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Play as an Elden Lord to take the lead in the Lands Between, a vast fantasy world where the balance of power has shifted. Experience a dramatic fantasy world where the destructive power of the Elden Ring has been awoken. With the help of the Goddess, Arzenor, you’ll travel across the lands to fulfill your destiny. As you uncover the origins of the Goddess, an evil has been unleashed in the Lands Between. The Undead have moved towards the heart of Arzenor and threaten the mighty kingdom of Tamarild. In order to defeat the evil forces, you will need to assemble a party made up of various classes, and form alliances with other lords. ◆ CLASSES ◆ SURVIVAL ◆ CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER ◆ ADVENTURE ◆ CONTENT OUTLINE ◆ TELETHONIC PARTY GAME ◆ NEWS ◆ CONTENT ◆ COMMENTS ◆ SERVER UPDATE Follow the Official Twitter page here. Follow the Official Facebook page here. ■ About the Director Hirokazu «YOSHINO» Tamura (Director, Producer) Born in Tottori in 1997. Currently attending Nihon University. His hobbies are listening to music, going hiking, and buying a new toy. Has recently joined the staff of a mobile game company as a character artist and CG artist. In the future, he hopes to contribute his skills to the game industry. ■ About the Key Designers YUTAKA «SENTO» ISHINO (Director, Producer) A rank-and-file guard of Zebulia who was hired to protect the princess from the evil forces in the Lands Between. Having a suspicion that the princess might be the murderer, he pursues her with his sword in hand. ■ About the Voice Actors ◆ Kishou Tanigawa as Arzenor ◆ Yui Horie as the Goddess (Lavinia) ◆ Yuta Kaji as the Dark Lord (Vidrick) ◆ Yumi Kikuchi as Irarnoor ◆ Hiroki Aoshima as the Hero (Halim, Zephalim)


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.64 / 5 ( 9314 votes )
Update (1 days ago)


Features Key:

  • More than 50 hours of gameplay: The adventure novel is completely unwound, with an estimated total of more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • Tracks the struggles of the Chosen One: A dramatic quest progresses, and the player, as Tarnished, will pick up a certain task for the first time, and have to face various challenges. It is all linked with the legend of the Elden Ring!
  • A world brimming with adventure: The world of The Lands Between is both vast and mysterious. A quest «can» be less thrilling than «needs to be,» but if there is no level design to suit the player’s play style, that is no longer the fault of the game, but rather that of the player. The Lands Between is waiting for you.
    • A vast range of gameplay: In addition to adventuring, you can play various fighting games or apply your strategic thinking skills to a dungeon. You can fight in various situations, forge meaningful friendships, or even seduce the previously virgin girl who is waiting for you!
    • A rich universe: The Lands Between is full of endless gaming experiences. You should definitely experience the thrilling combat, and the vast lore as well. In each adventure, you can pass «time» as you please.
    • A Challenge Waiting to be Ignited. The Lore of The Elden Ring : Lore varies in each adventure, the story is also affected by the game scenario. Part of the Lore is scattered across the 10 worlds. It is all waiting for you to discover.
      • Doppelganger: The story behind Tarnished is presented in a «what if» manner. You will pursue a character whose identity might not be identical to you, but its appearance is the same.
        • How powerful was he? Defend the Athlum!
          • A King’s Challenge.
            • A Hero’s Odyssey
              • The Ways of the Elden Ring
                • An Adventure Booklet
                • Game Play: a «What if» Game
                  • An Adventure Booklet
                  • Can you become the one


                    Elden Ring

                    Fluid action, solid visuals Uzuki Ichiro, Japanese PlayStation Magazine, January 2009 The graphics are great, the music is haunting, and the action is fun. This is a fantasy action RPG with good graphics that play like a classic fantasy RPG. The battle system is not particularly complex, but it suits the simple battle scenes of the game well. You can press [R1] to attack and chain the effects of the skills in your party. You can also press [R2] to increase the attack power in the weapon or [R3] to use a different weapon from the set. There are a variety of skills to use for attacks or buffs. Tie-in to other RPGs On the topic of the tie-in, you can carry your equipment and save data from other RPGs. This game won’t let you clear your equipment from another RPG if you leave your equipment in a specific place in that RPG. Complex equipment, clear story C.C. Spencer, RPG Life Magazine, April 2009 The game’s equipment system is unique. The equipment sets are divided into ten categories. You can freely switch weapons in mid-battle, but you can only carry one weapon set at a time. You can select from five weapon types. You can set a defensive bonus to each weapon. In addition, magic abilities can be set to the other five weapon types. Skills can also be set to the other five weapon types. The selection is possible without interfering with the statistics of the equipment. The equipment can be developed by giving it to a non-combat person, for example a merchant. Full of contents Shinya Oshima, RPG Pro Magazine, May 2009 In the game, you can freely customize your character’s appearance. You can play as a town merchant or take up the position of an Elden Lord. You can go on quests or join the battle guild. The content is rich. Chances to play a role Anonymous, Famitsu Xbox, June 2009 The game is a fantasy action RPG that allows you to experience any actions. You can run around on the battlefield as you like. Your position can be freely modified by the use of magic. You can develop your character based on your play style. The game provides a rich story that forms a background for the game. Fancy graphics Ryuta Tsuchida, The PlayStation PowerUp! Blog, September bff6bb2d33


