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In VR Monster Awakens, you will dive into the universe of monsters where you are the Kaiju, a mighty creature who has been roaming around for ages. As a beast of legend, you have enormous powers to destroy and conquer all the world’s cities. There’s also a strong story to it: your original habitat is destroyed and you are now forced to find your way to the surface. You will need to travel through amazing locations to fulfill your quest. You can fly through space, swim through space or even walk on the water! Gameplay Features: 5 immersive levels: defeat all the enemies and explore through different locations. Upgradeable AI: defeat an improved AI with a higher strength (over 2000!) Upgradeable Weapons and Shields: make your Kaiju stronger by upgrading its weapons and shields (Upgrade adds more power) Action-packed Arena: for intense fights! Key Features: Sneak Peak VR Monster Awakens is an advanced VR action game, where players will control two different Kaijus, with two different types of movement. Here are some of the key features: — Easy to use control (slide the mouse to walk and use the W and A key to jump) — Simple levels which will take minutes to finish — Players can use two types of attacks: the Power Attack (P) and the Shield Attack (S) — Players can get to know each other in the Arena (for Story mode only) — Stunning environments with tons of enemies (over 500!) — Steering your creature is supported by head and hand movements — Voice commands are available (S, P, W, A) — Both players can fight or co-operate against enemies (P vs S) — There are 21 different types of enemy — Level 6 and 7 are designed for 1 – 2 player! Supported Platforms: This game is designed to work in a VR environment on the HTC Vive. Reviews “VR Monster Awakens, a Vive-enabled VR game that casts you as a kaiju and tasks you with doing what giant monsters do best – destroying everything in sight.” n3rdabl3 “VR Monster Awakens is one of the best VR action games available now!” QooApp “Such an interesting Lego style VR game! Although the game looks simple, player can play to their heart’s content. Highly recommended as a mean for relaxation.


Features Key:

  • Fast and action-packed game play
  • Great music and sound effects
  • Entice and challenge the player
  • Different game modes, rewards and a friend
  • Challenge you throughout the internet

Play to win

Zoo Rampage is a free 3D skate game. Simply drift your skate around wild animals in game, then boom — it's time to take them out!

The game has two game modes: fast-paced challenges and multi-stage races.

In single player mode there are 7 different levels and each has at least 3 animals.

If you need some help to understand the game, watch the video :

Play this video to get first hand experience

Multiplayer races is where the real fun starts! Multiplayer races may start with a map, an animal and a few packages. Then grab your skate and take down all other participating players!

  • Jump over wild animals
  • Race across the map
  • Collect packages
  • Repel other players
  • Win treasure packages


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You will have the opportunity to go through the world of your dreams. You must find an object so you can detect all people of a research institute and find out the impostor. Characteristics of the game: You can move and stay still without any restriction. Use various gadgets and traps that can damage or kill the players Earn points through various objectives as well as cooperate with your crew. Be safe when you search for clues. Protect your team members. Solve all puzzles and clues and use your detective skills to find the impostor and finish the game. Survival mode : Fate of the last survivor. Only have you and one person survive after all players have been eliminated. Make the right decision throughout the game to win in the end. Free-To-Play : Earn points and progress through the game. You can play in different modes like survival mode, role-playing or time-attack mode. Purchase additional modes as additional in-app purchases. Features : Tested one hundred sixty four expressions. Realistic characters with accurate movements, animations and acting. Features of PUBG MOBILE : Very simple controls, quick response, controls that can be easy to play at any place. Different types of weapons. Variety of maps. A variety of contents. Since the game is just a simulator of PUBG, a lot of items and contents will be added to the game and players can expect to be able to play the actual PUBG MOBILE. On a recent ranking in the Google Play Game store, we have ranked first. 10 people will face 5-second fight. Get ready to go against brave players around the world. Mobile Game Services : Mobile device : — iOS, Android Eka ABOUT I’m a writer and a happiness seeker, specifically interested in traveling, food, nature, and psychology. I love to write all the time and my goal is to achieve a fully-licensed Bachelor’s degree. I want to write a bestselling book one day. I’m currently making my dream come true by writing the bestselling book of my life.Sylvia Rex Sylvia Rex (1925 – 23 December 2006) was a Zimbabwean historian and botanist. Biography Rex was born in 1925 and graduated with a B.A. in history in 1947 from Columbia University, New York c9d1549cdd


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Jane Whittaker and Dovetail Games’s 2017 answer to Air Cargo Sim X: Steam Edition. A very realistic add-on for FSX: Steam Edition. Recommended for new and experienced aviators.Playable in both Sidewinder X-51A (FSX and Steam), DCS: F/A-18C: AJS-37 Viggen and the X-Plane. Description:Jane Whittaker and Dovetail Games for FSX: Steam Edition is a very fun and I think pretty realistic add-on for that platform. It can be played in both Sidewinder X-51A (FSX and Steam), DCS: F/A-18C: AJS-37 Viggen and the X-Plane. If you’re a fan of airports, industries or air traffic control (ATC) these are going to be your favourites! The add-on has 25 levels. Each has a 2 missions (2 rounds). Mission 1: Taxi-out — Find the runway and taxi-out. — Drop your cargo and find your location — The cargo has a 4 minute timer so don’t touch it too much — Pick your cargo up from the cargo pick-up and keep it close. Cargo will be lost if it’s in the open while you’re out or taxiing out — Pick-up will cost you 5,000m/s for cargo in the air and 10,000m/s for cargo on the ground. Cargo will be lost if it’s in the open while you’re picking-up or in flight. — If you don’t complete your taxi-out before the timer expires you will not receive credit and your cargo will be lost Mission 2: Airdrop — Find your cargo and drop it — The cargo will be automatically dropped with the barrel to the left or right. Barrel will damage for every 5 seconds you drop the cargo too far from its initial drop point — The cargo will be automatically dropped with the barrel to the left or right. Barrel will damage for every 5 seconds you drop the cargo too far from its initial drop point — You may toggle the cargo out of the barrel (between pilot controlled and cargo controlled). Pilot controlled drops allow you to drop the cargo where you want and it will be picked up by the cargo — If you toggle the cargo to pilot controlled it will NOT be picked


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