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# 3.3.2 Photoshop Basics You can open an image in Photoshop by pressing the Open File button on the main menu of the Photoshop workspace. Photoshop opens the image in a new Photoshop window. Figure 3-6 shows a window with an image that has been opened. If you create a new project you will want to use a new workspace to organize your work. You can do this by opening the Workspace Options button at the top of the main menu bar, shown in Figure 3-7. From the dialog box that opens, you can create a new workspace, which has a new set of workspaces. You can also rename a workspace. ( _ **Note:**_ Workspaces aren’t _essential_ for creating images. If you create a new document with the same name as a previous document and then close the previous one, you can simply open it again and continue where you left off.) When your document contains many layers, it can be very time-consuming to open and close a window to view each layer. To view all the layers at once you can use the Layer Thumbnails dialog box (shown in Figure 3-8). To open the Layer Thumbnails dialog box, you can click the Window button (the one with a down arrow) on the tool bar or you can click the Window tool on the Layer menu. Choose Window ⇒ Layer Thumbnails to open the dialog box. In the dialog box, you can choose to open a new window or select the current document’s layers. Click OK to open a small dialog box that lets you change the size of the thumbnail window and the color of the thumbnails. If you want to create a new workspace and retain your current settings, you can go to the File menu and choose New to create a new workspace. The workspace is organized as a collection of stacked windows. You can resize each one of the stacked windows by dragging its lower-left corner. To move a window, hold down the Shift key while you drag the window. To switch workspaces, click the Window button (with an arrow above it) on the top-left of the main menu bar. You will see a small window at the top of your document labeled with a name of a workspace and the

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How to use Photoshop Elements The following tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images. There are three ways to work with Adobe Photoshop Elements – click and drag – use the mouse to move, copy and cut/paste – keyboard shortcuts – shortcuts are used instead of mouse clicks – menus – menus give you quick access to common tasks This tutorial will show you how to edit: resize, create a text and watermark image, add a filter and remove unwanted objects. How to edit with Photoshop Elements? Open a new image using the Open option in the File menu In the Open dialog window, click on the option Open Recent Save the photo to your computer You will also have to double-click on the image to open it in Elements How to resize an image with Photoshop Elements You can use the Free Resize option to create a new image of the same size as the original image, or you can resize the image to fit a certain area, as you would do in traditional Photoshop. Select the area in which you want to resize the photo Click Resize In the Resize window, use the slider to resize the photo You can also select a size from the drop-down menu Click OK to confirm the size Click OK to close the Resize dialog What is a Smart Object? A smart object allows you to save a smaller version of a larger image in the same file without any additional data. The two files are linked, so you can edit one without affecting the other. A Photoshop smart object is essentially a folder of files in the same location and file structure. You can move, copy, cut, and past them around without having to manually save each individual file. You can also move your files around without losing any changes. How to add a text watermark to an image? Using the Add Watermark option, you can add text or symbols to images. You can choose from 26 pre-designed text styles and then customize the font, size, alignment, and text color. The text will then appear in a new layer that you can move, adjust, or merge. How to add a text watermark in Photoshop Elements? Open a photo on your computer Click Add Watermark from the Watermark menu Select a font style Select a color 388ed7b0c7

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