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Photoshop can be used for basic digital photography, retouching, and many other useful applications. On the other hand, it has a steep learning curve with many advanced features that are not accessible with the low-cost «toy» version of Photoshop that is sold directly to the public. Some Elements users may feel a little insulted by this comparison, thinking that all features available in Photoshop simply do not exist in Elements. However, don’t get discouraged — many of the features are available in Elements and you may want to consider that as an option for your image editing needs. Always use filters and adjustments to enhance your images, not as a replacement for good photography! Troubleshooting image problems When you see a problem when viewing or printing your images, the first step is to stop and check to see whether you accidentally deleted a file. If all the files are still there, you can then try turning off any unnecessary plug-ins or add-ons. If that doesn’t help, delete the images in your Camera Raw folder. See the first section of this chapter for more details on deleting files. If the problem persists, you should consult your Troubleshooting Center to see what other suggestions and remedies may be available. The majority of the troubleshooting tips in this chapter for the more advanced (and expensive) Photoshop program pertain to the Adobe Creative Suite program. However, some of the same suggestions apply for Photoshop Elements users as well as for other image editing programs. The following sections deal with the three categories of problems that Photoshop users may experience: The file itself You get an error when viewing the image, the image appears blank when you save, or you can’t print the image. You’ve accidentally deleted a file If you delete a file and wonder why you can’t find it, check your Pictures folder. Image file problems The file is corrupted When a file that has been written to a computer disk becomes damaged, an image may have problems with the file when you open it with Photoshop or Elements. Can’t open the image You can’t open an image because it contains an error. Check your image for a faulty.psd file (acronym for Photoshop document), corruption, or a missing.EPS or.AI file (acronym for Adobe Illustrator). Out-of-focus images The focus of the image is too soft or too hard.

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Here are a few Photoshop features you must know before getting started: Properties panel There are two different ways to access the properties panel: The menu “Window” > “Properties” Shift+Command+I You can also find it in the Tools panel which can be accessed by pressing the Escape key at any time. The properties panel is located on the bottom-right corner of the screen and is used to change several settings at once. (⇧ Shift+F12) On the right side of the window, you will find the information about the active layer, and on the left side you will find the information about the whole image (which includes the active layer). (⇧ Shift+F12) Media Information This panel shows you all the information about your file. In the top-left corner you have the file name, its size, the date and time of the last modification, its source and the resolution: (⇧ Shift+F12) The list in the middle contains the properties of the layer, the position, the color space, the brush strokes used, the filters, the text, and many other useful information for the graphic designer. You can also edit many other information as the ones related with the colors, the HDR and the curves. This panel shows you all the information about the image, including the dimensions, the resolution, the photo, and many other information related to the image. In addition, you can change the profile, background and presets. In the bottom-right corner, you can change the crop, the rotation and the font size. (⇧ Shift+F12) New This property panel allows you to create, edit, save and send files from the program. You can create a new file, import an image, edit the layer style, change the orientation, and make hundreds of other changes. The New folder located on the left side of the menu contains every type of file you can make: (⇧ Shift+F12) Dockable Toolbar You can find the toolbar in the top of the workspace. You can add more tools to it, like many ones from Adobe. If you change the properties of a tool, you will find them in the docks. In the example below, we have added the Bulid a681f4349e

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Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or better 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) Video card with 1 GB of memory I use Mac OS X with Snow Leopard, and I’m not entirely sure what version of Apple hardware I need to use this. Installation: Launch and install XMediaReactor. It can be found at Open XMediaReactor and select «Quick Config» Load a video