The world is about to end, and you must escape through the mine tunnels before it’s too late. You’ve got your trusty vehicle, but you won’t be able to use it in the most efficient way, and without fuel you’ll have to deal with plenty of other challenges. Along the way you’ll meet friends who can help you or who can bring you even more problems… Can you collect all of the crystals? What’s your score? Have fun! COOP/MULTIPLAYER: You will be able to play with your friends in cooperative mode, or you can play against them in competitive mode. FEATURES: + Many vehicles available: jeeps, trucks, double-or single-wheel cars, two-wheel buggy. + many locations to explore. You can play in old mines, in summer cabins, or you can go to a lonely area called the desert of lost love. + 8 large levels with varying gameplay: from a short adventure to a really hard challenge. + dozens of collectibles: crystals, signs, monsters, and many more. + re-playable levels. Once you finished a stage, you can go back to it and try it again. Try to collect all the crystals without dying, or get the top score for your friends. + 4 bosses who will offer you different challenges. + online and local multiplayer. You can play in local coop or compete with your friends online. CONTROLS + Use the touch pad to control the vehicle and use items. + don’t touch the screen, use the touch pad to control the vehicle. + You can pause, restart the game or get a list of all collectibles with the right click. + You can launch the audio/video menu with the «V» icon TROUBLESHOOTING + You can report a bug with the option «Options» -> «Play / Options», or open your browser and search for the phrase «Long Drive: Multiplayer» in a search engine. + Some mobile phones, especially Android ones, may trigger some graphical issues while playing. Try playing the game at minimum brightness, or remove the screen from the case. + If you get connected via WiFi to a computer with an Ethernet cable, the game can be bugged, it can think that the game is over and will show you the «Best Opponent» score when actually there is no one online


Features Key:

  • Your main objective is to remove all the blocks reachable from the entrance to the deep dark sea
  • Game map represents an eye of a monster
  • Each level is filled with different blocks that can be removed
  • For each removed block a star is given
  • You can remove only certain blocks
  • Play all 8 levels to complete the game


Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper

You start the game as a new recruit being sent to capture the Oldest City in the world, Yada. You explore the city while fighting people who are trying to prevent you from capturing the stone. Yada is different from other heroes of legend. It has no memory and never knew how to fight or to use magic. Instead, Yada uses powerful Blasting Powes that fly to anyone who is trying to attack him. Yada is 100% unique and cannot be seen in other games. Its own combat style and gameplay is completely different. You are a Swordsman in the middle of a battle between the King and his two sons… Manslaughter, you are a master of swords, weapons, bow and bow. By the time you’ve finished your training as a Swordsman, the city has become divided into two: those in favor of the King and those against. This division has fueled the war that everyone is fighting. While you’re sent to train, your memories from your youth are resurrected. What, for example, occurred between you and a barmaid during the training academy? And what have you been ordered to do? If your memories turn out to be genuine… The story goes on! This game was made from 0 to 100 in less than 30 days SteamWorld Dig has been in a Steam sale for the past few months. They’ve been gradually lowering the price from $9.99 to $5.99, and now, just above $4.00, if you buy the game on December 29th, you will receive 1000 coins for free which can be applied to your other Steam games. If you’re curious about the game, you can check out the demo, which has the same gameplay as the full game, but doesn’t include the message boards, chat rooms, and in-game, advertising. Also, SteamWorld Dig has been featured on the App Store’s Free App of the Week. However, the game hasn’t had any press coverage in Apple’s App Store, so if you have an iPhone, you could go to the App Store, search for SteamWorld Dig, and see if the game is featured. Source: This video shows players real time in game experience with the new Steam locomotive hovercrafts. Steam vehicle engineer is a game made c9d1549cdd


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Enjoy the original soundtrack of Stories: The Path of Destinies, written and performed by Vibe Avenue. The gameplay and story elements are presented in a parallel timeline to the original Stories: The Path of Destinies, but they are not meant to influence one another. Story Part I: Flames The World of Darkstone is a cruel and desolate place. The sky above is perpetually the same shade of red, and in every way the world mimics the wasteland of No Man’s Land from the Fallout franchise. Beyond that, it is a realm that will continue to become more and more isolated, until it becomes completely devoid of life. The rules that govern it make its inhabitants weary, and every second spent in it is a minute wasted away from everything they’ve worked for. There is nothing here for them to strive towards. No one ever wins anything here, except death. In this world, however, there is a glimmer of hope. With the help of magic and wonder, this bleak place was once the home of an enlightened civilization, whose people forged a way of life that was made prosperous by the divine power of the demons. As the gods retreated, their presence was gradually lost, and mankind soon followed suit. For a few moments, there was a chance to save the world, but then the fateful day came and the world ceased to be. The inhabitants of Darkstone struggled through the aftermath of that fateful day, fearing that whatever remained of the world was lost to them for good. They chose to forget what once was, and live instead on in the belief that their current existence is all they need. As time went by, they passed the days in the knowledge that they are bound for a distant future. When the world reaches a point when it has become unpalatable for them, they will leave. Leaving, however, is not as easy as one would think. “I don’t want to go to the future! It’s just going to be worse!” The demons ruled the world, and those that escaped from them are what can be found. Those that stayed behind are also a victim of the evils the demons brought. As a result of those evils, life was never the same, and the world was never the same again. There are those who try to bring the past back, but they are met with resistance and ridicule. However, there is one voice of reason, one voice that not


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