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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation program. Its ability to edit images and create custom artwork using many layers, shapes, and colors make it essential to many graphic designers. Here are 10 common Photoshop features that beginners should know. 10 Photoshop Features Beginners Should Know 1. Photoshop is a Layer-based Editing System Photoshop displays images in layers. These layers consist of transparent overlays (graphics) that can contain different types of layers that can be repositioned and be dragged off the layer. Each layer can contain only one single image, which can be duplicated to create multiple versions of the same image. The easiest way to understand Photoshop layers is to think of a paintbrush. The brushes are the graphics; they can be moved around and «paint» on the layer. It’s important to remember, though, that Photoshop’s layers are different from those used in the traditional layers in other applications, such as MS Paint. 2. Photoshop Uses High-Quality Layers and Text Layers are a major part of Photoshop. You can create as many transparent layers as you’d like by duplicating, moving, and aligning them. The more layers a Photoshop file has, the easier it is to create a custom design. Start Photoshop and the layers you see in the right side bar will be blank. Create layers by clicking the New Layer icon in the bottom left, on the right side. Each new layer can be blank, a text layer, or a multi-colored shaped layer. The new layer is highlighted and is displayed in the left hand corner, as shown below. Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Create a New Layer When you first open a Photoshop file, every layer is at a 0% transparency level. As shown below, Photoshop names the first layer «Layer 0.» Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Create a New Layer In addition to layers, Photoshop supports text. You can use any type of text you’d use in Word or a word processor program. Photoshop also supports the ability to insert text wherever you want it on your image and adjust its size and color. To add text, click the Text icon in the bottom left corner of the Photoshop screen to display the text tool. Click and drag around on the canvas to place your text where you’d like it. The text tool gives you several ways to format your text. The text tool also enables you to change the text color, size,

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But we all know Photoshop cannot be beat for general desktop editing, so we decided to round up the best Photoshop alternative apps available on the market. Note: To be eligible for the list we only considered apps made by independent developers. A tutorial on how to do that can be found here. 1. Photoshop Creative Cloud Process large batches of images and achieve creative results with your favorite image editing software. Easily batch process the images on your Mac or PC and then create custom action sets to quickly apply your favorite adjustments and enhance your pictures. Photoshop Creative Cloud comes with an extensive library of special effects, transitions, and brushes. You can make multiple copies of any image in one click and access all the files you edit from one place. Please note that Photoshop CC doesn’t support the CMYK color space. 2. Pixlr Editor Pixlr Editor offers a straightforward and efficient way to edit photos and other images. You can add a photo to an image, touch up your pictures with noise removal, swap out your facial expressions, and fix color contrast. Pixlr Editor is a free and powerful Android and iOS alternative to Photoshop. Free Photo Editor: Pixel Editor 3. Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editor that loads images from your device. You can edit and easily share pictures you take from your phone with friends and family. It also offers great features like unlimited undo’s, resizing, and crop. There are a few downsides: you have to install a proprietary software package and limited storage space. It’s not ideal for serious image editing. Free Photo Editor: Pixm from Cloudy Camera 4. Pinta Pinta is a free open source graphics editor that can be easily integrated into Android Studio. It enables you to create animations, tile maps, buttons, curves, text, and more. It supports a wide variety of image formats and can open media from your Gallery. Free Photo Editor: Libre Graphics Magic 5. Microsoft Paint Microsoft Paint is an easy-to-use app for Windows operating systems. It is most commonly used for sketches and illustrations but can be used to create other types of images. You can draw, paint, or make simple edits to your images in Microsoft Paint. Free Photo Editor: Paint.NET 6. Draw 388ed7b0c7

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Minimum System Requirements: 1. Multi-core processor (2.4 GHz or faster) 2. 2 GB RAM 3. 128 MB of Graphics Memory (AMD/ATI) 4. 100 MB available hard drive space 5. Windows 98/Windows NT/2000/ME/XP 6. DirectX 8.0 7. Resolution 1024×768 or higher Preferred System Requirements: 1. Multi-core processor (2.6 GHz or faster)