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                    It can be played online and offline. Online play feature allows you to connect with other players and travel together in the same world. Offline mode allows you to play the game by yourself, and with other people you choose to travel together. · The game allows you to enjoy PvP and cooperative play. You can battle against other players in PvP mode, or you can play cooperatively with other players in cooperative mode. Details on the available modes · PvP Mode You can battle against other players by class or a certain level. · Co-op Mode You can battle against the same enemies as in PvP Mode with the help of other players. “THE ELDEN RING” is created based on its motto “Experience the fantasy of the Elden Ring.” A fantasy RPG that puts the emphasis on action and excitement, as well as the swords and magic (the “Ring”) that unite the current fantasy, is now released. Features of FANTASY ACTION RPG: Three-dimensional Open World Map “THE ELDEN RING” is the first title in the “fantasy RPG series” (including the previous titles: THE ELDEN RING, THE ELDEN RING: CANDLE IN THE WASTELAND, and THE ELDEN RING: WOLF’S SHADOW) to adopt three-dimensional open world map. This is a map composed of tiles and brought to life by game graphics, and is a new way of making the world of the RPG feel real. System Requirements: ◆ Operating system: Windows 10 x64 (7, 8, 8.1, or 10) ◆ Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent ◆ Memory: 4 GB RAM or equivalent ◆ Hard disk: 7 GB free disk space ◆ Screen: 1366 x 768 display resolution or equivalent * (Graphic Settings for optional settings.) Resolution Independent Display (XvBA)* and windowed mode(WGL) Can be adjusted in the video settings. ☆ Other settings: • Display Mode: Full screen • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 • Game Mode: Windows 10 • DirectX: DirectX11 • Direct3D: 11.1 • Graphics Quality


                    What’s new:

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                    1. Download the game 2. Extract the game with WinRAR or use 7-Zip 3. Install the game 4. Run ELDEN RING game 5. Copy crack 6. Play!Hello Earthlings! Tell us what you think about our last beta release. If you have time to review this update, share your feedback with us. Just leave a comment below. Note: We’ll keep this post updated with new things. What’s new in 1.0.12 beta2? New Content A new model, the fixed-wing fighter, has been added. The new weapons we all have been waiting for! One of them is the new Model 27, the AKM with no lock-on, double recoil, only 1 shot per reload and, of course, no reload animation. The new weapon model is a result of feedback from the community and it is with much joy that we can announce it now. Below is the long-awaited RAT-91, already seen in the preview but now with an intuitive model, textures and sounds. Added new Game object: “Guns” To improve the stability and performance of the game, we decided to remove unnecessary components such as game objects that we didn’t need anymore. One of those components we removed was the “Particle System”. The system was used to show the smoke and muzzle flash when firing a weapon, to simulate the shooting of the weapon and to simulate decals. It was necessary to use it for all of the newly added weapons, and we couldn’t figure out a solution to keep using it without slow down the gameplay. That’s why we decided to remove it and now the game simulates muzzle flashes and decals with the new “Guns” System. This feature only applies to the new weapons we added. Graphics and Models Fixed the Plasma Cannon model so it’s rounder and less square shaped. Added new gunfire, new muzzle flashes, new physics and sound effects to the new gun models. Fire system Adjusted the firing system of the SMGs. We’re now using non-linear interpolation to fire when the trigger is pressed. We were very disappointed with the burst fire in previous betas and we want to avoid it


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                  System Requirements For Elden Ring:

                  Mac OS X 10.7.5 or newer Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz or faster Memory: 2GB RAM Free Disk Space: 50MB How to Install: Download the Nvidia Control Panel and unzip it to a suitable location. Open the Nvidia Control Panel and install it. After the installation is complete, you will have to restart your computer. Now, open the Nvidia Control Panel and you will find an option to set a custom resolution for dual monitors. Click on the monitor


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