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Mastering text types Photos, as they are known in Photoshop, can be used for names, titles, or other text. Whether the text is in a photo, JPEG file, PDF, or other type of file, you use the same tools. Photoshop has three basic types of text: * **Bold type:** Uses black text, typically in black type on a white background. (See Figure 7-11) * **Italic type:** Uses black text on a white background, typically used for proper names and titles. (See Figure 7-12) * **Small caps:** Uses all caps with a dot in the center for the first character. FIGURE 7-11: This car’s tagline is text in bold type. FIGURE 7-12: This car’s name is text in italic type. Generally, you start with a photo and add text, as shown in Figure 7-13. The tools available for altering text are two options. You have the same basic tools for both, shown in Figure 7-14. FIGURE 7-13: The Photo Slideshow you’re creating here is a title for the slide show, so add a text layer to this image. FIGURE 7-14: The basic tools for adding text to your design are a brush and a rectangular selection tool. The first step is to click the Brush tool on the Tools panel, shown in the margin. The Brush tool enables you to manipulate an image brush (known as a brush set) on which you draw an area. You can choose from a large selection of brushes that consist of various gradients, textures, and patterns

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RELATED: How to install and configure Adobe Photoshop Elements RELATED: How to set up an editable Adobe Photoshop Elements image When you open a photo in Photoshop Elements, you can apply edits directly to the image. Adobe Photoshop is a great graphics editor, and Adobe Photoshop Elements is a wonderful alternative. But if you’re just getting started and want to learn how to edit or enhance your images and create your own graphics, you might want to try a free photo editing program instead of Photoshop Elements. In our Photoshop vs. Elements image editing comparison article, we show you how to choose the right photo editor for your needs. We’ll explain what you can do with Elements, and what you can do with Photoshop, so you can make a clear decision between the two photo editors. You’ll also find out which edition of Elements is better for you, based on its features and performance. RELATED: How to select, move and resize Adobe Photoshop Elements images Accessibility and features If you’re not familiar with photo editing software, Elements can be a good choice. You can download an image from the Internet, upload a file from your hard drive or from a memory card, or open an image stored on your computer or in a cloud storage account. If you want to import, move, copy, rotate and resize your photo, Elements makes it easy to perform these basic tasks. You can also crop your image, adjust brightness, color, color balance, sharpness, and exposure. Elements contains a collection of tools that help you create and edit photos. You can change the size, rotate, crop, contrast, and brightness of an image. You can also use the pen tool to change your image’s color; draw rectangles and lines; add text to an image; and create effects like gradients. RELATED: How to resize an Adobe Photoshop Elements photo When you’re done with editing, you can save your image in a new file or, if you imported it, you can export the image to a file. You can create new images and load them in the program. You can drag and drop any of your images to create a new layer, change their blend mode, reorder layers, and resize them to new dimensions. If you import a new, blank image, you can resize it in the program to a specific size, crop it, and change the 388ed7b0c7

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You can use the Type tool to select fonts, pick colors, and alter the size, position, and properties of your text. You can also use vector or bitmap fonts. The Crop tool is used to crop an image. It allows you to remove an area of the image without affecting the original. Using the Magic Wand tool, you can select areas of an image for various effects: You can use the Auto Mask feature to create a selection based on the area of an image you select with the wand tool. You can also use the Magnetic Lasso tool to select an area of an image, and then move to another area with the Lasso tool. You can use the Pen tool to create a series of linked paths. You can then use the Eraser tool to paint with a brush along the paths. You can also combine multiple paths to create a polygon, or loop them together for complex shapes. You can create freeform patterns with the Gradient tool. The Gradient Mesh option opens a grid of lines that you can then use to create graphics. The Puppet Warp tool is used to bend, stretch, or distort the edges of an image. This is useful for creating effects with the Pen tool. You can use the Paths tool to split an image into its constituent paths. You can then use various tools on the image (e.g., Pen, Liquify, and the Eraser tool) to alter those paths. You can use the Pattern Matching tool to find areas of an image that resemble a specific pattern. You can then mask out these areas. The Puppet tool allows you to deform an image, using a variety of curves. Photoshop is a powerful program that comes with a variety of tools and features. This guide was produced by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Photoshop CS6 is now available for free Download at _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 DVDs with 30 Hours of Digital Photo Editing (6+Mins of Instruction) $59.99 Great for beginners and professionals New in Photoshop CC: New, customisable desktop virtual canvas interface, new content-aware perspective tools, simplified workflow and much more! Photoshop CC is a great all-in-one tool for editing, printing, and sharing your work. You can change the look of the canvas that you work on, apply advanced edits, and use powerful features and tools. There are

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