============================== Set in the Forgotten Realms, Nadir is an upcoming 4X deckbuilder where you command a gluttonous empire of over 30 nations to wage war and conquer the world with vicious methods. Amidst all the chaos you must balance pleasure with pain, glory with despotism, expansion with exploration, manipulation and dominance. ============================== The World of Nadir: ============================== Nadir is set in the Forgotten Realms. A corner of a wild and beautiful world, filled with places you will explore, new lands, ruins, adventurers, creatures and situations you’ll be able to devise over a course of your game. Nadir’s World Map: ============================== Throughout your campaign you will visit a number of worlds and keep an eye on the world map. The world map is huge, so there are many entirely different lands, such as the maddened city of Grazelhall, the dark and wet Woodland and the elegant and mighty city of Taprana. Hundreds of towns and cities lie on the map. They vary in size, resources, culture, portraiture, merchants and goods. If you’re an experienced merchant then there are hundreds of items for you to consume, consume and consume some more. However each world also harbours a number of dangerous creatures that can serve as a tasty tidbit. To explore the world map you can select any world and select «Explore» button on the World Map. A new window will open up revealing a big map of your current campaign world. You can zoom in on the map by holding «Control» key and the zooming key. If you wish to travel from one world to the other one click on the «Travel» button on the world map. Level Design: ============================== Each world is entirely different in variety, culture and conditions. These worlds are large and full of possibilities. However, Nadir will not be an endless sandbox game. There are things we want you to be able to do, like build your own island, manage your own city-state or set your own laws and rules for your nation. Nadir will be modular, meaning that there will be a number of «chunks» which you are able to import to your own campaign world. This means that you will be


Heaven’s Hope — Special Edition Features Key:

  • Easy gameplay for casual and oldschool gamers
  • Free Roleplaying System
  • Versatile and fast boardgame style combat
  • Choose your character and play by it or let it be automatically
  • NPC vendors and guilds: trade and make money
  • Dynamic lives and loot system: lose a life and get a random item which you can still equip and use
  • Dynamic events bring the inner world to life
  • Use any scene in the universe and earn XP and money in game
  • Nesecity: use cheap skills to save your hide and make sure you survive attacks
  • Patrol routes for traveling and navigating dangers
  • Add your own equipment and weapons for early game and hide loot boxes and goodies that you find
  • Enable the kick ass sound effect of a teleport jump, quicksave and dump skill checks
  • Host sessions with /rvrp:sessions which invite each player as well as a predefined group
  • System requirements:

    • Windows 7 or Windows XP (if direct3d is disabled)
    • Direct3D 8 with AGL Extensions and device files, for higher compatibility
    • Either Direct3D 9 or latest version of DirectX
    • 3 or more byte of free space for installation
    • 8GB RAM
    • 2.5GB hard drive space for a save game

    Special thanks:

    • dr. Stir 5 — funding the development of this project
    • Jakob Kitli — Project idea
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    What’s new in Heaven’s Hope — Special Edition:

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    How To Crack Heaven’s Hope — Special Edition:

  • Download the Game Horror Globes from File my life
  • After It will say proceed else it will open
  • Next it will give you an option to download or install if you want to install
  • After it will install this game will open and you can play this awesome horror game.

    File my life Game Horror Globes:

    • Download the Game Horror Globes
    • Click on the downloaded link
    • It will open a new tab where you can install this game
    • After it will install this game you can play this awesome horror game

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