The Montana Hi-Line: Shelby — Havre Route Add-On & Amtrak P42 DC ‘Empire Builder’ Loco Add-On are available for Train Simulator 2015 as a single download for $24.99. The BNSF Montana Hi-Line Scenario Pack 01 Add-On is available for Train Simulator 2015 as a single download for £15.99. About High Iron Simulations: With over 7,000 units of content, High Iron Simulations has crafted more than a dozen scenarios that highlight the performance, safety, and functionality of locomotives and multiple locomotives, rolling stock, and outdoor layouts on secondary and mainline railroad routes. Each scenario can be played individually or combined together for custom railroad scenes. Our train sim content is distributed around the world, either in our own top-rated game engine, Train Simulator, or on Steam, the leading platform for digital PC games, where it is accessible through one of the largest library of games available for purchase. Train Simulator is a registered trademark of MSC Software. Steam is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.Q: Sum of the powers of the difference of two squares is $2^{3n} + 2^{n-1}$ How can I prove that $$\sum_{k=1}^n \left(k-\frac{1}{2}\right)^3 = 2^{3n} + 2^{n-1}$$ I am totally stuck, do not know what to do. A: To help with finding the answer, notice $$(1+x)^3=x^3+(3x^2+x)$$ If we then take the logarithm, and look at the derivative, we have the general relationship $$\ln(1+x)=x+\frac{x^2}2+\frac{x^3}3+o(x^3)$$ We can use this relationship with $$\left(k-\frac{1}2\right)^3=\left(\frac{3k}2-\frac12\right)^3=\frac{27k^3-27k+6}{16}=\frac{27}4k^3-\frac{27}4k+1$$ So $$\sum_{k=1}^


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    A distinct part of history in the Pleasanton, California area, on the way to the San Andreas Fault and south of the Nevada border, at precisely 5:35pm on the evening of July 21, 1906, the Ponderosa Pine Santa Clara County, California «Devil in the Pines» erupted in a shower of flame and rock high into the air. The blast erupted with the force of a small earthquake, causing quake damage throughout the small town, and was heard throughout the valley, as far away as Del Norte, in Nevada, and Mojave, California. No one had ever seen or experienced anything like it before. Read More: JFK’S NUCLEAR DETONATION DEVICE

    I’m sure it is getting closer each minute. I wonder how you would locate the USBC on the map? something to do with the trench and the steepness. Also, does anyone know if the USBC is within 100 km of the epicenter? (or 100 kms) One person said it is only 2 1/2 km from the epicenter, just south of HWY 32. I could be completly wrong! There’s a huge crater in the Jackpines State Game Reserve which (i believe) is the remnants of the Ponderosa Pine Rock salt dome. I was there on a long range shooting course, one of our days, and was told by the property owner that the explosion there was no contest second only to the explosion that occurred


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    In Fez, you play as the eponymous main character, a little guy stuck in a massive land called «Fez». The game begins in a simple world, with four colors and a central story, but soon you’ll be sucked into the world of color, perception and a style all of your own. About the Gameplay: Fez is a game about a lot of things. There are cubes. There are hats. There are massive worlds that you can explore and secrets to discover. When you’re not exploring Fez’s expansive universe, you’ll have to solve challenging physics puzzles, manipulate time, and pay careful attention to the invisible forces that surround you. Fez is a game that brings us back to playing with blocks and puzzle cabinets. Fez is a game about the magic of discovery. About Perceptions: The world of Fez is a 3D game, but it appears 2D. You play as the «Main Guy» in a 2D world, and as the game progresses your main character notices more and more things in his surroundings. This is a game of perception. About the music: You’ll be able to choose a soundtrack that is compatible with your mood, as well as your perception of the world around you. Fez has a big soundtrack with dozens of wonderful pieces of music. You’ll be amazed by the music, but you’ll be bewitched by the sound of the piano in particular. About Free Content: Fez has quite a lot of extra content. There are secrets that don’t appear in the tutorial. There are alternate endings. There are stages that are only available to complete after you reach a certain point in the game. If you’re looking for a full game, you can buy the full game, but if you’re looking for some secret content, Fez’s extra content is free. About the Audio: The audio in Fez is full of charm. There’s retro sound effects and 16-bit chip music, as well as a full soundtrack. The music in Fez is the soundtrack of a 16-bit game. If you’re playing Fez you should keep your eyes open for music you’ve heard before. About the Difficulty Level: Fez is a game that is designed to be played by everyone. You can give it to a kid and a kid can have a lot of fun. You can give it to a teenager and he or she can be amazed by the depth of the game. You can give c9d1549cdd


