Insurgency: Sandstorm is a highly immersive asymmetrical shooter that provides open world tactical gameplay where both sides are equally matched. Set within New York City, the player can control a whole range of covert operatives and special forces under the direction of a leader, as they attempt to stop a second American city from falling to the terrorist-led insurgency. The experience is fast-paced, intense and action-packed. Control your terrorist team through the use of ground, rooftop, and air vehicles to execute both long-range and mid-range attacks. Enemy AI is highly intelligent and adapts to gameplay tactics. A robust leaderboard system keeps the player engaged with time-based challenges and endgame goals. Hard-driving multiplayer mode allows for intense team-based combat, as players work to dominate the area and overtake enemy forces, ultimately securing the city of New York for the USA. You are insured when playing online because all Insurgency: Sandstorm game servers are run and monitored on a 100% private network, thus preventing any data breaches or security breaches. » More information can be found in the documents on this page. The Red Dark Weapon Skin Set has been added to your personal loadout. There are multiple red dark weapons available in Insurgency: Sandstorm! » Learn more about these weapons on the ‘Modules’ and ‘Aesthetic’ pages of the ‘Red Dark Weapons’ category. The Red Dark Weapon Skin Set has been added to your personal loadout. There are multiple red dark weapons available in Insurgency: Sandstorm! » Learn more about these weapons on the ‘Modules’ and ‘Aesthetic’ pages of the ‘Red Dark Weapons’ category. CUSTOMIZING YOUR UPLOADED WEAPON: The Red Dark Weapon Skin Set has been added to your personal loadout. There are multiple red dark weapons available in Insurgency: Sandstorm! » Learn more about these weapons on the ‘Modules’ and ‘Aesthetic’ pages of the ‘Red Dark Weapons’ category. CUSTOMIZING YOUR UPLOADED WEAPON: The Red Dark Weapon Skin Set has been added to your personal loadout. There are multiple red dark weapons available in Insurgency: Sandstorm! » Learn more about these weapons on the ‘Modules’ and ‘Aesthetic’ pages of the ‘Red Dark Weapons’


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  • Fast-paced 3rd person combat
  • Rush through the six year timeline in an hour
  • High quality next generation graphics
  • Featured hyperlinks, powerups and new weapons and combos
  • Single player, multi-player and local split-screen
  • Naudrion: Fall of The Empire Game Basics:
    • Fast-paced 3rd person combat
    • Push forward through the six year timeline in an hour
    • Multi-player and local split-screen
    Naudrion: Fall of The Empire Game Feedback:
    • Meet the incredible cast of mercenaries including: Gavil, Bunker, Kubik, Patch, Plutarch, Raul, Tak — plus, many more
    Naudrion: Fall of The Empire Game Guide:
    • How to Get Free Packs
    • Control Tutorial
    • Animated Characters Tutorial
    • A Variety Of Weapons and Explodes Locations Tutorial
    • Basic Commands Tutorial
    • Easy Tips and Tricks
    Additional Links:
    • Website
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
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    DCS: MiG-21 is a ground-breaking flight simulation that builds upon the award-winning DCS World 2.5 series by adding immersive, high-fidelity cockpit and avionics models, interactive tutorial, fully-interactive weaponry and detailed, accurate flight dynamics. This mature, open-world simulation puts you in the role of a combat pilot – both as a lone wolf and in two-ship combat. The DCS: MiG-21Bis is a modern derivative of the legendary MiG-21, a formidable force when used in combat but also capable in air-to-air, ground attack and escort missions. When you see the MiG-21 in action, you get the feeling that it was never designed as a combat machine. It was hand built by the Russians, who only had on-hand experience in fighter design using aircraft from the Second World War, which had made them world-renowned for their ruggedness and durability. In contrast to the MiG-21, the DCS: MiG-21Bis was designed to become the modern day interceptor, utilizing wide-body design and highly maneuverable powerplants to keep up with the latest generation of combat aircraft, such as the F-22 and F-35. DCS: MiG-21Bis brings a lot of vitality, authenticity, flying depth and meticulously recreated systems back to the MiG-21, making this highly detailed simulation the definitive experience for all the MiG-21 fans out there! Modern Combat 5 Vietnam: Multiplayer Mod v.1.7 Modern Combat 5 Vietnam + Multiplayer Mod! Have Fun And Play! by admin Bungie, the creators of the legendary Halo franchise, made a comeback with this amazing game. Modern Combat 5 Vietnam is a military combat action that takes the players into the epic battles of the Vietnam War. You will step into the boots of a real combat soldier, fight for freedom and victory. The long awaited sequel is here! All the features you love from Halo and Combat Evolved are included in this all new sequel. Modern Combat 5 Vietnam brings the epic Halo universe to life in a powerful combat game. UPDATE: Now with «infinite funds!» Modern Combat 5 Vietnam is an intense military strategy simulator. The gameplay is deep and the action can be as frantic as you like. Use all the weapons of your avatar to take down all the enemies. c9d1549cdd


