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Unlike a real photo of a sunset or landscape, a digital photograph is made up of pixels. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image, and a digital image is composed of thousands or millions of pixels. The format of those pixels is referred to as the image format. Most people are familiar with the use of the following image formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG. If you have a JPEG image, you can see the image in its digital form, but it’s not possible to edit the pixels. Instead, Photoshop has a series of tools, such as filters, layers, and adjustments that allow you to manipulate the pixel structure. Photoshop (version CS6) provides several dedicated tools for each type of photo: * Layers: Photoshop contains a vast number of layers, and each layer has attributes, such as layer type and effect. Using layers, you can drag and drop a background over a layer of text and animate the text layer, giving it special effects, such as moving and scaling. * Adjustments: These include settings such as Levels, Curves, and Shadows/Highlights. These settings alter the entire pixel structure and enable you to correct color, contrast, and other aspects of the image. In addition, you can store images in a format called a bitmap, which is an array of bits, each bit either being on or off. The picture is converted to a bitmap, then stored in a file. The file itself is manipulated, for example, duplicated, saved, or created into a specific format. The bitmap is an image format based on the pixel matrix and changes with the image, not the format. Bitmap formats include JPEG, GIF, and TIFF. (See Chapter 10 for more about the difference between JPEG and bitmap files.) The difference between a bitmap and JPEG file is simply that the JPEG file is a compressed file containing the bitmap file. When you open a JPEG file, it appears just like a bitmap, but it is not the actual bitmap file that you see on your screen. Another term used when describing bitmap files is print resolution. Print resolution refers to the resolution of the printed version of an image. The most common resolution is 300 dpi, which equals 300 dots per inch. * * * # Formats, formats, formats The image format determines whether the file can be opened in an image editing program or not. The file

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Free-to-use, and even if you are not a photographer, but you are a Graphic designer, web designer or just a simple hobbyist, you will still need Photoshop. This is a list of the best Photoshop plugins and add-ons that will make your work easier and quicker, and will be able to perform tasks faster than using Photoshop alone. To be able to see all the plugins available at the Mac App Store, go to the online app store and scroll to the bottom. When you get to the bottom of the list and you don’t see Photoshop plugins, that means they are not available on the Mac App Store. You can still download them from the Official plugin website. You may also need to download the Photoshop Plugins for Windows instead, but you will find those at the official website. You’re a graphic designer and you need Photoshop but you don’t have much time to spend on downloading, installing and configuring plugins. You need a simple and fast Photoshop solution. After researching what plugins are most useful for graphic designers, I came up with this list of the best plugins that will increase your workflow. The plugins in this list are not all created equal. Some are much better than others. So before you scroll down to the bottom of the list, make sure you know what you are looking for before you buy or download. Pro Tip: If you have a Mac but you are also using Photoshop for a PC, this list might not be all that relevant for you. Especially if you have a MacBook Pro. After creating a file using Photoshop, you need to apply an Edit-In-Place (EIP) transition or a Lens Flare Transition plugin. With a transition, you get the following: The image opens on a new page. The image can be moved or scaled inside the window. The image is allowed to “shade” the frame. The image can be made to be 100% opaque. The image can be made to be 100% transparent. When you download a transition plugin, you will need to decide whether you want to use it for the whole document or just for a single file, and whether you want it in Pro or Elements. There are many transition plugins out there, but I chose the ones I think are the best at doing the job right. Here 05a79cecff

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The beginning of a new year is always a time of reflection for all of us and, based on the latest figures, the Australian housing market is no exception. After all the 2017/2018 annual average house price growth came in at 5.6 per cent after soaring more than 10 per cent in the year to May 2016. As these figures have been published, some of us have taken stock of our home values, sold or not, and decided it is time to change the location of your new home – and who can argue with that. Yet despite the new year resolution to sell, many of us fear that if we move house it will impact our ability to sell their current home or have enough equity to sell in 12 months time. And those dwelling in the Sydney and Melbourne markets are even more concerned. It is obvious that some of the fears they have are justified as both capital cities have seen a decrease in recent months. But have they lost the magic touch? Not as yet. The Melbourne market showed strong house price growth of 5.4 per cent during the three months to December, pushing up prices to just over $1 million. The Sydney market, however, has seen house prices drop in the same period and now has an average house value of $925,375. Market sentiment is good in Melbourne Melbourne has always been Australia’s second largest capital city and this has resulted in not only prices but also the market sentiment being in a good place. The overall sentiment in Melbourne is that house prices are unlikely to have experienced a strong correction at this stage, despite the several years of negative growth. Although we can expect the Sydney market to trend down to the mark of $925,375, we have to appreciate that, overall, Sydney is also in a good place. Sellers of Sydney houses have retained a high percentage of equity in their properties, as the average amount of equity held by a Sydney household is 56.5 per cent. This is a strong figure and will increase homeowners’ confidence levels. New listings show optimistic signs While house prices in the Melbourne market have increased, there has also been an increase in new listings. During the first three months of the year, new listings have dropped 10 per cent from 72,807 to 62,780. However, this figure is still significantly higher than the same period last year. Homeowners are now more confident about moving to

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A novel mode of innate immune evasion by the species-specific DNA-binding protein of the Oncobodys family in oncogenic leukemias. Oncogenic transformation of hematopoietic cells is associated with increased survival of cells expressing inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF and IL-1β, which can be blocked by the binding of these ligands to TNFR1 (TNF receptor-1) and IL-1R1 (IL-1 receptor-1), respectively, through the death domain. Based on the two-zinc-finger DNA-binding motif of the OncoBOD1 protein (EBV-encoded protein expressed in hairy cells) that selectively binds to the core sequence of the TNF-responsive element (TRE) and IL-1β-responsive element (IL-1RE) in the promoters of TNFR1 and IL-1R1, respectively, it was hypothesized that the OncoBOD1 protein may interfere with the interaction of TNF and IL-1β with their cognate receptors to inhibit the associated cell death. In this study, the ability of the OncoBOD1 protein to antagonize TNF and IL-1β-mediated death in myeloid cells was investigated by using a Jurkat-derived T cell line (J-EAT) that induces the phosphorylation of TNF receptor-associated death domain (TRADD), TRAF2 (TNF receptor-associated factor-2), and caspase-8 upon IL-1β stimulation. In contrast to the mammalian OncoBOD1 protein that activates caspase-8, as was demonstrated by functional caspase-8 cleavage, the human virus-encoded OncoBOD1 protein failed to activate caspase-8. As a result, the apoptotic cell death induced by TNF/IL-1β in J-EAT cells was resistant to the counteraction of the OncoBOD1 protein. Functional analyses revealed that this resistance was associated with a lack of TNF-induced recruitment of TRADD and TRAF2 to the tumor necrosis factor receptor-1-containing complex (TNFRC) in the cells expressing the OncoBOD1 protein, as evidenced by the absence of their phosphorylation and subsequent proteolytic cleavage. In contrast, the mammalian OncoBOD1 protein, which serves as a death receptor agonist, was able to induce TN

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