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1. Create a new blank document Begin by creating a new blank document. You can do this several ways, such as by pressing Command + N. You’ll then be prompted to select a resolution. It’s recommended that you set the resolution to 300 dpi. Once the document is created, save it for future use. 2. Set the foreground and background colors To make it easier to see where each color is, it’s a good idea to set the foreground and background colors for your new document. Select Edit > Color to change colors. You can also select the right color by going to Color > See Reference. 3. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool (M) The Rectangular Marquee tool is found at the top-right corner of the toolbox. Press and hold down your mouse button to create a new selection area. 4. Load an image into the new document Click on File > Place to import a new image. You can then choose and load an image from your hard drive. Click and drag on the image to place it into the new document. If the image is saved to your hard drive, you can select the image as shown in Figure 1. The image will appear in the new document, which has a white background. 5. Select the color that will be used for the frame To make it easier to see the frame, select the white color used for the background. Click the white color using the color picker to select it. Figure 1: You can select color (top) from a sample image (bottom) to make it easier to see the frame. Click the color in the Color box, as shown in Figure 2. The white color is now selected and can be used for the frame. Figure 2: You can select a color from a sample image to make it easier to see the frame. Click OK to return to the main document. 6. Add a drop shadow effect You can add a drop shadow effect on the image using the Add drop shadow tool. It’s located at the bottom-right corner of the toolbox. Click on the tool. You will be prompted to select a shadow color, as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: You can select a shadow color to add a drop shadow to the image. You can select the shadow

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The main features are: Hundreds of filters to customize your images such as black and white, darken, tone, blur, sharpen, contrast, gradient, etc. Add color, shapes, lighting effects, blur, resize, and much more. Hundreds of special effects that you can apply to your images. Editable text and stickers for your memes. Ability to take photos with your webcam and Adobe Photoshop Elements can use them as you see in the pictures. Better operation in terms of memory and performance. Better support for RAW formats and ways to edit RAW images. Add-ons and extensions that let you do more. Designers, educators and students, business owners and even hobbyists use Photoshop for everyday things. They use it to design logo templates, print and digital ads, create new website templates, edit and make use of the images on their websites, and much more. Photoshop is a very popular program with professionals. It is not only limited to design or graphic artists, either. It is one of the most used programs in creating new web pages, web templates, etc. Adobe Photoshop is the best tool for the job. It’s a popular tool and it has lots of features. The program can do almost anything. It can edit, make, create and do just about everything you need to with only one program. However, despite the thousands of features, the program is not perfect. Some people find that it is a little bit hard to use Photoshop. It has a complicated interface, which means that some people don’t know how to use Photoshop very well. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a program that lets you edit and create images with Photoshop-like functions. It’s a program for basic users. It contains only a few features that can make editing photos and creating new images really easy. Unlike Photoshop, you don’t need to learn how to use all of the different features. You just have to know a few basic skills and you can edit and make new images. Photoshop Elements has a very simple user interface. It looks like the ‘Photoshop Classic’ desktop program. It uses all of the modern features of Adobe Photoshop and some new ones to make image editing easier. The program is very easy to use. It is designed to be simple and easy to use. All of the major functions a681f4349e

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Q: Array of strings, single quotes problem I’m having a problem with the single quotes in javascript. I’ve a basic array and an other array which contains the values of the values of the first array. For example var arr = [ ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ ]; var arr2 = [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]; I’ve an output for example «1,2,3» It should be «1»,»2″,»3″ How to convert the whole line in the variable and also have the right format? I tried this var re = /(.+),(.+),(.+)/g; for (var i = 0; i < myArr2.length; i++) { myArr2[i] = myArr2[i].replace(re, '$2'); } But it's not working at all A: Your array indexing is incorrect, if you're just replacing the values you'd want to do: var arr2 = ['1', '2', '3']; var re = /(.+),(.+),(.+)/g; arr2.forEach(function(value, index) { arr[index] = arr[index].replace(re, '$2'); }); A: Well, your approach is working, as long as your numbers are at the end of the string 🙂 var re = /(.+),(.+),(.+)/g; for (var i = 0; i < myArr2.length; i++) { myArr2[i] = myArr2[i].replace(re, '$2'); } If I may ask, what is your end goal? var arr2 = ['1', '2', '3']; var arr3 = ['1','2','3']; alert(arr3.join(',')); // alerts "1,2,3" alert(arr2.join(',')); // alerts "1,2,3" alert(arr3.join(" ")); // alerts "1

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Last week, we announced a new activity that will be available in the PlayStation Store called ‘PlayStation Plus Days’ where, for one week, you can download 5 free games once every month. Now, we’re ready to announce the first free PS4 game in July and August. This month’s free game is just the beginning of a monthly series of five free games to download. We’re happy to announce that players will be able to download Tearaway Unfolded, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, The Order 1886, Resistance: Fall of Man, and Infamous: First Light during the month of July and August. These games will each be available for free, once each month, for as long as the offer remains. We’ll see you again soon! Downloadable games are available for download on the PlayStation Store on your PS4.Q: Debian packages aren’t updating well Basically after the updates for i.e. libc-dev (that were installed some weeks ago) I can’t get the latest version (2.17). But if I go to update/upgrade anything else just gives me the latest version. And it kind of annoys me as I don’t have any other sources (besides apt-get) and I don’t want to use the useless internet (I’m on a mobile connection). What can I do to get the lastest version of a package installed? A: Use the package management system to install/upgrade that specific package. For example, $ apt-cache policy libc-dev libc-dev: Installed: 2.17-0ubuntu6.7 Candidate: 2.17-0ubuntu6.7 Version table: *** 2.17-0ubuntu6.7 500 500 trusty-security/main i386 Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status If you don’t want to upgrade that package, then you can install the other packages that depend on that package. To do so, you can use the following apt-get command. sudo apt-get install $(awk ‘/^[^#]+$/ {print $1}’ /var/lib/dp

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This mod is compatible with both vanilla Skyrim and No Mans Sky. — Does this mod change my save-game? (very unlikely, unless you do a lot of stuff in the game) Yes. Will this mod mess up my other mods? (I do try to keep it out of other mods and have no conflicts at all) The interaction is always a little bit tricky and I haven’t encountered any conflicts. I’m usually not very strict on that, if you