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    Adopt a pet and trade it to other players in the Pet-Cafe! Free to play, but players can purchase premium items and access to AI-controlled pets! «Meet the team» video: ————————————— Twitter: Instagram: Gamejolt: ————————————— Contact: E-mail : [email protected] Email : ————————————— 3D Platformer / game design studio in studio belgrade. In game dev studio we are developing 3D platformer with the newest technologies. We create games with bigger themes like love, death, philosophy, ideology, art and other more. You can experience this in our game King of Congo, where you have to represent one of three goals in the fight against the evil empire. The game is about a king, whose actions will determine the future of his land. The game is inspired by many games of the last decade, like Kingdom Rush, Diablo and Breath of the Wild. In the near future you can play this game for free on our own servers — but starting this spring you are able to play and see the game in a game court. There are differences between the game court and the «real» servers. On the game court you don’t have to download any game client. You can be away from your computer all day and always be online. If you want to play on the game court, check out the links below. Official website: Facebook: Hi! I’m new in the youtube gaming world (I’ve been exploring this world for weeks) and today I want to talk about an RPG called Desolation Row. I’m going to play it with not only a normal PC, but also with Oculus Rift. I’m going to try both the PC and the Oculus Rift in parallel, because they’re going to play very different.


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      Farming-related wastewater generated on the Philtower property is treated and disposed of by Sanitary Tankers. All Philtower residences (approximately 4,500 miles of sewer lines) will be connected to double sewer lines located next to the residences. Blog & Photo Log Forum Log Bulletin Board Proud to be a neighbor! Mary JohnsonPresident Monique GrimesExecutive Assistant Robert CrainPhiltower Project Manager & Resident Assistant Jim AgnewConsultant Tricia TunnellResident Association Administrator Rules What’s New!? The Economic Opportunity Center opened on Monday, September 9th. In case you missed it, the county has provided for pre-screened programs to be offered with breakfast, lunch and a concert in the Agnew Pavilion. -from the Office of Economic Development in Harrisonburg, VA Mary Johnson President — If you see her, make sure to take a picture, then tell her to come back and visit. — We are looking for good neighbors and promise to reciprocate. When folks call the office, follow along on the reception desk. When you and your neighbors are having fun, your home is an oasis in the middle of Harrisonburg’s digital age. Many residents will be in public service part-time and something to build your fondness for neighborly activities & advocacy is natural. If you are interested in a more formal role in the Association, contact Jennifer now. Monique Grimes A Hen House designer and a film/animation teacher (mac guy, by day), resident Monique is a constant fountain of happiness, wisdom, and opportunity. She is very proud of her neighborhood, including our Community Center. Come by or contact Monique to discuss what can be done in conjunction to help keep our Philtower neighborhood having fun, sanitary, and safe. -since 1985 News New Philtower Home Site:Ground has officially been broken on the new Philtower home at 209 L Clifton Green Court, Harrisonburg. The construction is unusual because it didn’t use temporary materials. The property owner first bought the land in 2004, then closed on the purchase in 2006 as part of a short sale. The purchaser of the home is a Harrisonburg couple that will become the first to take possession of an on site home in 2012. The $581,700 home will have 4 bedrooms


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      This post-apocalyptic story is set in an unusual and savage island. Description This DLC includes the following items: Master Sleuth Outfit The Greatest Detective Outfit Ukrainian Jon Outfit. Detailed Description Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist. Distraught by the loss of his father to a terrible illness, young Sherlock Holmes wants to prove himself as an adventurer. In order to escape his past, he sets off on a quest in search of the missing technologies and wonders of the pre-apocalyptic world. Sherlock must survive a journey on an island where unseen creatures roam, and the only people he meets are strangers who have chosen to live in a sort of civil isolation. Key Features: Explore a series of striking new environments on the island of Usuki, along with a set of areas that will remind you of home Uncover a dark mystery that has left a lasting mark on the past, and the people of Usuki Take on criminal investigations from the perspective of a young Sherlock Holmes in the first true detective adventure of the series Play as 26 different characters from all over the world 40+ environmental puzzles and a plot that will have you questioning whether you solved the mystery yourself Open-ended gameplay and dynamic decisions can pave the way for multiple endingsIn March 2003, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced she would be the first in a long line of female leaders of Europe. She was challenged by her predecessor Gerhard Schröder, but Merkel reigned victorious as the first female chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Just five months later, in August 2003, in Iraq, a dictator was toppled, meaning a new president would have to be named. In January 2005, Ralf Dahrendorf, former leader of the FDP, stepped down, due to the party’s disastrous performance in the 2004 parliamentary elections. Merkel took over his position as the party leader and chancellor. The feisty, liberal politician decided to inject some personality into the campaign, presenting herself on TV as the «relaxed Angela». Two different political parties emerged as the leading contestants, the CDU and the FDP, but when Angela Merkel’s father, who was considered to be her biggest hurdle before the election, abruptly died, she shocked the whole world and won the elections against all odds.Aerobic fat oxidation. Comparison of two equations in young and old men.


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