Explore a vast alien world in survival-style gameplay to blast your way out of some hardcore gremlin-invasion situations. You must scrounge together supplies and weapons dropped throughout the levels to survive the gremlin onslaught. Choose 8 different levels that will challenge you in an all new way. Play as one of 3 game characters. Embark on a horror-filled adventure full of enemies, bosses, and crazy situations! Play for yourself, with a friend, or in co-op with a fellow survivor. Little Inferno: Deluxe Little Inferno is a puzzle game with an interesting premise. Create a volcano out of blocks and melt the pesky gremlins with color. You need to create a “perfectly” colored piece of block that will destroy a gremlin. If you can do this, you can win and go up the volcano. And if you mess up, you can get blown up or even melt away. You’ve got to be careful and make sure not to get melted or blowed up. Monuments of Gumi Gumi saw a big chance and decided to become an indie developer. The project started from small but works now. In this game, you play in a world that was devastated a long time ago by a comet. Many years later, a group of civilizations have rebuilt the world, but then they all fell into an endless war between the four great empires. For more information, check out Monuments of Gumi’s website and please like the game on facebook. The Paperboy The Paperboy is a fun physics game where you are in charge of creating a a tornado-like tornado out of paper, trees, ropes, and other objects. You’ll have to do all that you can to get rid of the pesky gremlins and butterflies that keep coming into your town. You need to use all of your creativity and physics skills in a fun game where your only goal is to destroy as much as you can. Pull my finger! Pull my finger is a little word game that’s a lot of fun. The instructions are simple: pull my finger. You’ll need to think before doing it, otherwise you’ll fail. But when you do pull my finger, you can win! And then you need to start the next game and pull my other finger. Asteroids Asteroids is the big one. You’re going to play the role of an


Rayland Features Key:

  • About Stylish System
  • About Location
  • About Daily Carry Item
  • About New ItemInventory System
  • New Weapons
  • Some New Weapons
  • Best Weapon
  • Damage Table

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