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Name Mortadelo y Filemón: Una aventura de cine — Edición especial
Publisher mornharb
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Mortadelo Y Filemón: Una Aventura De Cine — Edición Especial Features Key:

  • 3D stereoscopic VR world with 360 view and 3D fully displayed camera
  • Audio \/ Video Production of CTVorizons top-rated music touring event
  • One Week Later (3 Days)
  • Game Description:

    Visiting lands laid out in the Twilight Sparkle’s mind is a life-changing trip to cosmic alternate dimensions! Gorge on mind-blowing adventures and unleash chainsaw insanity across exotic locations around the globe. Master the power of the Omnitrix and become the hero of your very own sci-fi action adventure movie!

    Key Features:

    1. Embark on an adventure that takes you to dimensions unknown, full of Nexus Points to be discovered
    2. Fantastic 3D stereoscopic VR images and videos
    3. Experience cinema action in full 3D stereo
    4. The first game of its kind!
    5. Stop by CTVorizons Gallery and check out the Nexus Point of Gigsjaw as well.
    6. Chainsaw-wielding hero Gigsjaw VR is the main character of the story
    7. Experience a brand new adventure: full of story and game to discover, with new worlds and more quests to become the superhero that you are: the Gigsjaw VR hero
    8. Unlock scores of Nexus Points
    9. Enter the world of Gigsjaw!
    10. Key Features: 3D stereoscopic VR music show & Festival
    11. Brought to you by Gigsjaw
    12. On April 6th, CTVorizons invites you to discover the world of Gigsjaw at an epic music festival known as: THE NIGHT WITH GIGSJAW VR! (*-Sign Up Billed as Ticket Online Availability – While the actual portal that the game is released through is still to be announced for a potential release date, I’m sure it’s going to be full of fans and I’ll try to cover that as soon as I find out)
    13. Mysterious figures in black


      Mortadelo Y Filemón: Una Aventura De Cine — Edición Especial License Code & Keygen (Latest)

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      What’s new:

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        How To Crack:

      • Download the Setup Simple RTS (V1.0/i) (Lastest version Available)
      • Thanks to Abax1e For Cracking Simple RTS!!
      • Notes: You need pirated version for it to work!
      • You may need to Edit the XPAlive.ini file before running the game. Go to the Simple RTS folder, double click on the SimpleRTS (x64) file and use windows explorer/notepad to open it.
      • Open the file called XPAlive.ini from Notepad..


      After the installation you will have an Epic Games Arcade folder, Inside will be your Simple RTS. Right click on the folder and choose «create shortcut» then add the path to the data folder Simple RTS located in the folder called «XYZ». ( you have to make sure the space between the Simple RTS folder and the XYZ folder is not too close! it will make the shortcut not work, when the path is too close it will show a linking sign!).

      How to open the game:
      Simple RTS (V1.0) Accepted only XPAlive