Dating Apps If you’re looking for more than one-night stands, Tinder is the perfect app for you. Using an algorithm that sorts people’s physical appearances against their pictures, Tinder finds matches based on the similarities, and you only get one’match’ per day. To increase the chances of finding someone special, Tinder allows you to choose up to four filters, which can narrow down your search to a specific location (check out the map!), religion, income, and whatever gender you’re looking for. The app isn’t a hookup app, but if your interest is purely sexual, it’s just the perfect app for you. Remember that love is blind, but online dating apps are not. Online dating apps are a way to communicate with people you have never met in person. That way, when you meet, you won’t have to wonder, «Hmm, was I supposed to bring a bottle of wine or should I ask for a promotion?» Instead, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re seeing a picture of who you are, not what you’re supposed to look like. It’s exactly the thought that’s behind OKCupid—a dating app for people who want a long-term relationship. Using a combination of questionnaires and an algorithm, OkCupid finds matches based on compatibility. It’s safe to say that the OkCupid dating app is the best app for finding that special someone. Alternatives to Tinder: Hookup app Hinge provides a safe space where you and your matches can see who’s checked in, so you can avoid any creepy, sexting yahoos. Alternatives to OkCupid: Free-form dating app PlentyOfFish doesn’t work like other dating apps, requiring users to upload a face shot, but the app says it has millions of members (although currently, it has just 30 million). Unlike other apps, it claims to have nothing to do with a dating agency. Online Dating Sites If you’re a long-time love-seeking veteran, you probably know by now what an online dating site is, but to the rest of us, it’s an online dating platform for a specific type of person. A niche dating site is a place for people who want to meet people with similar interests, occupations, or hobbies. Let’s be frank: Online dating can be a little bit like going to church. Most people who use online dating sites aren’t looking for a date; they want their
Don’t get us wrong: We’re not trying to tell you to lie, cheat, or make a fool out of yourself. In fact, we’ve known plenty of savvy, fun singles whose greatest challenge was figuring out how to pay for a dinner at New York City’s Union Square Cafe. Despite our grand romantic ambitions, when it comes to meeting someone, it often comes down to knowing what you want and being comfortable with yourself. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to focus on advice for men, though most of it applies to women too. If you need more confidence in yourself (and you do), here are 10 books to help you get the most out of dating. 1. «The Rules» (Huffington Post) If you’re looking for a book that details all of the rules for dating, look no further. Written by Chris Ryan, the co-editor of, and published in 2009, The Rules is jam packed with real wisdom about love and romance. Ryan is one of many dating experts who were college classmates at Harvard Business School. After his students graduated, he made a career out of helping them navigate dating and relationships. Based on his years of experience, he compiled what he considers to be 10 universal rules of attraction. From rules like «men are from Mars and women are from Venus» to more practical ones like «don’t expect the other person to solve all your problems,» The Rules is a must-read for anyone looking to get more out of his or her dating life. 2. «The Rules: The Evolution of a Simple Idea» (SheKnows) The Rules, while undeniably useful, are a little outdated. You’re better off with a more recent book like The Rules: The Evolution of a Simple Idea, written by Chris Ryan and co-editor Elizabeth Spelke. In this paperback, they tell you exactly what you want—the qualities that make you the kind of person you are. And since the book is based on research and interviews with psychologists and single people like you, there’s a sense of authority behind it. 3. «8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter» (Amazon) If you’re the parent of a teen, the post-college days of dating can be complicated. Just because you’re a good girl doesn’t mean you need to have your first time co-ed with