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* _The Adobe Photoshop Guide_ (Adobe Press) takes you through the steps for creating any kind of image, including using Photoshop’s _layers_ to edit and manipulate the image’s various parts, especially with color. * Adobe _Creative Suite 3 Design & Web Premium_ (Adobe Press) is a book focused on all Photoshop elements. Its technical chapters take you through the process of creating any kind of image. While most people may use Photoshop after getting the Design book, it can be used as an introductory Photoshop book to get users comfortable with what Photoshop can do and how to use its tools to manipulate an image. * The educational site _Adobe Photoshop CS5_ at `` offers basic tutorials for beginning Photoshop users. * Adobe’s Photoshop Fundamentals course at `` and the related CD-ROM ($275) take you through the major features of Photoshop while teaching you how to use it. * _Photoshop CS6 For Dummies_ (Wiley) is a book that puts everything together and guides you through the basics of using Photoshop to create images. It uses images from the CD and is great for showing you how to do things in Photoshop. * A few online tutorials that teach Photoshop are at ``. * This book uses Photoshop CS6 and provides you with many examples of what you can achieve in that program. * The online Cheat Sheet at `` is a cheat sheet for using ImageMagick, a free command-line application used for manipulation of images. * The online Z-Fold Tools at `` includes programs that let you duplicate a file or create templates. # Chapter 6: Deep Dive into Photoshop In this chapter, you discover how to use Photoshop by taking a look at the tools, features, and techniques that enable you to create the kinds of images that you can incorporate into books. # Use Photoshop for Book Images The great thing about Photoshop is that it can be used for just about any kind of image you create. You can use it to create illustrations, web graphics, photo-quality prints, marketing materials, and more. This chapter gets you started

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The below list of Photoshop features is arranged in the order in which you find them in Photoshop. Note: The content is not in any particular order. Table of Contents My first Photoshop tutorial is about how to make a drop shadow in Photoshop. Drop shadows are an effect that hides the edges of the layer and adds a subtle impression of depth. Drop shadows are very useful in graphic design and in web pages to make it look more professional. How to make a drop shadow in Photoshop Drag the Shadow Style (a tab in the Layer panel) onto the layer. You can now drag the Shadow slider to set the width of the shadow and pick the color from a new color palette. Drag the shadow to the color you want it to be. I use this when designing slide speeches. Add a Layer Mask to make the mask as opaque as possible to get a true transparent drop shadow effect. I add the mask with the Brush tool (B) using the default settings. To create a mask like this, make sure that the Brush Tool (B) is active and place the Brush directly onto the layer without clicking. When moving the brush, you want to move the brush not the layer. If you click to move the brush, Photoshop will automatically move the entire layer. After that, paint the entire area by clicking and moving the brush. You can adjust the brush size by dragging the width slider. You can also paint by dragging the canvas directly. This will result in smaller brush strokes. Now you can paint the mask, drag the layer mask in the Layers panel and add the desired opacity. There is another way to make a mask. Add a new layer on top of the layer. Copy and paste the layer. Now paint the layer mask in the same way as above. Adding a Layer Mask Create a New Document With New Layer Fill Color Black Create a Gradient With the Colors Red and White Use the Gradient Editor to Add a Drop Shadow Add a Drop Shadow Add a Fill Layer Style to the Drop Shadow to make it look more realistic. Change the Outer Color to Black and the Inner Color to Any Color Add a Drop Shadow and Make the Layer Mask Opaque Save the Document Here I made a sample vector illustration. I started the project with Photoshop, exported it as a PNG and started creating the background in Adobe Illustrator. Create a 05a79cecff

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Q: Java. Стоит ли добавлять «using» в методы? В java нет массива классов. Но нужно работать с массивом, к которому применим using, и у меня возник вопрос — правильно ли с массивом делать вот так? В итоге имеется массив Object[]-ы, а нечто вроде массива классов. ArrayList arr = new ArrayList(); arr.add(1); arr.add(2); arr.add(3); Значения изменяются и добавляются с помощью.add(). После запуска метода изменяется сама лист, а всё происходит из массива Object[]. public void Modify() { for (Object[] a : arr) { a[0] = a[1] + a[2]; } } Полагаю, что вы можете рассказать, почему прави

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Jim Maxwell Jim Maxwell (December 6, 1945 – February 27, 2005) was an American animator who is best known for his work on Walt Disney animation productions. Biography Maxwell was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1945. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design where he received his B.F.A. in 1968, and the New York University Art Institute, where he received his M.F.A. in 1974. He was a founding member of the studio of Walt Disney Feature Animation and was the Studio’s senior animator from 1983 until his retirement in 2004. For his work as an animator on features, Maxwell was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for his work on The Fox and the Hound (1981). Although he did not win that year, his script and story for The Fox and the Hound won an Annie Award, while the film itself won an Academy Award. His film Who Framed Roger Rabbit was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. He was also a supervisor and supervisor of the animation for Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1995). In addition to his work on films, Maxwell also did some animation work for the HBO series Six Feet Under and for the children’s programming program Dinosaur Train. Maxwell died on February 27, 2005, at the age of 58. In 2005, a retrospective on his life and work was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, which was also home to a collection of his short cartoons. Selected filmography The Fox and the Hound (1981) The Black Cauldron (1985) Tarzan (1999) The Prince of Egypt (1998) The Country Bears (2003) References External links Category:American animators Category:Walt Disney Animation Studios people Category:Deaths from lung cancer Category:Deaths from cancer in California Category:1945 births Category:2005 deaths Category:Rhode Island School of Design alumni Category:New York University Institute of Fine Arts alumniAbout Bloom Bloom Review Bloom is a mobile phone case that allows you to place your iPhone next to your device at any time. It works through a magnetic power connection that charges your phone over 3 hours on a single charge. Then it keeps it charged. What’s in the Box

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• Windows Vista or Windows 7 • Windows XP • 2 GHz processor (1 GHz or faster recommended) • 512 MB RAM • 40 GB hard drive space (20 GB for the installation) • Microsoft DirectX 9 or later • 100 MB free hard drive space • 1024×768 screen resolution • Sound card • Mouse • Keyboard Bug Report: If you run into a bug, please report to us with detailed instructions, steps to reproduce and system information. This will help us to