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* The books by Jim Rothenberg and Lee Brimel are among the best resources for beginners on Photoshop. * The useful tutorials over at can help you become an expert in Photoshop. * The software section at offers a wealth of useful tutorials as well. * Jim Rothenberg’s _Photoshop Master Class_ and Kevin Kubota’s _Photoshop CS3 All-in-One For Dummies_ books are complete and comprehensive guides to Photoshop that cover all of its features. * There are many online tutorials for Photoshop. Some of the best sources are listed in the list of resources at the end of this chapter. ## Tracing Photos Tracing is the act of transferring or copying an image from one place to another. You can trace a photo to create a logo, a business card, or a shirt design. You can also use tracing on another photo in order to create a photo montage. Photoshop offers several tracing tools. You can also do fine-tuned tracing with the Trace Feature (see Figure 13-3). © Jim Minatel Figure 13-3: The Linked Spot feature shows the areas where the traced image and the traced photo or another photo are aligned. To use the Tracing feature in Photoshop, follow these steps: 1. **Open the photo that you want to trace.** You can use either the RAW file or a JPEG file. The RAW file format is preferable. JPEG files may not be as crisp and sharp. 2. **Choose the Tracing feature in the Tracing Tools panel.** The Tracing Tools panel opens and displays a colorful spiral (see Figure 13-4). The Tracing feature is an icon with a speech bubble underneath it. 3. **Set the Tracing mode for this image.** Pressing the Auto button or choosing the menu item that does the same thing is a good selection because it works automatically. 4. **Select the area you want to trace (see Figure** _13-3_ **).** Don’t worry about tracing too much because you can always erase the traced image later. Figure 13-4: The Tracing Tools panel lets you select the areas that you want traced. 5. **Draw around the features you want to trace on the image (see Figure** _

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Unless you are learning Photoshop and web design, you probably won’t need the full version of Photoshop, but most designers will be familiar with some of the features of Photoshop. The following article will provide a quick overview of what Photoshop Elements has to offer you as an editor, web designer and photographer. Editing and Creating Photoshop Elements lets you edit and create a variety of images. Creating images with Photoshop Elements involves several different processes. Here is a summary of the different processes you use when editing and creating images. Cropping: Cropping an image is cutting out part of an image to remove an object, and is usually a pre-requisite to cropping an image for resizing. Cropping an image can remove objects in the image and could change the size of an image. Filters: Filters change the way the image looks, to make you more artistic. They are very important for web designers and photographers who want to make their work stand out. Some filters have settings that allow you to have a more refined or professional look. Modifying brightness and color: Some filters can be used to change the brightness and color of an image. This process could help you correct the level of exposure for a photograph. Photoshop Elements also has the option to modify the color and brightness of a color image. Creating a new file: Creating a new file in Photoshop Elements lets you create a new folder for your projects. It is especially useful for creating a quick new folder for a project that you’re working on. You could also use it for saving a web design project. Resizing: Resizing an image lets you adjust the size of the image. This process includes changing the width and the height of an image and could make it more friendly for a mobile screen. Text: You can edit text in Photoshop Elements with layers, which are similar to layers in traditional photoshop. You can place different types of text on your image using layers. Layers can also help you edit text more precisely by hiding parts of the text. A crop: Creating a crop is an extra process for editting an image. It’s something you do after cropping an image, to make it more accurate. Crop could help you eliminate a part of an object in a photograph. There are three different types of objects in Photoshop. Object tools are specifically for editing 05a79cecff

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Q: Making custom button layout background transparent I’ve been trying to create a custom button with a custom background, but I can’t seem to figure out how to keep the background transparent, and it looks like the background is always set to the same (white) color as the text. I’ve tried setting the background of the button to no-repeat, but then the button looks like this: Here’s my code so far: I’ve tried setting my background image in the layout to nothing, but then it looks like this: How can I make this custom button background be transparent, with the custom image (which I’m currently setting the background of to a button xml with background=»@null») then being set in the layout as the background (so that the button doesn’t look like this on different devices with different android versions)? A: If you want to make your button background transparent you have to use a selector instead of a drawable. Here is the code of a button with a transparent background:

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• A copy of The Journey Below on disc. • A compatible 3D TV (including those made by Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony). • Blu-ray disc drive • System Requirements and the user guide Million Mile Solitude English subtitle File System Requirements: