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After an apocalyptic storm leaves the world half destroyed, you set out to recover the last of the lost pieces of culture. Thanks to the magic of Zebion, the World Tree and your companions, you can fulfill this task. The story starts with you waking up in this ruined world. But what exactly has happened? Who is at fault for the loss of civilization? And why is the World Tree so important? The Mosaic Chronicles start here, where the events of the game took place, and go on to show the remnants of mankind moving across the destroyed lands. To take the lost pieces of culture from the ruined World Tree, you will embark on journeys that will take you to alternative worlds, a rich fantasy world as well as an atmosphere-filled science fiction universe. For every quest you take on, you will encounter colorful and diverse allies that will help you out of tricky situations. From the first steps in the ruined cities of the world to the final confrontation with the enemy, the game offers you a rich and complex narrative. Zebion The world of the Mosaic Chronicles is a magical, mysterious place. The rainforest of Zebion is a home to beings that have been there for a long time. Hidden in the thick undergrowth, living side by side with these very ancient and cautious beings, are members of the Secret Society. The members of this order are known as the Ovarians and follow a code of conduct they believe is necessary for the safekeeping of the World Tree. As a newcomer to this dangerous society, you are their guest at the Tree Lodge. Your actions and choices may have unexpected consequences. Besides your adventurous acts, this magical universe also features a number of humor-filled moments and beautifully hand-drawn illustrations that will help to lighten the dark atmosphere of the world. In Zebion, you find an enormous variety of gameplay possibilities. The fantastical landscapes of Zebion offer plenty of varying puzzles, which can be solved in many different ways. You can solve the puzzles with the help of creatures, friends and other people. Throughout the game you will need to pick up, combine and make new items and devices. You can guide your characters with a stylus, control them with a tablet, or move them with a Wii Remote, depending on where your character is in the world. As a hunter, you will use your bow in Zebion and take down animals and dangerous beasts. You will be able to use different tools like a saw, a hammer, a chisel and a brush


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    System Requirements For Animals Memory: Dinosaurs:

    Windows 7 and up Mac OS X 10.6 and up Minimum screen resolution 1600 x 900 Dual-core 2.0 GHz processor 1 GB of RAM 20 GB free disk space Mac OS X 13″ or larger display Broadband Internet connection Google Chrome (if not used in earlier version) Default settings How to install Steam: 1. Install Steam and all required games 2. Download and install the crack