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AutoCAD — 3D Drawing AutoCAD 2015 is the successor to AutoCAD 2014, which was released in March 2014. AutoCAD 2015 is a major update to AutoCAD 2012. Some of the notable features of AutoCAD 2015 include the introduction of a new 2D and 3D drawing interface, AutoLISP support, enhanced physics support, new rendering and visualization tools, advanced text and complex path features, and several enhancements to the user interface. AutoCAD 2015 is available as a free trial version, a $299 standalone license, or a $8995 perpetual license (with upgrades). There is also a $2899 free student license. Overview The primary goal of AutoCAD is to provide a system for designing and documenting 2D and 3D objects, using a variety of drafting and design techniques. Additionally, AutoCAD provides tools that are useful to many other types of computer-based projects. AutoCAD is used to plan and draft production, building, and infrastructure projects, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. AutoCAD is also used in software development, graphic design, business, and architecture. AutoCAD Features Creation and Editing of 2D and 3D Objects AutoCAD is a CAD program designed to be easy to learn, but is very powerful. AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D drafting program that can be used to plan and document projects. It is used to create 3D models of objects, to develop 2D drawings for a 3D model, and to convert 2D drawings into 3D models. When AutoCAD is used to create a 3D model, the user can create points, lines, faces, and solid objects. The user can edit the points, lines, faces, and solids to change the geometry and dimensions of the objects. Objects can be viewed from any angle. The user can add photo-realistic textures and materials to objects. Text and path objects can be modified using a brush, and the user can work with complex text and path objects. AutoCAD is also a powerful 2D drafting application. This application is designed to make drawing and drafting easier, faster, and more accurate. It includes a variety of drawing features, such as the ability to insert text, symbols, arrows, and dashed lines in a path. The user can also add dimension control points and create a default 3D perspective that will be

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XML automation AutoCAD supports XML automation with two interfaces. The first is a command-line interface, which allows users to execute commands in the automation shell. The second is an add-in interface, which is a program that works with AutoCAD only. This second interface supports Excel, Word, and other XML automation software that are integrated with AutoCAD. AutoCAD supports the ANT framework, which provides basic XML-based manipulation of AutoCAD objects. The 2008 product release of AutoCAD introduced the AXLE add-in, which is an XML language for creating macros. It includes the ability to add macros to other applications by use of the macro’s external access methods. An additional method for scripting is provided by Add-ins such as CadScript and CadScriptXtreme, but these are very limited and cannot be used to customize the drawing or perform advanced functions, such as requiring a license. CadQuery supports command-line scripting, but without the power of an add-in. XML workspaces The XML Workspace is a programming interface which provides an alternative to command-line and add-in scripting. XML workspaces are a collection of scripts that are stored as XML files, which are read at run-time and executed. XML workspaces allow users to run a script or macro several times, or create a script that can be customized by the user. The number of executions, and the number of customization options, is limited by how large the XML file is. There are three major categories of XML workspaces. These include a functional XML workspace which contains a script that provides the functionality of a command, a programming-based XML workspace which contains a script that provides the functionality of a programming function, and a macro-based XML workspace which contains a script that provides the functionality of a macro. XML macros XML macros provide a way of running macros without the user having to enter any commands. This feature was introduced with AutoCAD 2007, in which XML workspaces are used to run macros. AutoCAD 2008 added macro parameter support. The functionality is similar to an add-in, but unlike an add-in the functionality is within AutoCAD. The main difference between a macro and an add-in is the method of execution. The add-in is loaded in a separate process, and the add-in runs only in AutoCAD. A macro is automatically loaded and run in AutoC 3813325f96

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AutoCAD’s new Insert Shapes tool can now add OLE links (including text) to a shape. This is a robust feature and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, including for the output of data for reports, or a presentation format. The Insert Shapes tool works like any other insertion tool, with the added benefit that the content you insert is unaltered. You can control which shapes appear inside an object, or put multiple shapes in an object. OLE links include text, bitmap, and vector graphics, among other types of objects. (video: 1:35 min.) AutoCAD’s Tools for Designer collaboration are now the default, in the main menu. Sharing all aspects of your designs in real time has never been easier! Simply open a file with the new designer collaboration tools, and instantly start sharing the changes you make with other users. You can even design using remote clients, while still participating in a real-time collaborative session. And you can start working on your designs as early as you like — there is no need to wait for people to return. In addition, the Insert Images, Insert Text, and other tools that were previously included in Designer Collaboration have been moved to the Insert tab. You can view your design in a style that is familiar to you, or share it with other users in real time. Global menu: Multiple objects can now be selected at once. You can select multiple objects and apply changes to them, in one place. Collaborative editing: You can collaborate on designs from across the world, through the new Designer Collaboration Tools. When multiple people are working on designs that are linked, you can all see each other’s work as you edit. The changes you make will be automatically synchronized between all users. Live Trace: Use the new Live Trace tool to create a 2D/3D live trace of a viewport or an object. You can control the spacing of your live trace lines with the new Spacing tool. The default is 0.2 units, but you can choose from a range of values. The Live Trace tool works just like any other tracing tool, so you can add extra lines and paths as needed. Collaborative annotation: Add annotations or text notes to a design, through the new annotation tools. In addition to drawing text, you can place annotations such as bar

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Tablet: 2.2 GHz processor, 3 GB RAM, 1 GB free storage, screen resolution at least 1024×768 and OpenGL 1.4 or higher Smartphone: 1.0 GHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 160MB free storage, screen resolution at least 320×480, 512KB off-screen video memory NVIDIA Tegra 2 (Dev kit) Tegra 2 (consumer) NVIDIA GeForce Go (consumer) NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500