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** My own review of the app here: ** This is an app which you can use to retrieve the latest global weather conditions, find out where heavy weather is expected to take place and what will be the main meteorological changes in your location.** The app provides forecasts, satellite images from the biggest global weather monitoring satellites, localized weather alerts and notifications. ** Be informed when it is going to rain, when the visibility will be too low, when its going to storm (including tornado and hailstorm), snowfall alerts and other severe weather. Weather alerts include alerts on wet weather, wind speed, thunderstorm, hail, freezing rain, avalanche, ice pellets, etc. ** The app is based on visualizations and live satellite images taken from the world’s biggest satellites. Furthermore, you can opt to receive notifications in your mobile phone (optional service) and receive the same information in the push notification style. ** ** The app is not free, but you get your money’s worth. You can use the app for free for 7 days. After the free trial period, you can get 5 weather forecasts in a day for free (you can use it up to the 3rd weather forecast). After the 5th weather forecast, the service will cost you $0.99 USD. ** Basic Features: * Provides you with real time weather data. ** * Predictions for the next 10 days. ** * Weather data for the previous 72 hours. ** * Advertisees weather data from over 2000 locations on the world. ** * Download reliable weather data via OWS (Open Weather Map API). ** * Determine the UV index and the forecast temperature and wind for your location. ** * Define the city and region you are interested in, such as USA, Europe, Asia or elsewhere. ** * Real-time forecasts based on 5 different parameters. ** * Check the UV index, the temperature, the temperature forecast, the UV forecast, the wind forecast and snow forecasts. ** * Ability to check the weather on a map. ** * Ability to receive notifications about changes in current weather. ** * Ability to receive SMS notifications for the recorded changes in weather. ** * Ability to define the location and the time of the forecast (you can define the month and the day). ** *

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The Weather 14 days Serial Key is a program that offers super detailed information about the weather conditions around the globe. It gives you forecasts, map, radar, and satellite images, alongside alerts and notifications when any sudden meteorological change occurs in your selected location. Who can use it The tool offers a completely new perspective over meteorological interpretations and how they are made. Generally, we are so used to receiving information about weather that we forget the vast analysis and the work that go into creating patterns based on attentive examination and research. This program is fit for those who want to understand meteorology a bit better. Those who are passionate about maps, changing trends, satellite images (from the largest global operational satellite agencies in the world) should also give this tool a try. Planning a trip, the need to receive constant updates about unexpected meteorological events, or just curious about cross-regional weather analysis, you name it The Weather 14 days Activation Code will definitely be suited for the task. Advanced predictions You can select multiple locations around the globe and switch between them (you are not forced to choose one at a time). For each geographical region, you can select the time and date of the forecast. Receiving any notifications about sudden changes or meteorological alerts is optional. The maps offer visually appealing animated forecasts based on diversified criteria such as temperature, rainfall, snow, cloudiness, UV index, atmospheric pressure (with the possibility to navigate on the map and to zoom in and out gradually). Watching the latest satellite images from major satellite agencies in the world is also valuable information, crucial for making accurate predictions.  Conclusion To summarize, The Weather 14 days Product Key is an incredibly interesting and informative app. It offers data you wouldn’t even think to take into account. It gives plenty of insights about the key elements that determine weather condition changes and meteorological interpretation/prediction. The notifications and alerts are a valuable element, especially for those who install the app on portable devices (tablets, phones). What’s New Version History 9.0.0 May 24, 2018 Full update including changes in the theme & changes in the icons 7.0.2 November 1, 2017 Changes in the app: • Now the download size of the app is much reduced • Versions of the app now provides notifications for 24 hours • Version now provides notifications for 72 hours • Version now provides notifications even for an hour 6.0.3 91bb86ccfa

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* Change location to see weather for all cities * Download daily and long-range forecasts * The most accurate forecasts based on various weather indicators (like wind, temperature, rainfall, etc.) * Relay alerts to your smartphone when any dangerous weather is coming (tornadoes, flash floods, heavy rains etc.) * Get point predictions and forecasts for cities * Find out how much a storm will rain you * Stay updated with local and global weather changes (temperature, precipitation, storm status, radar) * Get satellite imagery from NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration * Graphical and animated weather maps (blue color — usually the calmest weather, while orange and red indicate increasing temperature) * Geographical weather forecasts for a region How to use: Swipe up to select a city: Swipe left and right to navigate through the different days Tap one day to see the forecast for that day Tap the next arrow to switch between days Tap the forecast image to get more details Conclusions: — you have access to five locations — 12 days of forecast (for each city) — notifications of sudden changes or meteorological events — useful for travel planning or those who want to follow unexpected weathers in their home city or more generally — satellite images are refreshing Requirements: — Android 2.3 and up Screenshots: The Weather 14 days Global view It’s easy, stay up to date. Paid download | Only for people with Android 2.3 and up. | Android Market Apps for Android Similar software shotlights: WeatherCarrier 1.3.1 — The most accurate weather forecast for your car, and the best application available on Android Market for your smart phone. Keep up to date on the temperature, pressure, and even solar radiation See the latest forecasts (long- and medium-range) WeatherPro 1.3 — The most accurate weather forecast for your car, and the best application available on Android Market for your smart phone. Keep up to date on the temperature, pressure, and even solar radiation See the latest forecasts (long- and medium-range) Internet Weather Reports for Android 1.0 — Internet weather reports for Android, free, weather reports for your cell phone or tablet. It lets you see what the weather will be in

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In a world where technology has advanced so far, why should we still fall behind the curve and be left without answers to the most basic questions. Currently, weather stations and meteorological forecasts tend to be the only source of information we have. In this technologically advanced era, we also need to have reliable resources that can tell us more about how the future may evolve and how we can stay safe. Not just the weather, but also meteorological and atmospheric parameters are key players in ensuring our well-being. Research in weather patterns and weather-related diseases is conducted regularly, with more research being conducted all the time. The issue is that there are too few specialized scientists working on studying the complex nature of meteorological phenomena. The meteorological forecast, on the other hand, is the creation of educated guesses. It is based on the collection of data such as wind, temperature, water vapor, humidity, UV index, cloudiness and atmospheric pressure, and interpretation of all those numbers based on detailed scientific studies. The problem is that with the rise of the internet, data collection has become easier than ever before, which means the chances of making forecast errors have increased as well. In an effort to improve the accuracy of the data collected, meteorologists have been relying more on machine learning, which is unfortunately lacking in comparison to the human mind. On the whole, The Weather 14 Days is a wonderful tool that puts us one step ahead of the competition when it comes to receiving accurate weather data. It helps you understand and manage weather changes and make more informed decisions. The forecast accurately reflects data gathered from around the world, allowing you to easily customize forecasts for any location around the globe. My concerns Sometimes even while using the app, I have received several notifications about temperature, water vapor, cloudiness, or atmospheric pressure and its relation to these parameters at a specific location. To obtain a more accurate reading, they suggest me to link up to the world’s weather stations. I agree that it is important, but sometimes it just feels that the app is trying too hard. Furthermore, the notifications are usually delivered on mobile devices (phones and tablets) via push notifications. Most of the time, you have to turn on your phone to even see these notifications. I have absolutely no complaints about the way the app works, and it has been very useful for me. I think the app just needs to slow down a bit on the notifications. Conclusion Overall, The Weather 14 days is a tool that offers a lot of information

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Requires a 64-bit OS Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 or later OSX Version 10.8 or later Minimum specs recommended for best performance and smooth operation: Windows 10 Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Mac OSX 10.9 or later Google Chrome 40+ or Firefox 37+ Minimum graphics card specifications: Intel HD 4000 NVIDIA Geforce 6/7 series AMD HD 4000