Name Elden Ring
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Princess Laslowie, a princess of Oteine, is the hero of the Lands Between. She had been chosen from birth by the Empress of Odeine to be the representative of the Alliance in the forbidden lands. The legend says that the princess must unite the Alliance in the Lands Between. The power of the Alliance of Elden Elves will be lost if the Alliance falls. Her Majesty has given the castle of the princess as a place where she can stay. To search the princess to the castle, the lands are being invaded by the Dark Elves, and the princess is placed under the guards of the Alliance of Elden Elves to protect her. The princess escapes from the castle… …and travels alone. This game is a Fantasy action RPG. ■ Characters Laslowie — Princess of Oteine and the representative of the Alliance in the Lands Between. Laslowie is a born fighter with a sweet personality who have a carefree and innocent outlook on life. As the princess of Oteine, she has the power to awaken the ancient portal known as the Spell of the Alliance in the Lands Between. Miro — The Shield Leader of the Alliance of Elden Elves. A young and famous Elven Warrior. He has a high proficiency in all-around combat. Ithryn — A chief of the Royal Guard of Oteine who is currently holding the princess. He is very loyal to Oteine. Malakyo — Chief of the Royal Guard of Oteine, who is searching for the missing princess. Though he only has one eye, he is a hero of the Elden Elves. ■ Music This game features the original soundtrack composed by Takayuki Nigo, known for the FINAL FANTASY XIII composing. The music of this game is voiced by the real voices of the cast of FINAL FANTASY XIII ■ Story “The Lands Between are rising. The Lands Between are at war. The strongest soul among the Elves of the Alliance has been lost. A new race of people appear. A new race of Elves, Dark Elves, emerges. This is the beginning of a crisis. The princess of the future alone stands before the gates of Oteine.” Princess Laslowie, the princess of Oteine and the representative of the Alliance in the Lands Between, is under the


Features Key:

  • An epic and three-dimensional fantasy world.
  • Rich storytelling in a multilayered narrative.
  • Familiar character models and graphics.
  • Feats of strength, magic, and rapier & dagger combat.
  • An expansive world full of rich content.
  • Hours of gameplay.
  • Publisher:

    • GungHo Online Entertainment America, LLC.
    • HIDIVE in North America
    • Heatlight Digital in Europe


    • Game of «D&D»

    Release date:

    • 2017-01-07


    • Nintendo Switch Online


    • Official Website
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    “’Would you like to hear a song that you wouldn’t find on a desert island in the album ‘Little Busters’?’ ‘Sure.’” “The guitar parts are well-chosen and there is not even a hint of a boring song. It is a must-have title for all guitar player fans.” “The fantasy games which include realistic gameplay are hard to find in the action game genre, so this game is a rare find. The music is really good and the sound is also a plus.” “Playable characters who will help you in battles, plus your father who is traveling together with you, making this game a must-have for all of you who like RPGs. It’s fun to play at any time and I recommend you to play it.” “If you like the music style of ‘Little Busters’, you will also like the music style of the game. The songs can be easily understood even when you play the game at a slow speed.” “Good job, feel free to keep it going.” “New Fantasy Action RPG with high quality and fun, if you’re a game fan, you should definitely buy it.” “The game is a must-buy game for fantasy game fans.” “If you like the music style of ‘Little Busters’, you will also like the music style of the game.” “Music, music, music. Wow. … I like the guitar solo which is really new.” “The sound effects are really good. They’re different from other games.” “If you like the music style of ‘Little Busters’, you will also like the music style of the game.” “The game is a must-buy game for fantasy game fans.” “If you like the music style of ‘Little Busters’, you will also like the music style of the game.” “The guitar parts are well-chosen and there is not even a hint of a boring song. It is a must-have title for all guitar player fans.” “The fantasy games which bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring Download (2022)

    Beginning in a fantasy world, the player starts the game by purchasing a Tarnished for 500,000 or a Tarnished Plus for 2,500,000 silver (1 silver = 0.14 gold). Once purchased, the game begins. When enough time passes, the Tarnished must claim a name in an auction. Within the game, one can use a Tarnished to go out into the world with many other players and travel. If the player goes on a quest, they have the opportunity to win gold, which is used to increase the level of the Tarnished. When the player reaches the level for which they bought the Tarnished, they can activate it, and their character can immediately begin the fight to claim the Elden Power of a World. In this game, the Elden Power of the World is a system that manages the points necessary to activate the power of the next world. For example, when the player activates the power of the first world, it activates the power of the second world as well, which can only be activated with the number of points needed to activate the power of the second world. During the fight for the Elden Power, there are 4 types of monsters. The first type of monster, the Green Dragon, takes large amounts of damage with attacks, and there is a chance of the fight ending if the player is unable to recover from the damage. The second type of monster, the Blue Dragon, takes less damage than the Green Dragon, but it is difficult for the player to recover from the attacks. The third type of monster, the Orange Dragon, is the strongest, and attacks even when the player has not attacked, but its attacks cannot be parried or retreated from. The fourth type of monster, the Brown Dragon, is the weakest, and its attacks are not very powerful. However, if the character is attacked by this monster while being in a weakened state, they may be able to parry the attack. The player must fight these monsters in order to get their strength and armor and unlock new paths, and there is a chance that monsters will be encountered at the end of each new path. When the player begins the fight to claim the Elden Power of the World, as in other fantasy RPG games, they fight by parrying the attacks of monsters and attacking the monsters while they are weakened. Also, when their strength and armor increase or the monsters become weakened during


    What’s new:

    If the war between the Legions of Light and the Legion of Fear drags out while you’re away on another quest, the Lands Between will be free from evil. The fate of the world is left to your progress as a Tarnished.

    Are you ready to explore the Lands Between?

    Look forward to all-new adventures of the Lands Between!!

    * Game title and content may change.

    Tue, 03 Oct 2013 03:47:47 +0000 William Clark Release: 1996 Language: English Genre: Role-Playing Game The fairie kingdom of the elves is under attack by a mid-evil spirit that drains the life of the people. Devoid of hope, the people have chosen a celestial being to lead them against the darkness. To the people of the kingdom the celestial being is a hero, the saviour and the sacred hope. The people listen in awe for his name, a title given it by the people of the country. Slowly the celestial one start to become aware of where he is and of what the people to him. Also the celestial one start to wonder who he is and where he comes from. Afterall, he is different.

    The celestial one is a misfit in his class. At a young age he leaves his parents castle and travels far away; never to return back. Neither the memory of his past, neither his parents, nor his friends remain, yet he carries a stong inner belief to keep going. After a long journey he settled on an island and build a cabin in the woods. Eons pass. The celestial one find he is among his new friends. They are strange. They live in a town which is not a town, it is a place where you can trade with other creatures and visitors. All in all they live in a circle where only the boat used to get in and out.

    After some time the celestial one and his friends are set on an adventure to the neighboring coast, the spirit of death. The journey will take them far beyond their own island and seek for answers to their problems.



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    System Requirements:

    Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: Dual Core Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible GPU DirectX: Version 9 Hard Drive: 2GB HD space Additional Notes: Recommended: OS: Windows Vista Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Drive: 4GB HD space Community Profile:


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher reigdar
    Format File
    Rating 4.71 / 5 ( 173 votes )
    Update (3 days ago)


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