The animation created for HyperMotion Technology incorporates players’ actions and body movements as if the game’s Artificial Intelligence Football (AI Football) is breathing life into it. During gameplay, the animation of players also incorporates his age and fitness levels, including the leg rotation velocity. This improves the realism and fluidity of every movement of the players on the field as it blends the data collected from real-life players with data collected from recorded footage. “I am really excited to see how the HyperMotion Technology will change how we create gameplay. And I can’t wait to use it to build the players – and so I can deliver the game I want to deliver,» said EA SPORTS FIFA Lead Producer Kosta Papić. «We’re also looking forward to hearing what the fans think about it too, because we would love to keep the spirit of FIFA intact while enhancing players’ on-field performance.” In the build available to media today, here is how HyperMotion Technology looks in action: The Power of Impact Another benefit of using the motion data collected from real players is that the HyperMotion animation system moves players with the power of genuine impact. This is a feature that was first introduced in FIFA 18. It was the beating hearts of the game – it used to be the biggest impact point in football when players were running down the field. Now, FIFA 22’s HyperMotion technology adds additional impact points to off-ball actions and tackles, giving users the sense that players are connecting with others around them in real life. In the first build of the game, we witnessed tackles of high velocity – new ball speed and approach changes, for example – get stronger, and lighter; heading connections are more powerful; and loose passes are even better. Another example of how the physics system works when you combine real-life data with the game engine’s physics is a seemingly trivial, yet key, play involving a forward pass to a centre forward. As the player receives the pass, he must decide whether he can beat his defender or not. If he succeeds, he must decide whether he can dribble, pass or shoot. With every single option, the physics system calculates a different approach based on the force created from the player’s motion, add in the move’s control radius and player’s flight/lean angle, and then delivers the result.


Features Key:

  • Create a footballing legend with the revolutionary Create A Player mode offering a huge variety of techniques – from intelligence to quick reactions and beyond.
  • Create your own team, play online, trade and face off against all 31 of the world’s football nations in the ultimate tournament of world cup fever.
  • Build an unstoppable team of stars and superstars with the all-new Series Mode as you compete in FIFA’s first ever World Club Cup tournament.


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FIFA, the number one sports video game in the world, has evolved into an all-in-one game that includes the complete professional soccer experience. FIFA is a football (soccer) game that offers countless modes of play, including the classic Pro Evolution Soccer series, FIFA 09, 2010 FIFA World Cup and FIFA 11. What are they saying about FIFA? «What EA SPORTS did with FIFA is make it their game. It has that FIFA feel and feel of a game that they’ve not changed the game itself, but made it FIFA. I think that’s a really big, big, big deal.» — David Pleat, Head Coach of West Ham United «I must say I’ve played FIFA since I was a kid. I’m over 50 years old and I still play it and still enjoy it, and I think it’s fantastic that they’re developing it.» — Juan Pablo Sorín, Uruguayan player and manager «We are delighted to bring the FIFA, 18 World Cup experience back to North America and now have the entire CONCACAF region, North America, in our hands, which brings even more excitement to the new edition of FIFA 18.» — Todd McDermott, Vice President of Marketing, Electronic Arts Inc. ABOUT EA SPORTS FIFA EA SPORTS is a recognized leader in sports video games, with a portfolio of marquee brands including Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA Live, NHL The One and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR. EA SPORTS titles have sold more than 480 million copies and have been recognized as some of the highest rated sports games in history. EA SPORTS players are some of the most dedicated sports fans in the world and have been affectionately dubbed «EAfans.» For more information about EA SPORTS, go to EA SPORTS FIFA 18 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. FIFA is the number one sports video game in the world, with an unparalleled roster of licensed clubs, competitions and player names. Every season of the game evolves, adding fresh and familiar challenges that reward skill, experience and strategy. FIFA is soccer at its very best, and it’s so realistic that FIFA players train in a state of total immersion. KEY FEATURES FUTURE PLAYERS • Still the most comprehensive and authentic youth soccer experience on any console. Create, train and compete with over 350 authentic licensed youth clubs around the world. bc9d6d6daa


Fifa 22 Free (Latest)

FIFA 22 will be the first FIFA game to feature Ultimate Team, the all-new trading card system. Unlock a variety of new cards by playing matches, or simply grinding for them by spending real-world money. Live The Life – Choosing whether to be the world’s next football legend, or an everyday joe living a mundane life, comes down to a choice on the pitch. Go the extra mile with the all-new live the life mode. With brand new Career attributes, you can now live the life of a pro player, whether it’s with a handsome career package, or the lifestyle of a celebrity in the public eye. The Journey – Take the journey of a club legend. Explore iconic destinations, and set the scene for new off-field developments. FIFA 22 introduces career moves, where your club can offer you a choice of opportunities and create a new life for you. EA SPORTS FIFA From England, to Germany, to Australia, every country in the world comes to life in FIFA 22, now with all of the teams, players and stadiums on the pitch in real-time, in the most authentic soccer game ever. EA SPORTS FIFA Career Mode – The EA SPORTS FIFA Career Mode brings realistic interactions with every player on the pitch, along with a complete career progression to the next level in FIFA 22. FIFA 22’s improved player intelligence, tactical planning and new attacking options elevate the gameplay and give players on the pitch more choice than ever before. All new player traits and advancements allow you to be a more influential player to the outcome of matches, and the FIFA 22 experience is now better than ever. Pre-Selection – Prove your worth by rising through the divisions at your first club, or create the biggest club in the world and join one of 16 leagues around the world. Now players and managers have the freedom to tailor their player’s pre-selection to reflect their preferences with a new feature called Pre-Selection. Live The Life – Choose to live the life of a football icon, or that of a bigger-than-life superstar in the public eye. The all-new live the life mode gives you more ways to progress, achieve and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey. The Journey – Take the journey of a club legend. Explore iconic destinations and set the scene for new off-field developments. EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Team™:


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