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A: Try these two regex: \/.* \/[^\/]* The first one is greedy and finds any one character followed by any sequence of any characters (including newline characters) till it finds the end of the line (\/.*). The second one is non-greedy and finds any one character followed by any sequence of any characters which is not the end of line (\/[^\/]*). A: Unless you are using a regex flavor (like Java) which has a lookbehind assertion, you may just want to do the following: Pattern.compile(«\\.+?$»); As the simplest pattern to match a file extension. The above pattern matches anything (including any number of any characters) at the end of the line until «.» (dot), then the anchor «$» at the end of the line anchors the match to only occur at the end of the string. Q: Is it possible to boot a Chromebook (or similar device) with a USB stick? I know there is a specific boot method for Chromebooks, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to load it up using a USB drive. For example, you could start Linux with the following: linux-installer /dev/sdc1 Which if USB is supported you would get an installer for the Linux OS via USB (I assume). Is something similar possible with a Chromebook? A: I know this is old but the steps are worth knowing anyway. I am using a Samsung 15 inch Chromebook 2 550 (to keep it simple) and I am able to install Ubuntu via a USB. This is currently running Ubuntu 14.04 but I believe it is similar to Ubuntu 16.04. The steps to install Ubuntu are below : Plug in the USB (use unetbootin for Linux or YUMI for Windows) Power off the machine Follow the instructions to find your boot device (numerous steps but you do not need to do anything here) Change the BIOS options so that your system will boot from your USB (change to boot mode, there may be several options e.g. USB HDD, DVD-ROM, Internal HDD etc) If you are using a USB HDD you may need to install the boot loader that is in the USB (most USB bootable disks do this when you install the OS, Ubuntu does this

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