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A: I just did this today, and I thought I’d share what I did. Also I’m going to change the title of the thread to include the segment-size so that it’s easier to find this, and future, questions. The key is the use of the StructAppend function ( It allows you to append a value to a fixed-size string, called a chunk. I used StructAppend to dump the MD5 checksum of an 8-segment-per-character display string, in 64 bytes, to a memory buffer. The code I wrote looks something like this (pretty sloppy, but gives the idea): ‘ Find the correct offset into the buffer to append to. Dim strPositionToAppendTo as Long’Align the end of the buffer with the end of the segment string. strPositionToAppendTo = 162 ‘ Get the end of the segment string. Dim strSegmentSize as Long’Dividing by this gives the position in the buffer to append to. strSegmentSize = 8 ‘ Get the size of the buffer in bytes. Dim strSegmentSizeNumBytes as Long strSegmentSizeNumBytes = (strSegmentSize — 1) * 64’8-segment string times 64 chars. ‘ Copy into the buffer, starting at the correct position. StructAppend strBuffer, chr((strSegmentSize — 1) * 64 + strPositionToAppendTo) ‘ Use the buffer to compute the MD5 hash. Dim strMD5Hash As String strMD5Hash = UCase(StructToString(strBuffer)) I put this code in a subroutine. The end result was that I was able to get the MD5 checksum of a 64-byte string in the buffer, in about 0.3 seconds. That’s what I think the question is about. Old Post Road Corridor Open House BUILD.MAKE.RIDE. Old Post Road Corridor Open House — June 2018 In October, 2017, the Department of Transportation announced its intent to acquire the portion of New York State Route 59 and New York State Route 59A that are adjacent to US 9W. The DOT stated that they would be willing to

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