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In this article, we will look at what you need to know about Photoshop before trying to master the program. What’s in a name? Photoshop has gone through many versions (see these Photoshop versions from the year they came out), though it has always had the same three defining features: layer-based editing non-destructive raster editing multiple images at once A Quick Tour of Photoshop The Basic Window As we said, Photoshop uses layers to create, edit, and organize the images on the screen. The workspace in Photoshop is divided into three main areas: the Layer window, the Image window, and the History window. The Layer window is on the left side of the screen, the Image window is on the right side, and the History window is in the center. The layers can be accessed and rearranged through any of these three windows. Layers are everywhere. Not only do they appear in the canvas window, but also as clipping masks, effects, selection masks, and in non-destructive editing modes. Each layer has a different visual appearance, transparency, and editing method. They are also given a number to identify them by in the layer list. When you want to change a layer, you can drag it to a different layer in the list. See layer order for more. You can click on a layer in the Layer window to change it’s properties. If you select the Layer drop-down, you will see all of the available layers, where they’re set up, the number they are assigned, and their properties, such as transparency, visibility, style, and so on. You can also adjust the opacity, background color, opacity, and so on, and save the layer to its own file. Different layers are useful when editing a large amount of similar images. For example, you can use a group of layers as a clipping mask. When you create a new layer, the original layer will remain intact, and the new layer becomes the new clipping mask. Any changes you make to a layer or the image as a whole will become part of the original file unless you apply a filter on top of it. The Image window The Image window shows the image that you have been editing so far. The default units of measurement are pixels, but you can change this to inches, centimeters, points, or centimeters, or you can use Photoshop as a Photo Editor. You

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Features of Photoshop Elements: Photo retouching, cropping, converting, editing, and other sophisticated image manipulation Proofing tools, fast rendering and compression technologies Pixel perfect text capabilities 3D images 3D text creation and world editor Plus, you get all the great features of Photoshop for free, such as the ability to open, edit, and save a photo in most common image formats (.jpg,.png,.tif,.tiff,.bmp,.mrw, etc.). Elements of a Photoshop It comes with a comprehensive collection of graphics editing tools, including the ability to create, edit, and modify a wide variety of photo and graphic images. Photoshop is a powerful image editor that can open, edit, and work with a wide variety of file formats for nearly any type of imagery. This software is not only a raster graphics editor but it can also work with high-resolution video, 3D graphics, 3D objects, and 3D text. It has a streamlined, streamlined user interface with intuitive tools and tutorials. It uses simple, drag-and-drop functions that are easy to learn and apply. Photoshop Elements is compact in comparison to the traditional version of Photoshop, making it an ideal tool for Internet users and mobile media users. For this article, we are going to take a look at what are the features of Photoshop Elements and how it differs from the traditional version of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Elements Features: Image editing software for graphic designers Alternative to Photoshop Slideshow creator Faster editing Drag-and-drop filters Pixel perfect editing 3D graphics Post-production filters 3D text Photo and video format support Vectors graphics Online Help It is very easy to use, and you can install it on your computer easily. Once you have the software, you can use any of its tools to create outstanding graphics. It is also possible to share your images on the web. Adobe Photoshop Elements Workflow Adobe Photoshop Elements has a streamlined workflow that allows you to edit images and automate some editing processes. In order to edit an image in Photoshop Elements, you can save the image as a different file format that you prefer, and then you can make your edits. You can resize images using Element� 05a79cecff

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Q: Raphael.js stop animation so I made this little animation using Raphael.js: var paper = new Raphael(document.getElementById(‘animation’), 500, 500); var group = paper.g(); var arc = group.path(‘M 10 10 L 40 10 L 40 90 L 10 90′); var speed = 10; var stop = false; function update() { if (!stop) { window.requestAnimationFrame(update); arc.animate({transform:’s’ + (speed * 1.5) +’t50′}, speed, { repeat: -1, step: function(value) { // if (arc.attr(«transform»)!== «») { // arc.attr({transform: «s» + (speed * value) +’t50′}); // } else { // arc.animate({transform: «s» + (speed * value) +’t50′}, speed, { // step: function(value) { // arc.attr({transform: «s» + (speed * value) +’t50′}); // } // }); // } } }); } else {

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