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FRONT LINEERS. The Leaders of the Elden Ring Elodin: Actor in a Theater of War The actor who can wield the Elden Ring Kiran: A Great Stage Designer The stage designer who can control the Elden Ring Betezelen: A Great Opra composer The composer who can turn the Elden Ring into a weapon Vanez: The Lead of the Orcs The leader of the Elden Ring who is the first obstacle in front of an adventurer NAJI: A Wild Man of the Frontier A lusty fellow residing in the Frontier who provides a bit of comic relief CALVAN: THE WOOLLY WOODMAN The leader of the Ainulthrim Pirates with his own unique personality [Options] ▶Option Guide: [Achievements] Achievement Guide for the Tarnished Soul Achievements are awarded for completing daily challenges. Daily challenges reward coins, with subsequent achievements awarding the largest quantities of coins. Achievement Details Standard Achievement Name Tarnished Soul Achievement Guidance «Defeat a number of enemies by making each fight last for a set time.» Achievement Awards Coin Description Standard Total Coins 200,000 Achievement Goal Tarnished Soul — Achievement Category Daily Achievement Achievement Type Coin Leaderboard Status Achievement Unlocked World Please Visit this page on the official website for more details. [Mission] [Item] The item can be useful for solving the dire case. This is an item that can be used in the field. Please Note that this mission is only available during the campaign. You will need to unlock achievements to obtain this mission. Meaning of this mission You must collect the items listed under «Mission». If an item already exists, you need to acquire a name card. If you manage to acquire a desired name card, you can obtain the item by clicking «Gather» and «Go to Shop.» Ensure to click the name card to get the item. In case you acquired the item, you can click «Go to Shop» and «Gather» at any time to check your progress. Please click «Achievements»


Features Key:

  • Home to an Epic Battle Loops Experience Elden Ring combines tactics RPG, traditional action game, collectible action RPG, and online battle systems, showcasing a thrilling battle experience. • Strategic Battles In addition to being able to let loose with battles in a variety of environments, skillfully put your strategy to the test with new battle types such as quick match battles that will test your adaptability. • Boss Battles with Pulsating Actions In boss battles, you should brave the challenges and use your skill to vanquish the boss. In a fight against the lord Amelshakh, you must choose, «to stop him or to be defeated.» • Extensive Possession and a Great AI In extended versions of the battle scenes, you will be able to use opportunities such as possessions to make the enemy suffer from unbearable pain while you are secretly stealing things out of their homes. • A Strong Challenge Following Your Will The different armor sets, magic abilities, and weapons, you have obtained are all clearly displayed. Even the numbers relating to your current level are shown, ensuring no one can snitch on you. • Skillful Solutions There is no room for slacking. When facing difficulty, play as you normally would, but as you get better at it, you will be able to use peculiar skills to overcome the hurdle.
  • Take the Fantasy World in a Whole New Direction The world of Elden Ring features eight regions and a variety of realms — from fantastic lands such as Kuon and Arewk, to bleak landscapes such as the road to the Deadlands.
  • Seamless Rejuvenation of Environment and Characters In addition to the various regions in the world, new types of maps and dungeons will keep your feeling of excitement high.
  • A Fantastic Treasure Hole in the World of RPG Titles In Elden Ring, you will get into the Elden Ring, a fantastic treasure mine that delves into the history of the fantasy RPG. Visit this in-depth place to acquire a variety of treasures to increase your power and then return to revive the world.
  • Authentic Graphics Built upon Fantasy Concepts The graphics have been built using the concept that «a fantasy setting is a world where the colors, music, and atmosphere appear as a natural extension of the environment.» We aim to carry this spirit over to Elden Ring and bring it to life beautifully.


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    Play Video The first character that has been released, has already had an interesting prologue to bring us along with his life before being involved in the duels around the world. He was a game developer, when one day, he was called from his job to go to a village where a girl he’s been attracted by suddenly died. She hasn’t died in your typical way of death but as a result of an impact generated by the use of a certain brand of weapon called the Amulet. Your Quest: After the incident, from the moment of her death, he got involved in a situation that he can only escape from if he uses his full strength as a warrior. The struggle that he goes through as he encounters the duels that prepare the people to become a lord of the lands happens in between living an ordinary life and living the life of a warrior. When Tarnished is asked if he wants to join the Queen, he wants to think it over. With a life that he only got used to, he will have to be a lord of the lands and experience a life that is not easy, and work really hard in order to become strong and even more beautiful. He will experience his life in a full support multiplayer game where he can take his character to and from the different parts of the game, where he can obtain new skills or change his costume, etc. As he progresses in the game, he will continue to become stronger physically, both mentally and emotionally. He will also be able to collect different weapons and armor. Your guide: Of course, you will be able to have a partner, a companion who will let you walk, and stay alive, and protect you, as well as his own strength. As a partner of your own, you will be able to strengthen your bond with him. You will have to consider the things that you will do with your partner. With each point you score, you will be able to unlock skills that will help you in your adventure. As you will improve your strength, you will see the skills that your partner will have. When you help your partner a lot, you will be able to get a lot of benefit from it. Your partner will be able to reach various levels in the game with the points that you and he will get. If your partner is able to reach a certain level, then your weapon will change. You will be able to play as bff6bb2d33


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    Extend your character through the preparation of a “Guild” and through the progression of the “Wars”. • Play according to the unique situations that vary in the Lands Between Players can freely customize their weapons, armor, and magic. You can also freely combine the items that you equip and create your own ideal play style. More items are added through play and are obtainable as you increase your combat strength. • True Elements of the Fantasy World Use the magic of the Wizard to reveal the true elements in the fantasy world and the Gods’ wrath. • Huge Dungeon Maps with Three-Dimensional Designs Carry out intense battles in huge dungeons where the three-dimensional designs draw the player’s attention. • Music Included Select the right battle music that makes the epic fantasy of Lands Between come to life. Audio-Visual Glory of Fantasy Experience authentic fantasy with the graphics that are stunning and beautiful. THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. ♪ Music


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    To develop this game, Garima DeWitt and her team took a creative and experienced approach of balancing artistic excellence, interactive appeal, and technical proficiency with in-house developments. This is evident in the game’s structure, which is designed to appeal to the senses and emotions of players with high production values and involving story content, feel-oriented game design, an innovative in-game narrative, an original gameplay paradigm and a mobile game development. Garima DeWitt was the driving force of the game team, helped by leads, key developers, artists and designers who have been involved in other notable games. Specific titles include Final Fantasy XV, Demon’s Souls, Hyper Light Drifter, Wasteland 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, Spells of Genesis, Yoku’s Island Express, Job Worker, Re:Build, Project Copernicus, World of Final Fantasy, Camilla, Blackwing Lair.

    We would like to thank all of our fans for the continued support. We are proud to introduce WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY to the Massively Multiplayer Online Games genre, and we greatly look forward to bringing our fans a truly dynamic and exciting RPG experience!

    *For more information on the game, please refer to our website. Please note that this is only available in Japanese and English.

    "My only wish… if my soul had wings… would be to be with you" "And yet, there is a melody that I hear… in the distance."

    "Wind sings as it merges with the silence! I cannot be sure whether I hear a lute or a whistle. Love rises with the scent of lavender."

    "I believe that Grand Storm is rejoicing today…"

    "‘Having battled the Second Dragon in the mortal world, the last false Dragon has finally been defeated. The kingdom will…"

    "… let go… of this day.


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