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    Screenshots: Links: Don’t forget to like our Facebook page. This is an English transliteration of Roxiano Creations’s brand new game, Hotel Tutwin!Hotel Tutwin is a fun, entertaining, intuitive, strategy game inspired by the popular mafia game Mafia II, in which the player must accumulate money and power to become the ultimate hotel owner in Hotel Tutwin. While gaining the power to take over Hotels to get your way, you will have to keep an eye out for the mafia and rival players.The gameplay is based in a fictitious city named “Soho” in which you must build a chain of hotels. Soho is divided into 8 zones and each has its own unique characters and properties.The game contains 21 characters and 18 events. By starting each new Hotel and “gaining power” (increasing the rating of each Hotel by completing new events), you can add your own characters to fill out the population of Soho.What’s new?Listen to Episode 73: Want to hear more like this? Check out our MASSIVE lists of all the podcasts we review here on the site. The Power Rangers in Space Okay, now that we’ve gotten through the “big dumb robots fighting” episodes of Power Rangers in Space (along with “Chewbacca is from the future”), we’re going to go a little deeper. Let’s take a look at the characters we see in this show and what makes them special, shall we? The “Space” part is a key part of this. This is a show set in space and the characters exist in space, we’re seeing and hearing about how they are feeling and thinking from their view of the world. We have a powerful woman who hides her power behind a sweet facade Even though this may seem silly to us now, this is a theme you’ll be hearing more and more of in this era of media. We have a powerful woman who hides her power behind a sweet facade, as we’ll see more and more in pop culture. It’s a good lesson to look for in media and yourself. We’ve got a likable, snarky space dude What’s more important than the flashy action and high stakes? When you’re talking about the best of the best there


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    Chess Knights: Shinobi is a 1998 2D fighting game for the Sega Saturn based on the fighting game genre. It was released in Japan on December 28, 1998 and in North America in 1999. The game is a PlayStation one rival to Konami’s Tekken Series. The game uses a third-person perspective in most of the gameplay modes and resembles more of an action-adventure than beat ’em up type game. For example, the Fighter mode follows that of the Marvel vs. Capcom series rather than traditional fighting game fare. The game is well-known for being one of the first games to utilize 3D gameplay to a PlayStation title. For the first time, the polygonal character would be able to throw attacks at enemies. There are also six game modes: the Beginning, Fighters, Snipers, Final, Boss Rush, and Fightstick. Chess Knights: Shinobi was re-released in 2018 on PS4 via Uplay. There is also an unlicensed sequel for the PlayStation, titled 1996’s Battle Masters the following year. Gameplay Gameplay is divided into three sub-sections: Arcade mode, Training mode, and the Story mode. Most of gameplay is done in 3D, but happens in real-time. The player uses a 3D character model to attack and move around the arena. The character is given an HP and is extremely durable, due to Shinobi being a shōnin. Hit points and a life bar are used to gain a good advantage and a disadvantage. A character can be juggled for a brief period of time, and the player can choose to hold on for a longer time and allow the character to get hurt. Arcade Mode is the game’s main gameplay which uses a three-tiered category system. The fighter is fighting for victory within a special arena, where he must defeat all opponents before finishing the arena. At the arcade for which the game is named, the normal fighters fight under the standard restrictions, but once a player finishes the first arena, there are twelve other additional stages connected to a 100-Round fight. There are three sub-categories, called «Versus», «Small Bounds», and «Single Stage». To win, the player must defeat their opponent in the last major fight of the 100-Round fight. The Versus category is done with heavy penalty rules that decrease personal stats. The goals are to win every fight or to be assigned a cumulative total so as to win


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    The goals of this scenario are (i) to challenge your ability to drive the locomotive by switching between driving the train and navigating the route and (ii) to provide a completely different experience to driving the train. The Worcester to Mossel Bay line was one of the most scenic railway routes in South Africa. It follows the Breede River from Worcester to Mossel Bay and was built for fast transport from the South African coast to the hinterland. Little is known about the railway, but it ran from about 1901 to 1931. At some point, the NCCR was taken over by the GJHR (Grand Junction-Mossel Bay Railway) which in turn was taken over by the SAR in 1932. The GJHR was taken over by the SAN in 1956, and is still in use. The most dramatic section of the line is the one that runs over the Southern Drakensberg escarpment. The railroad is laid out in what is known as the Zig-Zag philosophy. This means that the main route over the escarpment passes through the vast Zeerust flats while the Breede river valley is more sparsely populated. This philosophy is in place to allow the farmers to keep their most productive land away from the coastal floods. Farmers and other residents of the valley have protested about the «treachery» of the railway, claiming that the line has caused great flooding damage and this fact has held back the railway from being modernised. The physical challenges involved in building the railway were considerable. In the area immediately west of the Breede river, there are steep and isolated mountains up to 2 km high. The railway was built in a number of steps, starting with a road through the Western Free State (the Atteridgeville – Riversdale section). This was relatively easy to do, as there were tracks in place. Next came the main line, from Atteridgeville to Riversdale, which was a direct line. From there, the track was built in steps up the slopes towards Swellendam, and finally to Mossel Bay. The timetable of the train was extremely limited. It was designed to transport passengers, produce and freight from Worcester to Mossel Bay. So rapid transit was not possible, and trains hauled by (locomotive) locomotives run to all stations except Mossel Bay and return from there. Trains ran daily as well as weekly and there were both passenger and freight services. Freight on the train was mainly grain and other agricultural products (


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