HyperMotion Technology harnesses the human body as the ultimate power source for FIFA in many ways. Players are constantly moving, running, attacking and shooting, so FIFA 22 builds a simulated environment that mimics the actual dimensions, topology and size of an actual football pitch. With over 11,000 sensors, FIFA is able to capture all players’ movements, creating new approaches to player control, ball control and ball movement. Players’ movements are mapped as one of four speeds: “Normal,” “Normal and Sprint,” “Boost” or “Super.” Players control one speed, and there are two ways to affect the speed of the simulation: run with the right stick and you’ll naturally increase or decrease your player’s speed. Alternatively, you can sprint or sprint and boost with the right stick. “When using my normal speed, I no longer feel like I’m playing in a video game,” said Dennis Irwin, FIFA Media Relations Producer. “The addition of Sprint boosts means that instead of taking an hour to complete a training session, it takes 45 minutes. As a FIFA player, I’m never in a rush – I can hang out for hours without being kicked out of the game because there’s nothing to rush home for!” The addition of hyper movement provides players with options for playing out a full match in a much shorter amount of time. Instead of relying on the pace of a sprint or boost to test your skills, players can perform “Sprint Boosts,” which activate your hyper movement with a flick of the right stick and allow you to take on the world at a different speed. Finally, teams can be created in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode with players who have different modes of movement. You can create a player who has all four modes, or three modes out of three players (left and right stick control). This allows coaches to set up their own formations as they wish. The FIFA community voted for and selected four players who they believed embodied the FIFA 22 gameplay philosophy. All four players will be playable in FIFA 22 – three players will be available at launch, while the fourth player will be made available as an in-game item and also as downloadable content. You’ll be able to pick from a number of unique players featuring the “Fun Factor,” a new


Features Key:

  • POWER YOUR TEAM During the Club Season, you get to coach your favorite club and control their fortunes. A fast, fluid passing system creates a cohesive team that plays off possession. Embrace attacking football through the use of free-flowing gameplay, or build a direct style team with obsessive hard-working, defensively sound players.
  • TEAMMATES More than 800 team mates from around the world, including 24 historic players and 6 kits, will be available to complete your FIFA 22 experience as they join your football club. Master team elements to unlock legendary players or collect a set of 6 kits.
  • Play, or be played by, the best FIFA 22 is the most anticipated edition of the series ever, with the brand new, game-changing, interactive roster update by the Football Association of England. Using dramatically improved motion capture technology, combined with fresh data to reflect real world movements, you’ll be able to get your hands on the very best authentic footballers in the most realistic game ever.
  • Peak Game Play at peak performance as athletes strive for that effortless game feeling that comes with peak physical condition. Play with the exact ball placement that allows you to take precisely set shots or skills that provide the greatest control. Play in controlled pace conditions or slow and deliberate in full game situations.
  • Jump in anywhere In addition to the previous two forms of play, FIFA 19 also introduced Exhibition games that encourage competition between games. Jump into a gameplay session and be given the opportunity to play against a human opponent in an environment to your liking. Decide where and when you play as your opponent factors in to your virtual experience.
  • The biggest battle In the new Ultimate Team game mode, you’ll take on the world’s best players in battles to amass the biggest collection of footballers you can. FIFA is one of the most popular gaming franchises on earth and football fans around the globe get a collection of real-life footballers in FIFA 22 that provides a level of authenticity that you’ve never seen before.
  • Immersive Atmosphere Get immersed in a game that keeps you in the action in stadium mode. Enjoy stadiums inspired by real-life venues, and turn your pitch into a fully interactive virtual reality.
  • A game for everyone Simulation mavens and football fans alike get an upgraded FIFA 22 experience


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    FIFA is the world’s leading football gaming brand with the most complete and authentic football gaming experience. Containing the most realistic game play of any sports title on the market and with the most comprehensive list of licensed players, FIFA provides the best gameplay to football fans globally. FIFA and licensed player rights – Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, English Football League, Major League Soccer, National League, regional circuits and more – are owned and/or licensed by the corresponding clubs and/or associations. FIFA and gameplay – FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) mode, The Journey™, Tactical Match, Career Mode, Quick Play (Online), Online Pass and Online Seasons, Create a Club, Career Mode and League Management are fully authentic and provide genuine and unrivalled football gaming experience. FIFA and gameplay – Galaxy Home is a free FIFA Online (FIFA.com/FIFAONLINEMODE) app that can be downloaded on the App Store (Apple Inc.®, iOS®) or Google Play™ (Google, Inc.). The app offers a unique way for fans to compare game and player statistics, create a profile, connect with FIFA®, and browse the FIFA.com™ website through the FIFA Fan Code. The FIFA Mobile app (iOS® and Google Play™) is also available and includes similar features to the Galaxy Home app. FIFA and gameplay – FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is the official FIFA Ultimate Team game from EA Sports™. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is available on all connected devices and on www.FIFA.com/ultimateteam. Fans can sign up and play the most popular Ultimate Team competitions, including the FIFA Squad Draft™. In addition, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team offers the most important features of the Ultimate Team experience: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team — FIFA Squad Draft — Create, manage, and play in your own team with 3,000 unique cards — Play a series of competitions for new and existing players — A new Pick-Up Game mode to play and invite friends — New level up and skills system — New premium cards — New and improved Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware-rendering — New and improved Ultimate Team Manager (UM) user interface — New rewards system to earn FIFA Points — New bc9d6d6daa


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    Create the Ultimate Team of the players and teams from the world’s biggest football nations. Then dominate online with new Ultimate Team modes and challenges, and go head to head with players from the world’s biggest clubs in new weekly and seasonal FUT Leagues. FIFA Ultimate Weekend – Our biggest event of the year is a 10-day online tournament, with four of the world’s best FIFA Ultimate team managers battling it out for a $400,000 prize pool. You can also play a host of new and classic modes for different skill levels, including the return of Beach Soccer. LIVE FEED Never miss a moment. Turn on the game, and you’ll see live feeds, triggered by the actions of players, teams, managers and more. See what’s happening right now. Catch everything as it happens. 3D FOOTBALL CONTROL Feel every touch. All of your strikes, passes, and other moves have the added dimension of depth. It’s the closest you can get to real football. OPTIMIZED FOR TABLETS FIFA mobile is a football game where you get to have fun playing the best football. As a football fan, playing FIFA mobile on your tablet devices is already a pleasure. But what’s even more fun is playing FIFA mobile with friends and sharing your excitement while on the go. A NEW KIT CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM The brand new Kit Customization System allows you to completely change the look and feel of your players and teams. PLAYER NARROWING One of the most intriguing new innovations for FIFA mobile is the Player Narrowing feature, which allows you to keep only a handful of players in your squad. At first, it may seem as though you’re losing control of your squad, but once you see the players you’re missing out on, you’ll realize that it’s a unique way to manage your squad. TEAM SIZE CONTROL A Challenge Match allows you to play against players from around the world, with the ability to create a formation of any size you want to guide your team through the tournament. PLAYER COMPETITION Use your favorite player as your guide to build the strongest team in FIFA mobile. Each week your performance will be graded, and you can improve your team further by using the rankings to win more matches, earn better players,


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • NEW GAME MODES: Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Challenge Mode and Online Seasons
    • CAMARADES: Brand new tackling animations and cards allow players to show their true skills on the pitch
    • MOVEMENT: FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits
    • CREATE YOUR CLUB: Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory
    • FUTUALISE THE GAME: Personalise your squad by unlocking trophies (trophy cards), achievements, badges and player variants from unique challenges
    • PLAYER MIXED DROP PODS: Inspired by mixed martial arts, personalised mixed pod drops with the ability to drop a pre-selected fighter on the pitch when you release the POD.


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    FIFA is a fun, free-to-play soccer game that brings the real-world rules of the game into your living room. Founded in 1991, FIFA has sold more than 800 million copies worldwide, and is now the #1 football game in the world. It is now available in 76 countries and in 38 languages. FIFA LIVE TIMES FANS Not content with providing the best football match experience through FIFA, we are dedicated to keeping the game fresh and exciting all year round with our FIFA LIVE TIMES competitions. If you’re willing to support EA SPORTS FIFA and give us your time by taking part in the matches, your voice counts. We want to hear from you, the fans! Compete with your friends in the Community Leagues, or join one of our XI. Complete challenges and achievements for extra rewards. Every time you play, your rating will improve, and your points increase as you win, score, or save matches. The more you play, the more points you gain, so the higher you climb through the leader boards. In addition to our weekly competitions, we have lots of other ways to earn points. We’ve also introduced features and benefits that help players of all skill levels. Compete in the FIFA CUP. Play and win for the chance to earn great prizes. Compete in the FIFA SUPERCUP. Compete in the FIFA CUP, get your deposit refunded, then compete for the FIFA SUPERCUP. Compete in the FUTWOW. Compete in the FUTWOW to earn your way to a FIFA world cup free. The official FIFA 20 Fan Challenges each have unique prizes and leader boards. With so much content to play, including Premier League players and in-depth story modes, we have your FIFA LIVE TIMES needs covered. __________________________________________________ FIFA LIVE TIMES Official FIFA LIVE TIMES competitions run all year round, with special events hosted on alternate days, all your way through the FIFA CUP, SUPERCUP and FUTWOW, and our weekly competitions. The LIVE matches are available 24/7. You can join the action live at any time, day or night, whether you’re offline or online. You can chat, change team, join teams, customize your player, and more, all


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