The motion capture suits, worn by the players during a five-day trial period, are made of high-strength carbon and Kevlar material and encapsulate a player’s entire upper body. The on-body sensors are embedded with wireless technology that allows them to wirelessly communicate with the rest of the technology. The data streamed to the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles and PC, allowing for true-to-life motion and player animations. The AI will recognize the players’ unique movements as they perform actions or complete different actions, resulting in improved intelligence in all areas of the game. For the first time ever, players will see life-like player animations and decisions that are powered by high-level physics technology, resulting in a natural and connected player and ball experience. “Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are powerful devices that create a new and realistic AI for player behavior,” said Colin MacKenzie, Senior Producer for FIFA on Xbox. “FIFA 22 players will show off incredible reactions and movements while defending, carrying, passing and shooting the ball. We’re excited to see the future developments from our partners at EA DICE and SIE, and we look forward to fans getting their hands on FIFA 22.” The developers at EA and SIE will also be taking a brand new approach to soccer simulation, with two new physics engine updates called “Revolute Joints and Impact Engine.” “Revolute Joints” allows for incredibly lifelike movement and eliminates unnatural overaggressive reflexes when a defender makes contact with a player. EA DICE and SIE’s “Impact Engine” determines and controls friction forces to make the ball truly roll like a football. “We are working together with EA DICE to create a new set of human simulations that are highly responsive,” said Ken Reisch, Lead Engineer at SIE Worldwide Studios San Diego. “Expert AI at a level never before experienced will deliver a more authentic feel for defenders, making them react to defenders’ every movement, and improving both the action and reaction of players. “We’re also incorporating new physics features from our engine called the Impact Engine that make the ball more responsive, allowing players to manipulate the ball in all directions, while playing in high-intensity 4v4 matches.” All of the gameplay improvements from FIFA 21 have resulted


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Meet your new Pro-Manager — From the luxurious homes of his chosen club, to the bustling streets of Europe, Sam Presti takes control of the club and its players in his quest to produce a winner. As Chairman of Columbus Crew, he gets to shape the team and give players goals and targets to work towards.
  • Game Career Mode — Play out your fantasies as the star player of your favorite club. Make the best decision, evolve into the best, and win trophies.
  • Real Player Motion Tech — An advanced collection of official Player Tracking Ball Sensors (PTBS) allows you to experience more realistic and authentic soccer gameplay.
  • Real teams bring real challenges — Huddle with your team and challenge your team to prove their skills in true-to-life FIFA 22 gameplay.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the most widely played and respected sports franchise on consoles. It delivers the authenticity, control and emotion of real-world football, along with a fast, fluid and fun gameplay experience. FIFA delivers authentic passing, shooting and tackling mechanics, realistic player movement and breathing, ball physics and new responsive controls on console, taking play to a new level of realism. FIFA appeals to casual, hardcore and professional players worldwide. A deeply-customizable experience: create, save and share your very own personal football dream team and share it with the world. A lot of features have been changed, but the biggest change will be found in the way you move and shoot the ball. Based on its universal feedback and an increase in team size, FIFA is now more flexible, responsive and balanced than ever. FIFA 22 is the best-looking football video game to date, with deep lighting, atmospheric weather effects and immersive stadiums, packed with detail and enhanced through a brand new camera system. FIFA 22 will be fully compatible with FIFA Ultimate Team and in-game rewards from EA Ultimate Team will be available directly from the main in-game menu. FIFA 22 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, or for PC and Mac through Origin™. Gameplay Features FIFA’s accurate ball physics provides the most responsive controls in the franchise to date. Huge-impact ball-decisions will have as much an effect on the match as previous games – use them to your advantage. FIFA will now adapt to your in-game actions and behaviours. The responsiveness and accuracy of FIFA are set-up and tuned by a highly-trained football coach, allowing you to adapt to your teammates and opponents better than ever before. An enhanced save game system allows you to create your own custom team and take on various leagues, or play with friends in quick, competitive matches. In the game, it is important to understand the fact that teamwork and intelligence count more than speed and strength. FIFA has a new depth of emotion, taking the experience to another level. The collisions have received a major makeover. They are more responsive, physical and realistic. There are a total of 15 Pro Clubs, including 4 Women’s clubs for the first time in the game. FIFA bc9d6d6daa


