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Where Photoshop Does Well Photoshop has many useful and powerful features. This section will cover some of its best features. Quick Selection Easily select a layer in the Layers palette and quickly copy or cut and paste that layer anywhere in your image. Select a layer in the Layers palette and press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. Press Ctrl+K to cut the selected layer; Press Ctrl+X to paste the layer in the original image. Glyphs The Glyphs palette can be used to add or subtract paths and shapes in an image. It is usually easier to add the text you want to a separate, text-only layer and then move it into an image. There are many excellent guides available to teach users how to create and apply those shapes. Pen Tools Photoshop has some of the most versatile pen tools for creating paths, drawing lines, creating shapes, painting, and drawing objects. If you’re a beginner you can watch the tutorial videos on YouTube to help you learn about the pen tools. Easily Create Special Effects Photoshop has a wide variety of useful special effect filters and tools that can be used to make dramatic changes to an image. These can be used for image enhancements, corrections, and retouching, and can also be applied to multiple images in a single session. Oversize Shadows The Shadows filter in Photoshop allows you to increase or decrease the size of the shadows in an image. Shadows are used to add depth to an image and also to add a dramatic look to an image. Photoshop Filters The built-in filters can be used for image enhancement and to add special effects to your images. Photoshop filters are organized into various categories such as Black & White, Color Adjustment, Adjustment Layers, and Blur. You can find many excellent tutorials on YouTube to help teach users how to use the filters. Allows You to Create Panoramas Photoshop has many features that can be used to create panoramic or 360-degree images. There are more comprehensive videos on the Internet than can be listed here that teach users how to create panoramic images. Controlling Lighting Photoshop includes a sophisticated layer system to allow you to control exposure and fill and lighting in an image. Adjust the brightness of an image and you can easily create a look that suggests lighting effects such as directional, back lighting,

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We have come up with a list of Photoshop tips to help you quickly learn and use Photoshop effectively. 1. Create reusable logo templates We all make low-budget logos, and the same is true with high-quality logos. To save a great deal of time, you should make sure that you have the Photoshop logo template ready. You will be able to use these templates in your image editing software. The only thing you need to do is to replace your own logo (in this case the one that you are using now) with the template itself. You will be able to see it in the image editing window. There is a specific place for such templates, so you can drag the new logo file to the left sidebar to create it. 2. Use filters in Photoshop A lot of designers don’t use filters enough. Photoshop filters help you to give a specific effect to your image or photos. To add a filter in Photoshop, right-click on an image and select the from the menu. A dialogue box will appear, where you can select a particular filter from a list that is attached to your right side panel. 3. Filter with a brush in Photoshop Filter brushes are particularly effective in giving a cleaner look to your photo, but unfortunately they are not as easy to use as the ones we have previously mentioned. You will need to right-click on the image and select Brush from the menu. After this, you can use the different shades of the brush to clean up your image. 4. Set up a smart object in Photoshop Smart objects are amazing and what we need them for is to easily isolate objects from the background or any other image. These are the best and most used tools in Photoshop. To set up a smart object, select the “Edit” menu and select the “Convert to Smart Object” option. 5. Prepare an image for social media On certain occasions, you can use an image editing software to prepare an image that you will need to use in social media. This lets you quickly isolate an object from the background or to blur or lighten an image, making it more suitable for social media. 6. Create backgrounds from a single photo Photoshop backgrounds can be found in the “Photoshop” menu. 388ed7b0c7

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· To run this mod: copy the contents of this mod folder to your main Fallout 4 directory, or any other directory inside your data directory. · A game restart is required to apply the changes. You need to be logged in for the changes to apply. You can always log in again later. Or if you have the Old School Patches installed, you can launch the mod manager, click «Reload Patches», and follow the prompts. · I built this mod from the «Data Files» folder in «Data/local».