The most significant new features include Pause AI, which creates a competitive level of artificial intelligence, using motion capture data to fight off defenders and carry the ball in ways that may not always be possible through real-life play. A game designed to be played entirely on-pitch, FIFA 22 introduces a brand-new game engine that is able to host side-by-side, 64-player matches. The game engine has been upgraded to deliver a different experience for both gamers and the game’s development team, including new rendering techniques, more realistic player animations and more than 200 distinct plays called “FIFA Soccer Moments.” FIFA 22’s new engine lets players switch between the game engine and the on-pitch engine at any time during gameplay. The new engine also brings FIFA 22 players, teams and competitions into a fully realistic virtual football world, complete with all the elements of a stadium, the players’ body movements, crowd noise and commentary, music and more – helping players feel more immersed into the game, whether they’re choosing to play online or in the new Arena Test Range. Online and offline connectivity modes FIFA 22 allows players to compete head-to-head online, while also offering an enhanced offline mode that allows players to create and manage their own private leagues in Offline Seasons. The offline mode allows players to create up to two tournaments – one for College players and one for high school players – with up to nine matches in each. A new training mode adds additional features such as the ability to create and play with your own customized team of non-player characters (NPC) on- and offline, and to coach them to improve their skills. Physically tuned gameplay Physically tuned gameplay helps players master the ball through improved ball control, a new range of dribbling techniques, new passing and shooting mechanics and more. FIFA 22 also introduces the return of the Back Pass, which allows players to pass the ball around their back, a feature that was first introduced in FIFA 10 and has been imitated by other sports games, including the NBA 2K series. Create your own Ultimate Team in FIFA Ultimate Team mode In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, players can now create their own Ultimate Team of up to 32 players, each with their own unique, customizable player traits and attributes. Match your players against other Ultimate Teams and use coins earned through gameplay to buy new players. F


Features Key:

  • Free-to-Play on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4.
  • Expand your stadiums and collect a global roster of 22 World Cup stars.
  • 12 official kits from the World Cup, including Brazil 2016, Germany 2014 and France 1998 and beyond.
  • Build your dream side with the introduction of Dynamic Tactics, new player roles and Ultimate Team packs.
  • 3D matchday, weather and league environments.
  • Build and customise your very own stadium, from the dressing rooms, to the boardroom and the dug-out.
  • Get behind the scenes with a new Career Mode.
  • Enjoy new offline Seasons and Cup / Cup competitions.
  • Thousands of new touches and new animations.
  • New clothing and part design systems.
  • The biggest World Cup squad in history with over 2,000 footballers for your team.
  • 200 new animations.
  • Over 2,000 club badges and kits, including the legendary Juventus 1996-99, and new Brazilian football clubs from 2016.


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Football. The world’s favourite sport. Showcasing the beautiful game and the stars who play it. FIFA is the world’s most popular football game. All the stars of the big names of the beautiful game such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, to the national heroes in FIFA on XBOX and PC; FIFA is the official football game of the UEFA Champions League and Copa América. More players feature in FIFA than in any other football game. FIFA on PlayStation™4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The FIFA family of games are also available as FIFA Ultimate Edition, FIFA 18 and FIFA 17. From the new Captain to the new superstar FIFA on PC and Xbox One. The game is powered by Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This gives you a better chance of competing with players on all consoles. Matchday – Better management of your team. Turn a series of tough results into big wins with your tactics. Take control of every aspect of the game with the all-new Team Talk feature. FIFA Ultimate Team – Build and manage your own team and compete with players around the world in the real-world challenges of The Journey — create your own legends, collect your own stickers, share your cards and tournaments in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA LIVE – Play, download and follow real leagues and tournaments including: The English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, CAF Champions League, FA Cup and more. FIFA Ultimate Live – Play, live stream and follow real matches from real leagues around the world. Access more than 2,000 live events including the FIFA Club World Cup. Drive Your Team to the Champions League FIFA 18 – The Champions League is the pinnacle of the game. Enter an epic season, compete in 90+ matches, earn huge rewards and face the best teams in the world. The UEFA Champions League – Make your mark as the manager of a club. Seasonally earn the respect of your players and challenge for the UEFA Champions League. FIFA Club World Cup – Take part in the FIFA Club World Cup, the pinnacle of club football. Manage a team and compete in tournament matches for the chance to win the FIFA Club World Cup. Exclusive Experience on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One FIFA on PlayStation™4 and Xbox One is powered by the latest version of the world’s most realistic football simulation engine – The FIFA bc9d6d6daa


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Generate, trade and play with over 1500 players and over 300 real leagues from around the world. Build your dream squad with the best players from around the world, and train them with Pro Training. Your tactics will help determine the outcome of every match, so learn what it takes to be a winning manager. Make the most of the game’s new dynamic Master League system by choosing your favourite team, country or league, so you can enjoy competing with friends from around the globe. Player Impact Engine – The Player Impact Engine gives you a new layer of control as you impact the fate of your club, your team and your squad. When you play on the pitch, your decisions lead to opportunities for your teammates that result in goals, assists and key passes for the team, while your decision as a manager impacts the team’s results, earn new cards and unlock new tactics and training sessions to take your team to the next level. New Game Modes The FIFA series has added two new modes with FIFA 22. For the first time ever in the franchise, you will be able to play a full game alone as a defender. What if you had to defend in 3v3? How about 4v4? The new 1 on 1 Game Mode will bring you closer to the game’s action than ever before. Each league has a new season now, allowing for more variety in gameplay. Plus, team rosters of over 200 players will bring you new challenges. FIFA Ultimate Team Career FIFA 22 will also introduce a new career mode inspired by the gameplay of FIFA Ultimate Team that will allow for more freedom of choice from the player and manager. New plays, games, training and tactics will provide for even more game-changing moments. Online FIFA 22 will feature the biggest and most competitive online experience to date, with over 80 leagues from 32 countries. As of this update, FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Connected have both been released. FIFA Ultimate Team is now playable online and features the largest roster of real clubs from the real leagues of the real world, with nearly 1500 elite international and national teams to select from. FIFA Connected, as promised, will include two new modes — Pro Clubs and Connected Tournaments — giving you the chance to compete online against the best FIFA players in the world. What’s more, the online mode will include new accounts, allowing you to team up with your friends and rise up the ranks, and


What’s new in Fifa 22: