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A: The last one is something very similar to a «code» and the other 2 are part of a folder Really? I thought all the binaries were in subfolders. Why is it in a «code»? Well, here is a funny example. For example, a commercial software provider usually announces a new version of a software, with a new version number. So, in their websites, they list the new version. The above picture shows the important point : the listing page contains this kind of code (it’s like a multi-line html / css) e79caf774b

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I first changed the storage device in the settings. Next I read the settings and found out that the main device was actually the old iPod touch and the new one was just the storage device. I reinstalled the application from the App Store and now it works as it should. beniowa · My new Twitter · My new Facebook · My new Youtube · My new G+ Jabiru, 05. November 2011 03:31:55 CET Jabiru, 05. November 2011 03:31:55 CET Hard Disk partition not working — Help! I removed some data that were not important for my application and I can’t find them anymore. Can you help me find them? Please send me your explanation or your instructions how to do it on my e-mail: [email protected] Thanks a lot for your help! Harald Click to expand… The best thing to do is to check your Trash folder. In there, you should find the files that you deleted. They should be in the «somthing.something» folder, where somthing is a.bmp, png, jpg, tiff, gif, and the like You can reset the user data if you want, or just delete and reinstall the program to re-create the default settings. After that, the files should be in your «somthing.something» folder. evernet, 30. October 2011 14:28:07 CEST Jabiru, 30. October 2011 14:28:07 CEST Can not erase application data I have an app on the ipod touch 4th generation. I noticed that the app had access to my calendar, browser and photos. If I do a factory reset, will all the data still be there? Click to expand… Yes, it will be on the 4th gen ipod touch even after you do a factory reset, so just backup your data. It could be that the app was pre-installed on that device and the ipod is after that not being updated anymore. In this case, it is not possible to install your app again. In that case you can re-register your app so that the information you want to save is not used again on your device. You can do that by opening your AppStore, pressing the plus-sign and