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The application has a built-in HTML template. You can open any HTML file, and it will create an automatic report in your favourite spreadsheet. If you select ‘Start Date’, ‘Finish Date’, and other date fields under Categories, you will see the report with the details of the task. Let’s see it, here is a sample report for a banking project: The application also provides an option to create a custom report. You can choose any date range (Start and Finish), which will show your time on a bar chart. To create a report, click on Report. Here you will see the available options: Project: If you are working on any project, you need to select the project to generate the report. Category: If you are working on any of the categories (development, testing, training, meeting, etc.), then select the category Assigned By: Select the assigner of this task As soon as you select category and assigner, the report is generated. Export report: This is the last option. This is a common option and you will see this as and when you start working on any project. In this screen, we will see the options to select the types of the reports we want to generate. The application will generate any of the reports that are present in Excel Template. For example, we can generate a pie chart: We can also download the reports and process them as we wish. For more information, see To be able to download the reports, you need to provide access to your browser’s PDF. You can add the parameter to your browser’s address bar to download the report as PDF. PIE CHART Reports: Each report is generated based on a group of categories, so there are times when you don’t want to report time spent on some categories. Category: The pie chart shows cumulative time spent on each category. Project: The pie chart shows time spent on individual project. However, we can select any group of categories to report on and the pie chart will show time spent on this group of categories: Here is an example of a pie chart BAR CHART Reports: Each report is generated based on a group of categories, so there are times when you don’t want to report time spent on some categories. Category: The

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This gives the description of the activity. User: Enter the name of the user. You can get the list of your all users in the users tab. Project: Select the project. If you click on the project, an entry is added to your project list. Category: select the task category. Category: select the task category. Assigned By: Fill up the task assigner in this box. Description: This needs no description Now, click on Submit button. This will generate a report in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. You can open the report in Microsoft Excel. You can view the category breakdown and task breakdown of your project. You can export the report to different kinds of formats such as PDF, PPT, etc. But, one needs to type at least 2 characters for export in each file in the export process. There is no file size limitation. If you click on the user name, you can view the summary of the user. If you click on the project name, you can get all the projects of that particular user. If you click on the category name, you can view all the tasks of that particular category. RESOURCE For any kind of further assistance, you can reach out to us at We are here for you. Things I loved: This is a really great time tracker for those who want to track their activities in a quick and easy manner. The reason I love this application is because, it can manage multiple users, can display all your activities, can generate reports and export them to multiple formats. The application has a sleek look, and is well designed. The user interface is very easy to use. It can display the tasks that are assigned to you, and also the projects you are working upon. This makes it easier to plan your tasks. It also lets you explore your project and analysis of projects. Things I didn’t like: it lacks any kind of a timer. If you want to check a particular task duration and can’t remember the exact time, you will have to calculate it. The application is free, but the main functions are restricted to the users who have registered. In conclusion, if you are looking for a simple and easy time tracker that can help you keep track of your time, then you should download it for yourself. Trip Inbox is a lightweight inbox application that works b7e8fdf5c8

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This is the application which is designed to help you in tracking all your time. This application is the most extensively utilized application. It provides you with various reports of time tracking. Click on the ‘Reports’ button to get yourself started. Before reporting on the reports, let me say that as you execute the report operation, it will generate the PDF and Excel reports. All other reports are generated on-the-fly while executing the reports. Reports — In simple terms, reports are similar to summaries of tasks. Let us say you have performed a task for a specific client for a duration of 3 months. This task might have taken you a month to get completed. In any report, you will get the total work in different categories. So in the above example, if you ran the report for Client A, you will get details of Client A, your tasks, and all the categories in which you performed work on this client. PIE CHART — Pie-chart generates chart (based on given categories) which shows the usage of each category. To get this chart, click on the pie-chart icon on the right-bottom of the screen. — The pie chart shows how much work you have done in a specific category, and the percentage of work that has been done in a particular category on that specific day. You can select the category and the task for the pie chart. If you have selected the wrong category or wrong task, you can see the pie chart here. BAR CHART — Bar-chart is a well-known and widely used chart type. It shows the average number of tasks which you perform in a day. This chart can be generated using the following steps. — First, select the category to which you want to refer. If you are not able to generate the bar-chart for that category, click on the link ‘Help’ here, for some more help. — The bar chart can be generated for the selected category. Date Chart — If you want to generate a date chart, click on the date-chart icon. Enter the date in the format as mentioned here. In the following example, we have selected May as the month and 19th as the date. — Select category for the month/date and the task. This will give you the month/date chart. — Here, you can see the total number of tasks you have performed in all the major categories and also the total number of tasks you

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Project: Category: Assigned By: Description: Now, click on the Report button, the application will prompt you to save the report. If you have saved the report, it will show you the next page. If you have not saved the report, it will say ‘Please save report’ The pie chart page of the report shows you the following: 01. My Tracker 02. Days, Hours and Minutes 03. Your Activities 04. Daily Work Activities Now, click on Report button to view your report. If you do not wish to save the report, you have two options: 01. Click on the New Report button to create a new report. 02. Click on the Exit button, which is located in the top right-hand corner. This will exit from the application. This application allows you to track your time using our Application Builder (if our standard Time Recording module is not already available for your organization). The time recording module is free to install and once enabled, you can make your time recording with a few clicks. If you wish to start time recording for your organization using myTracker, first you need to register the application by following the steps listed in this article. 1) Select ‘Start day’ button to start tracking time. 2) Fill out the remaining details and start your time recording activity. 3) Click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to close the application. Note: You have already started to track time. Now, you can see ‘Your activities’ section where you can see the activities you are currently working on. So, you can refer to your past time recording reports in this application. If you are in the ‘Your activities’ section, you can: 1. Sort the activities from last to first. 2. Get help by clicking on the ‘Help’ icon. 3. Get help by following the short message on the right-top of the window. 4. Adjust and change the color for your activities. 5. Filter the activities to find out which activity interests you most. 6. Hide/unhide activities from today. 7. Sort the activities from last to first. 8. Filter the activities to find out which activity interests you most. 9. Analyze your time using all the options in this application. 10. Generate your reports in

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Processor: Intel Pentium G2240 (2.6 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X2 534 (2.5 GHz) or AMD FX-6300 Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 2GB DirectX 11 video card Storage: 150 GB available space Recommended: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10—Free-Registration-Code-Free.pdf