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——————————— Do you want to have a better understanding of the US Constitution? Do you want to know how the Constitution was used by politicians to undermine the Constitutional principle of «a democracy that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people»? Do you want to change your perception of the US Constitution in the eyes of politicians? Do you want to understand the US Constitution better than many college teachers, lawyers, politicians and professors do? Do you want to ask yourself questions about the US Constitution that the government does not dare to ask? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then Free US Constitution is for you. This ebook consists of a series of 143 chapters. Each chapter is a self-standing one, but they all refer to the US Constitution in some way. You can download the pdf version of this ebook at: What is the US Constitution? ————————————— American democracy is characterized by the US Constitution. It is the most important document that governs the United States of America. It describes who we are as a people and what we stand for. The US Constitution establishes an independent democratic republic. The United States of America has a federal system of government. The US Constitution is democratic and republican. The United States of America is a constitutional republic. The United States of America has separation of powers. The US Constitution provides for a system of checks and balances. English or US? —————— The US Constitution was written in English. The original US Constitution was written in English. The original US Constitution in English. The English language is the de-facto language of the US Constitution. 3:47 US Navy vs. US Marines (1981) American history and the US Marines are two things you won’t learn from the public… US Navy vs. US Marines (1981) American history and the US Marines are two things you won’t learn from the public school system. Only one group was guaranteed the right to bear arms in the U.S. Constitution. The following video has been created for the education of the public. The only question that remains is: WHOSE AMERICAN RIGHTS ARE THEY? To get the latest from the John WayneLiberty Report visit: Article IV: 91bb86ccfa

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The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the Land; it’s the most effective & reliable way of making a free world. This highly informative ebook constitutes free textbook to read from. Anyone can read or download this ebook for free at no cost. Read…Food Insecure Young People in Jefferson County People get together at an event for the Hunger Zero campaign held at Purdue University’s Willard Hall. In Jefferson County, a new report says 7.1 percent of people in the County qualify as food insecure. The report, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said more than 477,000 people in Jefferson County are food insecure. Jefferson County is one of the top 11 counties nationwide for number of low-income residents. Food insecurity is defined as the lack of adequate access to sufficient quantities of safe and nutritious food. It’s a major concern for the families in the area, like these people at the Hunger Zero Campaign event at Purdue University’s Willard Hall. “My family struggles with this,” said a Purdue graduate named Joanna. Joanna needs a job because she’s lost her health insurance, and faces significant medical bills for her son and herself. She said she doesn’t know how to provide for her family. “I’m not eating very well,” said Joanna. “I don’t have something to cook for my kids and myself. I try to get everything I can.” The food insecurity survey estimated that 478,000 low-income residents in Jefferson County had insufficient access to healthy and nutritious food because they lacked the resources to purchase it. The leading causes of food insecurity are household employment and wages not enough to cover the cost of basic needs, with other reasons for food insecurity related to disability or illness. Jefferson County ranks among the top 11 counties in the nation for the number of people living in low-income families. Food insecurity has been linked to higher rates of child hunger, school truancy, and health problems.Q: Is $O(n)$ and $O(\log n)$ supposed to be the same? What do we mean when we say $\log n$ takes $O(\log n)$ time? Do we mean $\log n$ is equal to $O(\log n)$? I am having some

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—— The Bible, an object that was created by humans and is thus imbued with human nature, promotes human nature. It shows us that we are created in God’s image and is to be interpreted according to human reason rather than having a dogmatic tone. God does not approve any human interpretation and in many places goes beyond what is acceptable and sheds light on what exists in nature and are not readily understood by us. In other words, the Bible is about God and is able to answer all questions and can inspire us in a way that Jesus says in the Gospel, «anyone who loves me will follow me and anyone who hates me will be destroyed.» (John 15:14-15). We may not learn what God has written in the Bible but we can understand the basic truths of it. God has only written this book to communicate with mankind and it is the only book that can help us build a better relationship with him. It is this communication that may influence us to turn back from the sinful life and to follow in the way of the divine and holy. Also, the Lord has inspired the writer of the book of Romans, a book on the discussion of a relationship with God, to say, «we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose for their good.» (Romans 8:28). This statement shows that in addition to the talk about the good things that are coming to those who love God, there is the idea that what God has planned for the Christians is perfect for their good. Thus, for God’s purposes, there are beneficial results and this cannot be taken for granted. There is a chapter in Romans which discusses the Lord’s divine plan for His church and this is a good place to conclude with. The nature of God is love, mercy and faith and these three make up the relationship between God and man. The Lord has told us, «The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.» (Psalm 103:8). It is difficult to imagine that God should have compassion for the sinful and for those who have committed sins, particularly for those who have chosen to reject the Lord and run after other gods. However, the Lord’s compassion should not only give us hope to endure the sufferings of this life, but show us his faithful care for us. He has promised us to keep us, to love us and to protect us. He

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