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To be more specific it was the VD-W98 as a bridge driver and i 1-9/8 0 for example.. I don’t want to have to guess at the right symbology, I’d like to have my own identifier scheme in the map database the primary reason i want to send the file to a remote ftp server is to stream it to my hdd which is a 20gb sata drive connected to a regular pcmcia cdrom Does anyone know the best way to serve image files from the web such as.jpg or.png there is also a problem with other directories such as music and movies because these folders can be accessed directly from the network and are visible to the public and can be viewed also the admin cannot see them when he runs fuser -i tcp:80 in windows in order to fix this problem it is possible to implement the backend of inetd to deny those uses from accessing those folders or is there another way to do this with inetd but i know nothing about inetd anyway here’s my problem my main directory has apache2 wsgi and python code that is running on the centos linux system my main server is running apache2 on port 8080 and the second has apache2 running on port 8888 and i am using a load balancer for those servers as i mentioned earlier my main server is running on a centos linux system and the second one is running on a centos linux system and the third server is running ubuntu server what i want to do is create a frontend on the centos server and a backend on the ubuntu server using a load balancer my main server is and the second one is and the third one is now here’s the ubuntu server sudo tasksel install lamp-server the ubuntu server is a 32 bit version whereas the centos server is a 64 bit version and those server runs the same kernel versions i also setup the load balancer as follows ssh -A iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE ssh -A iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE ssh -A 192.168