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Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Double Impact Games Build your own games using the Game-Builder. Hundreds of Games / Millions of Gamers Roblox Games are created by the Roblox community. Source: Music: Scary William — Pi’erre’ Bach After the coronavirus (COVID-19) first hit the headlines in December 2019, public health experts warned that there was a limit to how the World Health Organization (WHO) could help. With the WHO’s central role as the global public health institution tasked with coordination, the organization could become a target itself. In this video, Rob Amos, a researcher at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, argues that WHO’s possible overreach has been a major reason for the lack of efficiency that has characterized the organization’s response to the virus. His argument looks at how WHO may have failed to catch up with the virus and begin preparing nations for it. That has left the international community in a state of unpreparedness and threatened to limit WHO’s ability to help, even with the resources it is poised to receive. Further, Amos argues that WHO’s measures have also helped foster narratives about the COVID-19 virus that are playing into China’s hands. In the process, WHO has become a tool for the country. Amos says WHO’s successes in China have given the Chinese government “prestige and legitimacy” that in turn has turned people in China against WHO. Link to the podcast: While the World Health Organization is holding regional meetings around the world to deal with COVID-19, an indepth interview with Dr. Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Laureate and Chairman of CERN’s Research Board about COVID-19 and other questions about the covid-19 pandemic. —————————————— Subscribe to Science Connect SC (FULL TV)


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