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It also has a lot of other cool features! A: So no suggestion on how to get around it, but I got it working when the screen resolution was set to 800×600.. Here’s what I did: 1) Make a.txt with the same file name as you said in the image text box. 2) Paste the image path from Windows Explorer and then edit it so that every space is entered as a «&» and «?» should be changed to «%%». (Eg: «C:\Users\YourName\Downloads\YourImage.jpg» should be edited to «C:\Users\YourName\Downloads\YourImage.jpg%%») 3) Paste that textbox value and press the «done» button. This should bring up the system setting where you can change screen resolution. 4) Select Windows and change the screen resolution to whatever you want. Q: Remove the first two rows and last row from a table that has different number of columns between rows I am currently trying to strip the first two rows and last row off my results table which is why I need to remove them off. The first two rows are the headers and the last row is the for loop. I have tried to use dataTable().row(n).remove() (where n=0 and n=2) but unfortunately this didn’t seem to remove them and have also tried using dataTable().$(«.dt-top tbody tr:last-of-type»).remove() which doesn’t seem to be working, any ideas would be much appreciated. A: You could use dataTable().row(‘:lt(2)’).remove() which will be after second and before the first row. Q: How do I write a puppet class that overwrites an existing class I need to rewrite an existing class in puppet, given that it’s only applicable to a single machine, can I do it within the same file? I’ve written a custom class file and that is working, except for the fact that the existing class file is being run. I believe that I need to make the existing class a dependeny of my class file, but I haven’t been able to find out how to write the manifest to accomplish this (This is on puppet 3.7.6 on CentOS 6.2) A: If this is a2fa7ad3d0