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To save space on your disk and to reduce the number of images you need to prepare before you get started, you can save any number of images that you’ve worked on at one time in a **single file**. To save an image in a single file, you first need to place the image in a Photoshop window. You then select File⇒Save As. You can then save the file with any name you choose by typing it into the Save As dialog box that appears. After saving the file, you see it appear in the Files panel. To make a quick change to a single image, you need to make sure that the image is open in the Photoshop window. If you have multiple open images, the first image that you open becomes the currently selected image. You can then make a quick change to just that image. The next section explains how to work with layers, the separate, object-based editing system in Photoshop. Layers are applied and positioned on top of each other to create and modify images. You can apply layers in many ways, which is what the rest of this chapter details. Creating and using layers Like many of Photoshop’s features, layers enable you to create and modify images easily. With a single layer, you can create and combine several other objects on it in a way that’s similar to combining a composite (see Chapter 8 for details on that topic). Every object on the layer is also visible at any time so that you can see how it’s being combined. The following sections outline a few of the many ways to work with layers, and help you understand how they’re applied to images. They explain how to merge separate images together, create new images from an existing one, and apply different effects to each layer. Creating and removing objects in a layer To work with layers, you first need to create them. In Figure 11-1, you see a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (dubbed «the bridge» for easy referencing) in San Francisco and a layer named `»the bridge.»` That layer consists of just one object, so it’s showing just the bridge. **Figure 11-1:** Layers can contain a variety of different objects. The next step is to create a new image by using the Photoshop Layers panel. Using this panel, you can create new layers on top of existing layers. You can also delete layers. You can select a particular layer and create

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Photoshop Elements is a desktop editing application available for macOS and Windows. It was previously available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Features of Adobe Photoshop Elements Free Open source (GPL) Lite version : $0.00 : $0.00 Pro version: $0.00 $0.00 to buy a subscription for Photoshop Elements : $14.99/month : $14.99/month Up to 32-bit Fast. Open API Manage all your photos in one place with the ability to sort, browse, and search them from one application. Create albums. Add text. Edit text. Adjust brightness/contrast. Add a logo. Create a slide show. Add music. Print photos. Cut photos. Duplicate a layer. Create a GIF. Create a JPEG. Create a PNG. Undo. Redo. Rotate photos. Zoom photos. Flip photos horizontally. Flip photos vertically. Crop photos. Change the size of your photo. Enhance photos. Apply special effects. Add a vignette. Add a motion blur. Resize photos. Create thumbnails. Resize photos. Customize your PS Elements package : $19.99/1 year : $19.99/1 year Design your own cover for your digital photo collection. : $19.99/1 year Create mockups. : $19.99/1 year Test and optimize your layouts. $19.99/1 year Save time by using photos that look great out of the box. $19.99/1 year Deliver a polished look in a snap. Access the latest updates. Photoshop Elements doesn’t have a lot of features when it comes to creating web pages and styles. But it is a powerful tool for editing photos. Photoshop Elements is designed as a full-featured, Photoshop-like editing toolkit to create, view, and manage digital images. Use Elements to apply image effects and adjustments, combine images, add text and other objects, and organize and share your work. 388ed7b0c7

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