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I Hate Santa Features Key:

  • Up to 10 Players
  • Auto Cake Boss (Queen)
  • Online & Offline play for one hour
  • Save Game Progress Offline
  • Can control the pace of the game and your opponent
  • You can play with 1-10 Players and 2-8 Bosses. It also has an Online Mode so you can play with your friends who don’t have the game via Steam.

    GitHub Repository

    You can find the latest code, as well as GitHub Repo

    We have also added the latest version of the game onto DropBox.


    Add BP assignment system

    Add Risk board


    About the Author


    GM Software made Steam Scraps, a mass of stuff you probably don’t need, but are going to get anyway. You can also check out our blog where we talk about what went in to the game, creation tips and other stuff we think you might be interested in.



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