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If you’ve been paying attention to FIFA 20 you’ll notice a few features we didn’t include in FIFA 19. Many of these features have appeared in the dribbling and shooting controls for years, but for FIFA 21 they’re now fully-fledged feature! We’ve put a lot of effort into making those controls as fluid and natural as possible. Still, we wanted to do more, so we’ve been developing a brand-new feature that will have an impact on the game, change the way we play and create something truly unique. We’re sure you’ll love it too. Introducing… THE PASS! With the PASS, you can perform extraordinary footwork in order to send a pass to the open player. You can play it short, far or through the lines. To start passing, simply drag your shooting/control thumb to the player you want to send the pass to. By sliding your hand back and forth between a player and the ball, you’ll be able to aim your pass with finesse and precision, or connect it with a high-speed dribble using the Pass button. By using your shooting/control thumb to drag around a player, you can perform a fake-out or feint that will tease your opponent into touching the ball, allowing you to enter a breakaway. And finally, you can use the Pass button to perform an instant pass. When a defender is taking a long pass the ball will bounce when they catch it. You can use this to your advantage by anticipating their attempt and sending a pass at an opportune time. Exciting, huh? We’ve even gone as far as building a Pass study mode just so you can try the Pass in a series of five minute drills. In the long-term, we really think that the PASS will have a huge impact on the way we play the game. Want to join the team to try it out and help us test and refine it? Head over to our Try Station and register to be a beta tester. That’s all we can tell you at


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Football – FIFA 22 continues to be the gold standard when it comes to real-world football gameplay.
  • Real-world players – Capture to build your very own dream team featuring real-world players like Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, and many more from around the world.
  • Properties – Take the reins of the club you always knew you belonged to and build a squad of the best footballers in the world. Create all the players you dream of, fashion a brand-new stadium, and hire the coaching staff and facilities that help your club succeed.
  • Player intelligence – Leverage Pro’s player intelligence to put your Pro’s skills to the test in game-changing Skill games like build challenges, dribbling drills, and, of course, Tactical Defences.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.

Xbox One:

  • HyperMotion TEKNOLOGY, the leading R&D system for innovative on-the-field behaviours in video games.
  • Full support for Xbox One X powered with native 4K and HDR.
  • New passing mechanics, Player Intelligence and control, responsive gameplay for all play modes, and a deep set of tactical options.
  • Performance boosts to set the platform as one of the best performing FIFA games ever.
  • Four developer diaries detailing gameplay changes and improvements.


  • Based on feedback from professional gamers around the world.
  • Greater player control in the go-kart activation area.


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports videogame franchise. It builds its own distinctive engine from the ground up to redefine how sports are played, experienced and watched. Every FIFA game is designed from the grassroots up to provide a unique experience. EA SPORTS™ is renowned for its accurate, expertly crafted gameplay, delivering an edge-of-the-seat experience with dramatic, high-definition match scenes and complete immersive gameplay. FIFA’s gameplay innovations have won plaudits from fans, players, media and the worldwide sporting industry. Fans follow FIFA obsessively for its authenticity and unparalleled gameplay, with top players routinely quoted as being ‘proud’ to play FIFA. The game features authentic football physics and physics-based gameplay features, as well as realistic character animation, eye-popping visuals and immersive presentation. How can I use FIFA Coins? So you’ve just got some FIFA Coins and want to make the most out of your game? Well, you’re in the right place! Here at we’ve compiled an arsenal of useful resources to help you get the most out of your FIFA Coins – you’ll never get stuck again! Buying FIFA Coins and players is easy, but are we all buying the same thing? No, we’re not! Each game mode, each team, each player, each stadium has its own set of extra features, and FIFA Coins offer the most flexibility and choice in these areas. Learn about the various game modes, teams and venues available to unlock with your FIFA Coins to discover what’s best for you. FIFA Ultimate Team™ provides a unique, free-to-play experience that offers players the chance to put together their very own dream team of authentic players, improving their squad with items and coins. In the process, they also earn valuable Coins which can be used to compete for exclusive items in the game’s FIFA Fan Park. The base game includes popular FUT modes like The Journey, Draft Champions and The Game. How can I get more FIFA Coins? Buy FIFA Coins FIFA Fan Park is your one-stop shop for FIFA Coins: buy and sell more than 170,000 real FIFA Coins for your game with confidence on, the world’s biggest and most trusted FIFA Coins Marketplace. You bc9d6d6daa


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Build the Ultimate Team that you want. Compete against players from around the world in live matches and compete in real money tournaments, all on a single platform. Console Version Exclusive Features FIFA 22 brings a suite of new features exclusive to the console versions of FIFA 22. New Player Ratings for Real Madrid and Barcelona players, new transfers between LaLiga and the English Premier League, and a new Spanish transfer system make FIFA 22 the most authentic LaLiga experience on any console. New Camera angles for improved player view and goal animations as well as a new “change of direction” system that allows players to cut in and out of tackles to create sharper goal scoring opportunities. Other features include an improved Player Behaviour system that lets players take calculated risks and react to various match situations and the brand new Tactical Defending system. A new contact lens camera enables players to see the level of importance placed on a tackle, and flag down an official. Viewers will be able to follow an official’s instructions to a tee when a flagged-down tackle goes on and the player will be given automatic red cards when the official orders the player to leave the field. I am an Italia supporter and was pleasantly surprised by the rating they gave my club. I was ranked # 1 in the world. I have never received a higher rating in all my years of playing this game. I am realistic about the game and do not expect to win the World cup but the thought that I could be ranked #1 in the world is a tremendous incentive to work hard. Thank you EA for a real sim experience of the sport of football. Hasbe, 04/23/2012 FINAL SAY FOR MEGS! FIFA 22 I found to be the most realistic football experience I’ve ever had on a console. It is easily the best. I’m a lifelong computer user and football fan and I’m a great football gamer. I’ve played every FIFA game, every person on the planet has their own favorite team and favorite player, and I have them all and they’re the best on the planet. But this year I was finally able to play FIFA as a football fanatic, as a soccer fan, as a football «realist», as a soccer «realist», as a football fan….and I loved the experience. You get a feel for the game, the atmosphere, the passion, the emotion, the aggression, the physicality, the beautiful


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