It’s time to take the «I’ve Seen Everything” quiz and test your knowledge and logical thinking! Who knew the answer to the 10,000 year old question ‘What is the origin of the shape of the human mouth?’ has been looked at and explained so many times? Or the question: What is the origin of the zodiac? Or why is there 12 months in a year? Or how about the question: Where do magpies live? Or the 10,000 year old question: What was the inventor of the first computer? Or how much does the human brain weigh? It’s time to finally take the quiz and share your thoughts with us all: — How many centimeters are there in a yard? — What was the name of the first baseball player to hit more than 300 home runs? — Who is the only president to be both alive and dead? — What is the first name of the king of Sweden? — Who was the longest-running secretary of state? — Who was the first black president of the U.S.? — What is the origin of the word ‘Vietnam?’ — Who was the first person to fly a plane all the way around the world? — Who was the first person to receive a telephone? — Who is the only person to win the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award twice? — What is the origin of the term ‘Spiderman’? — What is the origin of the number 666? — What country was the first one to legalize prostitution? — Who is the only president to have served two consecutive terms? — How many times was ‘The War To End All Wars’ cancelled? — Name the country that changed the spelling of ‘Guantanamo’. — What year was ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’ first published? — What is the only U.S. president to be assassinated? — What do we call the third finger on a human hand? — Name the country that had the longest-running civil war. — How many times has ‘Ratatouille’ won an Academy Award? — What is the origin of the famous ‘Peanuts’ cartoon? — What is the origin of the term ‘Temptress’? — When was the first time a U.S. president was allowed to travel outside the U.


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    Mall Mayhem is a game where you go back to your hometown and destroy the entire mall. But it’s not as easy as it sounds… -You have to climb over the debris of buildings and traps from the collapsed mall. -The shops in the mall are stocked with items that you can use to destroy more stuff. -If you hit a crowd of shoppers they will charge at you in a riot of shopping madness! -There is a mall police force that will stop you from destroying more stuff. -Each mall comes packed with both shops and items that you can destroy. -You get points for everything you destroy, and if you grab achievements you can unlock them in the store.Inspiration from Mum to Daughter Part II Two weeks have already passed since my last post. How is this possible? I don’t know where the time has gone. This week I’ve just been busy catching up on my sleep while still trying to organise and get the work done. I’ve just posted the styling for the ‘Sunshine’ series which is proving a challenge. I’ve got the styling done but the clients seem to want some changes. As I’ve mentioned before I love to do styling, but they have an incredibly strong vision of what they want and they are not happy that I’m not doing it exactly the way they want it. They have gone back to the director for a few revisions, but I still want to follow their vision. However, I’m putting the brakes on and going away for a few days to get my mindset refreshed. This is the second time in a row that I’ve gone away to get some ‘me’ time and last time it was me going away to a hill station. Although this time I won’t be in the hills but rather in a workshop. If I’m not at my own whim and fancy I don’t feel like doing anything. A workshop will give me an opportunity to do what I’ve been meaning to do – set up my own business. That is where I am at this point in time – I need to focus on my own business and how I’m going to market and promote it. When I come back in two weeks, I will have some more information to share on that. I have been thinking about posting my happy stories for you. This is the challenge I have now c9d1549cdd


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    -Time Attack Mode: Listen to the Clock and find items in the shortest time possible. -Challenge Mode: Play the game and get the most items in the time you allocate. -Extreme Collect: with Collect items to win. Christmas Wonderland 12 Features: A Gorgeous Storyline, 100+ hours of gameplay, 40+ levels. Fun Christmas Collect action game mode, Find all the Items in Challenge mode. Play with friends and go for the best Record Time. Hidden Objects games, with the most beautiful graphics. Classic Hidden Object Puzzle Gameplay. 3 different Game Modes, and 3 gameplay modes to be precise, Casual, Challenge, and Extreme Collect. Collect items, collect it all to win a massive Christmas Tree. Christmas Wonderland 12 is a Classic Hidden Object Puzzle adventure game for the whole family to enjoy! Collected items help you to play different missions. The more items you collect in the next level, the higher score you will get and more difficult mission you will accomplish. Matching hidden objects is an easy task in the new Christmas Hidden Object Adventure, Christmas Wonderland 12, however, to get faster to find objects, use hints. Find two pictures with the same objects to start the level. Check your first hint to help you. And the best hint is quick! Scoring is based on your performance in the time. If you score good, you will raise your scoring. Christmas Wonderland 12 story contains a rich amount of beautiful locations. In the city of Springfield, there are loads of new missions to visit. You can select the character in the game from a number of cute and adorable characters, each with their own personality and design. Furthermore, you can have fun with your friends during a Christmas Party. Christmas Wonderland 12 gameplay Christmas Wonderland 12 is a great Christmas game designed to have fun and fulfill your Christmas pleasure. Christmas Wonderland 12 takes you on a different exciting adventure to help Santa Claus collect all the lost and found gifts. Christmas Wonderland 12 features many exciting missions, take your friends on Christmas party and collect all presents. Christmas Wonderland 12 is the most exciting Hidden Object Adventure game for Christmas, and a great distraction for holiday fun. Christmas Wonderland 12 gameplay features Christmas Wonderland 12 gameplay features include: -Classic Free play game style -Highly interactive and fully enjoyable -Collect all gifts in time for Christmas! -Help Santa collect lost and found gifts -Enjoy the new hidden object game featuring a wonderful storyline


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      In the first-ever customization content for the award-winning Need for Speed franchise, players can fully customize their vehicle using 15 types of paint and 4 custom shop paint finishes, choose from 26 types of paint accessories, and more. Then take it out for a spin using 10 actual rides, including a tricked-out community-driven Camaro ZL1, a drift-ready custom 426 Hemi Camaro SS, and a tricked-out Chevy Silverado Z71! Truck Nation — Climb for the top, dodge for the win, and prove your stuff on the open road. Customization: Almost all of the customizable vehicles in the game can be painted and modified. Use the Paint Editor to customize the look of your truck! Open Road Racing: Race your opponents in a variety of different environments, as well as race all of the player-driven vehicles on the road including the Camaro ZL1, 426 Hemi Camaro SS, and the Silverado Z71. Game Modes: The action-packed, open-world racing game will have you racing through a vibrant assortment of locations with unique environments, filled with traffic, friendly racers, cops, and more! Community Driven Race: Test your skills in the newest and most social version of the game with a community-driven race where players actually test their skills and compete against others to win a race. The winning player receives a portion of the prize pool for the race. Manufacturer’s Website: Game Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Ghost Games Release Date: September 16th, 2019 RRP: £39.99 Six action packed race environments across an open road map. Race the open road in the latest and greatest Community Driven Race! And, test your skills in one of three game modes including Open Road, GP, and Single. Ride the best vehicles in the game including the Camaro ZL1, 426 Hemi Camaro SS, Silverado Z71, and more. Race the best of the best online with players from around the world. The most customizable game yet. Get the ultimate custom experience and choose from 15 customizable paint schemes. ALL AT YOUR DISCRETION. ALL FREE. CUSTOMIZATION AT IT’S BEST. EARN TRUCK BONUS BUNDLE! (TIME RUNNER) TICK


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