Name Hearts of Iron III: Sounds of Conflict
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Hearts Of Iron III: Sounds Of Conflict Features Key:

  • over 50 unique levels by combining a sequence of simple puzzles.
  • 20 new worlds bring endless fun.
  • resolution optimized for all and including hi-res and zoom
  • accelerometer controls for moving obstacle are added.
  • player scores are stored. Compete against your friends on your own score.
  • Equipped with a 552px x 420px Retina Display the game looks great — and is now available at iTunes App Store and is free of charge. More worlds are on the way.

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    Hearts Of Iron III: Sounds Of Conflict (Final 2022)

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    Name Hearts of Iron III: Sounds of Conflict
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.89 / 5 ( 3888 votes )
    Update (12 days ago)


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