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By using AutoCAD, designers can produce a detailed, complex drawing without much, if any, programming. Autodesk did not develop AutoCAD until after it had developed its previous desktop CAD program, DRAW, in 1979. DRAW was a relatively simple application with a linear screen interface and small 3.5-inch floppy disks that ran on the Apple II microcomputer. The design cost of DRAW and its companion software was minimal. However, the cost of the Apple II computer system and the Apple II disk drives was relatively high, so the software cost was substantial. The largest project that AutoCAD was used for was the creation of the Alaska Highway, a highway across Canada and Alaska. The project was one of the largest infrastructure engineering projects in North America, as well as the first real highway built for the entire continent. AutoCAD’s ability to create complex drawings for large infrastructure projects without relying on expensive and complex drawing tools made AutoCAD the most widely used CAD software for that time. Early history In 1977, while working as a contractor for Sandia National Laboratories, Paul E. La Forge (now Paul LaForge) noticed that a draftsperson he worked with was taking time-consuming notes while drawing. With the help of a co-worker, LaForge began working on the first computer-assisted drawing system. That system, called DRAW, used a microcomputer and 3.5-inch floppy disks to store and display drawings. An engineering drawing program, BOLT (Basic Office System for Tool Knowledge), was written in REXX, one of the first programming languages, and was written by Paul LaForge and Peter Keesler. AutoCAD was a subset of BOLT, and was developed by Stan Miller, Greg Mace, Jeff Dehnert, and others. Before BOLT, none of the engineering programs were available on a floppy disk. As a result, software applications required costly mainframe computers and drawing terminals. More than 300 drawings were used to create the Alaska Highway, a multibillion-dollar, 1,400-mile-long highway project built from Canada to Alaska. The largest project at the time, the Alaska Highway cost $4.3 billion, as the highway was financed with short-term funding by the governments of Canada and the U.S. The project was completed in 1975, and the last of the trailers was not pulled off the road until 1978. Autodesk uses that project to help

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Autodesk have a plugin system which allows users to add features such as a Sketchpad to their software (e.g. sketching features into the software). Some of the CAD components developed by Autodesk include: Autodesk Architectural Desktop, for architectural and engineering design and detailing AutoCAD Civil 3D, architectural and engineering civil engineering, utility line design, land development, and land surveying CAD AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD electrical design, electrical design, schematic design, and wiring. AutoCAD Mechanical, design and simulation of mechanical systems, systems integration, mechanical engineering. Autodesk 360, formerly Microstation 360, Autodesk’s virtual environment for 3D modelling and visualization. Protectionism In July 2006, Autodesk was the target of a US patent lawsuit brought by SAP, a German software company, over the latter’s use of allegedly similar technology to control complex processes in manufacturing. SAP’s product, Tibco Business Application Programming (BAP) is generally regarded as the leading tool for business process management and workflow. The lawsuit was resolved by a settlement in which Autodesk is prohibited from developing, selling, licensing, providing maintenance or support for, or using, BAP. According to Autodesk, BAP was not directly involved in the case. Forbes named Autodesk the Best Global Software Company to Work For in its 2015 and 2016. International markets European/Russian markets Autodesk products are developed and sold primarily in North America and Western Europe, and also in a number of Eastern European countries, and Russia. In the Russian market, Autodesk products are sold in three major products groups, Electrical and Mechanical design, Architectural design and Drafting/Surveying. Japanese markets Autodesk has headquarters in Japan and a subsidiary in Tokyo. Products are sold throughout Japan, including major cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Sapporo. Latin America From 2006, Autodesk is investing in Latin America. They have a subsidiary in Santiago de Chile. Their other two subsidiaries are in Costa Rica and Brazil. Also, they have an agreement with Brazil through the company Antero Carvajal. Chinese markets Autodesk has several locations in China. They have a subsidiary in Shenzhen. Their major products in the Chinese market are CAD software, CAM software and programming tools. Middle East/ ca3bfb1094

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What’s new in AutoCAD 2K3 Data Transfer — New formatting of existing.DWG,.DWF,.MDI files enables users to receive annotations from other applications like SAP and from AutoCAD 2K3. These annotations can be seamlessly transferred from one application to another (MDI annotations are accessible as raster images). (video: 1:15 min.) Levels View: Improvements in Levels View help users more easily create 3D views in their drawings. Improved view control lets you quickly zoom into your drawing (video: 1:08 min.) Networks: Create an OpenOffice-compatible network for multiple users in just minutes. Add an email address to an existing AutoCAD network to distribute comments, news, or alerts as documents are updated. (video: 1:16 min.) View Tab: You can now view your drawings in floating windows using the new View Tab. Select the View Tab from the Start menu and use the controls to open a drawing to see your changes at any time. (video: 1:07 min.) Sub-Documents: Sub-documents are now organized using layers and folder names. Layers are displayed directly on the View Tab, and sub-documents can be opened, printed, and navigated by simply clicking a folder. (video: 1:07 min.) Tabs: Add and delete tabs to open to see all your drawing files at once. Zooming/Panning: Zooming or panning can be started from the View Tab. Using a new Quick Access toolbar, the user can quickly zoom or pan using the center point of the screen, the current mouse position, or the previously defined Zoom and Pan mode. The user can also lock the panning on a predefined area of the drawing, or specify a point on the drawing that will never change. (video: 1:04 min.) Changes to Browsing/Snap: To navigate drawings, you can now simply click to zoom or pan to the desired view. Browsing and navigation can be further enhanced with the new Quick Access toolbar. (video: 1:03 min.) Traffic Design: This example shows how Traffic Design is used to analyze vehicle travel times and generate a route map. (video: 2:50 min.) Work

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Windows Mac OS X Linux Google Chrome 24+ / Firefox 22+ / Safari 6.1+ Internet Explorer 8+ Game installation instructions can be found here: Important note: The game is still in alpha and its content is subject to change. Table of Contents Introduction Story Arrow Keys — Page Up/Down Keys View Controls Server Commands 0-5, «Fight/Pawn/Jump» Key Combos «What do you mean, fight?