WinBcp copies the contents of a database table to or from a an operating system file. It can also copy data between different Sybase servers and database tables. Get WinBCP and give it a try to see for yourself just how useful it can actually be for you!


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WinBcp is a tool for copying data from or to a local or network database. It has a powerful set of functions to query, modify and move data. WinBcp can also connect to a remote database server to copy data in and out or to move data between servers. WinBcp is free and there are no activation limits. You can use it on up to 50 computers at the same time. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or higher; 2.4 GHz processor; Up to 10GB system RAM. MySQL Administrator is an easy-to-use application for creating and managing MySQL databases, tables, views, and stored programs on Windows-based computers. MySQL Administrator can be used to administer any MySQL-based server. MySQL Administrator Features: MySQL Administrator is a visual database manager with an intuitive database designer and a comprehensive set of programming functions. It can be used to create, edit, and delete MySQL databases, as well as to program, execute, and monitor the execution of stored programs. The MySQL Administrator database editor makes it easy to create and edit tables, views, and stored programs, using a visual table editor. It includes powerful functions for modifying data types, converting data types, moving data, setting primary keys, and more. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher; 2 GB of system RAM (4 GB or more recommended for 64-bit Windows operating systems); 500 MB of free disk space on the operating system drive Installation Requirements: Installation of MySQL Administrator requires a Microsoft Windows operating system. Documentation and Updates: For more information on the latest version and the MySQL Administrator news feed, check out the MySQL Administrator web site. MySQL Client is a handy application for accessing MySQL from Windows applications. You can use MySQL Client to read, write and modify data in local or remote MySQL databases. MySQL Client offers a user-friendly interface that makes MySQL database administration easy and fast. MySQL Client Features: MySQL Client is an easy-to-use application that lets you query, read, insert, update and delete data from or to a MySQL database. MySQL Client provides a powerful set of functions that help you maintain your databases. You can create, edit, delete, query, modify, execute and monitor your databases and the programs that run on them. You can use MySQL Client to manage database tables, views, stored programs, settings, and data types. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher; 2

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WinBcp is a command line utility for Windows, that copies databases from one local or remote location to another, or from one server to another, and vice-versa. It supports Sybase, Oracle and SQL Server databases. WinBcp is the obvious choice for batch data transport between different locations, servers, or database management systems. WinBcp supports common transfer protocols like TCP/IP and FTP, plus all the latest Unicode file transfer protocols like SSH and SFTP. WinBcp can be used to backup databases. It is also widely used as a means to move confidential information, or as a data transfer tool between a server and client. One of the best features is the support for simultaneous operations, for example: you can transfer a database from one server to another, while maintaining a write lock to protect your data from being overwritten by another process. WinBcp can also be used in conjunction with a program like mkftp to move entire directories. By setting the appropriate options, WinBcp can move complete directories in one transaction, and this provides a fast and reliable way to export files to disk, especially when the files are too big to fit in memory. When data is transferred by WinBcp, an ASCII file is created in the target location; Windows Explorer or a graphics program can be used to view this file. The tool can handle up to 64 parallel operations simultaneously, up to 256 kilobytes per operation, and up to 1024 transfer operations per file. In short, WinBcp is an easy to use command line tool for managing data transfer between computers. WinBcp Commands: WinBcp source command: This takes as input the path to a source database. WinBcp target command: This takes as input the path to a destination database. WinBcp server command: This takes as input the hostname of a Sybase server. WinBcp database command: This takes as input the name of a database on the Sybase server. WinBcp options command: This takes as input a list of options that should be applied to WinBcp. The options supported include the following: {} = ‘OPTION’ = »(empty string) = operate on all databases -f [-a] [-b] [-c] [-d] [-fname] [-ig] [-fmt] [-i] [-l] [-rlt] [- 91bb86ccfa

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WinBcp is a backup utility that makes backups to files and/or to tape. It supports both full backups (all the data from the database is copied) and incremental backups (only changed pages are copied). WinBcp is powerful because you can make backups of a single database table, a database file, or a whole folder tree of database files. You can choose which files or folders you want to include in the backups. WinBcp is fast because it does not wait for an entire backup to complete before starting the next one. Tools / Features: Be aware that the number of versions of an incremental backup stored in the backup file depends on the number of files of the file repository. This number may be exhausted in the case of a large number of files and then a crash of WinBcp will make the backup file useless for future incremental backups. You can use variable page sizes for your databases. This gives you the possibility to optimize your backups for the specific way your DB allocates physical memory. You can specify the size of the backups you take. Triggers: Triggers are stored in the separate schema of a table. There is no limitation on the number of triggers per database. WinBcp Licensing: WinBcp is distributed under the GNU Public License. History: Ricardo Dias was the software developer of WinBcp. A: No, you can not. In the older versions of Sybase, it would be technically possible, but I believe that this has been changed now. Order Michigan Supreme Court

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On Windows (possibly any other version) you can use the WinBcp utility to copy data from an Access database to a file, or from a file to an Access database. Even an Excel spreadsheet could be used. Properties you can change —Copy to:— You can specify a destination for the copies. This can be an Access database, an Excel workbook, a table in a database, an external file, etc. —Exclude from:— This option specifies which fields from the source table or spreadsheet to copy, and which fields to exclude from the copy. Any fields in the source table or spreadsheet that do not match the fields from the destination table or spreadsheet will be excluded. —Copy from:— This option specifies the fields to copy from the table or spreadsheet. This tool works with any text file, any Windows program that accepts text file. This tool works with any format of text file that Apache Ant can handle, including PDF and TXT formats. Example of use: Copy from: The text of the table to copy from The field expression (for example, '1', 2) The name of a field to exclude PowerTools is a suite of tools for database development. It includes a general purpose migration tool, and tools to facilitate the creation of a SQL document from an existing database structure, etc. Can also perform an export from/import to BCP format. Here are some screenshots of some of the tools in the suite: PowerTools-ExportToDB-BCP.jnlp PowerTools-ImportFromDB-BCP.jnlp PowerTools-ImportFromDB-SQL-To-DB.jnlp PowerTools-ImportFromDB-SQL-From-DB.jnlp Want to see a list of all the programs in the suite? Click here.News, views and top stories in your inbox. Don’t miss our must-read newsletter Sign up Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email A supercomputer has exploded and left three gamers playing arcade game Pong in the midst of a blast of huge ultraviolet radiation. The 13-second episode of «super nova» — a mis

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