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Add to your Squad up to 3,000 players and train, trade, manage and win the biggest competitions in FIFA 22. Create and customize your ultimate team, then challenge friends and opponents by playing in Play Now or the Hottest Teams of the Day Tournament. Connect with EA SPORTS Game Pass and create your own players to join the Squad. Play Now – Play online solo against rival managers in a tournament-style game, where the winner is the first to win 3 games. With custom matches, monthly tournaments, daily challenges and weekly Goalscoring Bonuses it’s the ultimate way to play FIFA 22. Or try the new Play With Friends feature, where you can play against other gamers in different FIFA tournaments. FIFA Ultimate Team – Continued Up to 3,000 players and manage your team, choose your kits, style your stadium, and win the biggest competitions in FIFA 22. Create and customize your ULTIMATE TEAM, then challenge friends and online opponents. Connect with EA SPORTS Game Pass and compete in a friend’s Play Now tournament. Football Manager – Compete in Real Football Manager 2019 at a whole new level with everything you’ve come to know and love in Football Manager, and so much more. Our new season features improved graphics, AI, gameplay, animation and cinematics to create the most immersive and dynamic football experience in the game. Delve into a number of new career modes and events that add exciting twists and improvements on the existing game. Full Hearts Football Editor – Make your own Dream Team, edit detailed player profiles, create your own stadium, and customize and improve your players and teams all before challenges start for this sims franchise classic. Whether you’re a football simulation fan or not, this is a must have sports franchise pack! New in FIFA 20 All the best formations from teams across the globe are at your disposal with new, balanced, and authentic player characteristics. Step into the shoes of your favourite club and get ready for battle! New in FIFA 20 Brand new FIFA 20 Guide – We’re bringing the FIFA community closer than ever before with the creation of a brand new FIFA 20 Guide. Join our FIFA Chatroom to discuss the latest news, chat and get tips on creating your perfect team. New in FIFA 19 Now it’s easier than ever to play online with friends: a new friend invite system makes it easier to play ranked matches and you can also launch ranked matches with friends


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • 20 new Real Madrid players available on loan.
  • 117 new Club World XI players to choose from.
  • 10 Loan Deals available.
  • Proper celebrations with the new slides!
  • Second screens shown.
  • Runners have been added to streetball shots.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports gaming series, featuring authentic gameplay, lifelike players, and cutting-edge stadiums where you can take on friends in FIFA Ultimate Team™, compete in exhibition or full-scale matches and show your skills in online knockout tournaments and FIFA tournaments. For FIFA on console, Vita system, and PC, check out the best FIFA titles to play. The PlayStation 4 version of FIFA has a graphical upgrade for the PlayStation 4 Pro, so enjoy the ultimate game-play experience. The sound of game play has also been improved, as well as the new new close commentary to keep you more connected to the action while you’re playing or on the sidelines. • Game Ready for FIFA 19 • Packed with over 100 official player names and faces • 11 playable leagues including Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, France Ligue 1 and more • New gameplay features, which include enhanced ball physics, smarter AI DOG positioning, more attacking and defending options • Addictive new Matchday gameplay and the ability to step back and control the action in Play Now mode • All-new presentation allows you to interact with teams and players • Compete in online tournaments to earn rewards and win prizes FIFA 18 FIFA 16 FIFA 14 Download FIFA 18 for PlayStation 4 FIFA 18 is rated E for everyone and contains in-game purchases. FIFA 18 also includes the new FIFA Ultimate Team Career Mode, which lets you build your dream team of players, manage your finances, train your players, and more. • Play with millions of players around the world on more than 100 licensed stadiums • Draft, trade and manage your way to glory, starting your own team in an all-new User-Owned Club™ mode • Mix and match legendary international superstars, as well as new signings, with more coming soon • Get into the game thanks to improved Online Social features, clubs, and gameplay • Experience the biggest launch in FIFA History with new stadiums, like Juventus Stadium in Italy Available Now Download FIFA 16 for PlayStation 4 FIFA 16 is rated E for Everyone and contains in-game purchases. FIFA 16 is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. F


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