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digitalni sat za desktop free download digitalni sat za desktop free download digitalni sat za desktop free download digitalni sat za desktop free download digitalni sat za desktop free download Vista 10 Predictions – Strategies for Business and Consumers Description: Already 7 years ago the former Internet Explorer browser gave birth to a new browser after the well-known Mozilla Firefox: Internet Explorer 10. IE10 is set to include all the latest features including Tab-Controlled Tabs, a new interface, improved Windows 7 integration and improved security. However, although Windows 7 users upgrading to Windows 7 will be offered the IE10 browser, users of Windows 8 and 8.1 will not. As per World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, the first web browser introduced for Windows was Netscape Navigator 2.0 introduced on May 18, 1994. At the time of introduction, the browser was packaged with Windows and it would be included with every new copy of the operating system. For Windows 8 users, the Internet Explorer browser which was once bundled with the operating system will remain bundled for all users. However, users can also choose to install the Windows Internet Explorer 10 as an app or a browser on the PC. For Windows 8 users, if the desired browser becomes available, the browser will be the default browser when launching the operating system. For Windows 8.1, the new browser will come along with the operating system. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) – The future of online advertising is here with Google’s latest update to the Chrome browser. Dubbed “Presto”, the feature allows Google Adsense publishers to detect a user’s device, location and network connectivity – automatically directing them to the most relevant ads. The update comes in response to a report by online advertising agency Silverpush, which discovered that although most Google traffic comes from desktop computers, smartphones are currently responsible for around half of all traffic. As a result, the browser makers have launched an effort to bring the ad experience to smartphones. “Our goal is to make the internet as relevant and insightful for people as possible, no matter what device they access it from,” said Domenick Faralli, vice president of product management. Presto is currently in closed beta, which means the program is closed to new users. If you� 3da54e8ca3