. However, when you create a brush on the Smart Brush panel, you can only make the brush the size and shape you want. If you want to make it smaller or larger, you will need to adjust the brush size or brush shape individually. This means you need to have an idea of how big you want your brush to be before you start. It would be good to have a a681f4349e

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Brushing the Clones | Flash. — | — Erasing with the Eraser | Flash. All brushes in Photoshop have settings such as size, hardness, and other characteristics. When you apply an eraser, you erase the pixels that are covered by a brush. To erase a brush, you simply click it in the Brushes palette. You can also select a brush in the toolbox and choose Erase Brush. The Eraser tool has three modes of operation: Erase, Bevel & Emboss, and Blur. When you erase, the pixels are removed, and the image is left with a feather edge. The Bevel and Emboss options cause the edges to be filled in with a feather. When you blur with the Eraser tool, the edges are blurred or blurred feather. You can choose to keep the contrast of the original image or modify it by choosing one of the Contrast, Hue & Saturation, or Hue & Saturation — Colorize options. The Photomerge function allows you to combine multiple images into one seamless image. In this section, we explore the tools available in the functions panel. You will find that the functions available with Photoshop are much more powerful than any camera. # 10.2 Adobe Photoshop Image Editor Tools Image editing tools in Photoshop allow you to manipulate the image in a variety of ways, and more than anything else, they allow you to achieve that perfect look. Editing and altering images in Photoshop is something that is a lot of fun, and it is well worth the learning curve! In this chapter, we look at the various tools in the functions panel (listed in Figure 10.2), including the Liquify tool, the selection tools, the zoom tool, the brand new brush tools, and the pen tool. All of these tools save the image to your computer or to an external device. **Figure 10.2** : Photoshop has a variety of tools available for modifying the images in your computer. The tool you choose depends on the effect you want to create, the image you want to create the effect on, and the effect you are going for. You can add special effects to your images to create a mood, bring out a specific feature, make an image look fantastic, achieve a very specific look, or create an effect that will change the way you look at images forever. We will touch on a few of the more common tools, and you will be able to find

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