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WinMend Disk Cleaner Full Crack is a useful software for cleaning and organizing your computer. It automatically removes waste files from your computer, be it computer junk, temporary junk files, cache files, cookies, pop-ups and browsing history. The software also shows you with clear chart and in a concise manner, how much wasted hard disk space on your computer there is. The tool is easy to use, lightweight and can quickly scan and clean junk files from your computer. The data that the tool scans is secured and it is always in your control. It is capable of automatically cleaning all the internet junk files that are clogging your PC. There is no need to spend time to manually locate and identify the junk files and click to delete them. As a helper to your efforts, WinMend Disk Cleaner Crack For Windows can precisely tell you which wasted disc space is occupied by what kinds of files. Scans on the fly: never miss a file again The new Scan on the fly function works in the background. The files you are looking for are scanned as you view the drive, without slowing down your computer in the process. It’s easier than ever to identify and remove the files you don’t want to keep anymore. Simple, intuitive and straightforward: no matter how much junk is on your drive WinMend Disk Cleaner is easy to use and has a great user interface. Uninstall, clean and organize files faster than ever before. The program shows you a clear overview of how much disk space is used by junk files. After that, you can easily identify them and click to select/deselect them. It’s even easier to clean up your drive, because you simply want to view what’s on your drive and not waste time on looking for files. Advanced tools, automatic cleaning. No need to manually identify and delete files Thanks to its advanced cleaning algorithm, WinMend Disk Cleaner supports multiple file types, including cookies, internet caches, temporary files, proxy logs, cache, and more. The tool is capable of cleaning your computer and help you identify exactly what junk files are occupying too much of your hard disk space. The software also allows you to select files for cleaning and specify the file extensions you don’t want. WinMend Disk Cleaner identifies the needed files and deletes them automatically, so that you can just get the most essential details. Pervasive Protection for an even cleaner drive The built-in spyware and malware scanner in WinMend Disk Cleaner protects

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What is WinMend Disk Cleaner Features. 1. Detect, show and delete junk on your PC fast and easy. 2. Locate where the disk space is being used. 3. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 4. Clean up Pending Items which are used by Scheduled Tasks and could slow your PC down. You can have a full PC with Disk Cleaner you just need to install it and on the first start it will detect your files and folders and will show them and you can chose to delete some or all of them. WinMend Disk Cleaner is a reliable software that is capable of performing thorough system scans and offer an overview on the hard disk occupied space status. The software can easily detect how much storage is allocated to unnecessary junk files and clear the files away, in order to make room for important items. Computer diagnosis specialist Pending a thorough system scan WinMend Disk Cleaner can detect how much of the hard disk space is allocated to each type of files. The software focuses on compressed archives, image files, documents, music, videos, junk and other formats. Additionally, the application can indicate how much free space is available and how much space you could clean up by erasing all the junk files. Junk files are generally temporary documents, created when operating programs and stored in Documents, AppData or other such folders. It is a tedious job to manually search for all these files and erase them. Clean and filter junk files WinMend Disk Cleaner features two main functions, both designed to offer you an overview on the state of occupation of the hard disk space. Disk Cleaner can identify and display the temporary files stored on your computer, then allows you to select/deselect the rows. Once you have decided which files you wish to keep, you can erase the rest with one mouse click. The Disk Analyzer offers a statistical view on how the types of files that occupy the hard disk space. This function allows you to view all the junk files and their size, then, as with the Disk Cleaner, erase the selected ones. Additionally, you may create filters and select the exact file extensions you wish to include or exclude from the search. Clean up your computer and prolong its life WinMend Disk Cleaner is lightweight, easy to use and allows you to clear away unnecessary files that take up too much space on your computer. The

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* Identify and display junk files * Displays the space occupation of temporary files * See the size of each junk file in detail * Erase temporary files with the mouse * Delete temporary files with the mouse * Sort, sort and sort * Sort the junk files by name, date created, size and others * Sort by date created, date modified and others * Sort by size, date modified and others * Sort by name, date created, size and others * Sort the files by name, size, creation and others * Select the files you wish to keep * Delete the rest with one mouse click * Delete files by name and size * Delete the selected files * Copy to the clipboard * Display the full file path and the drive where it’s located * Download on Internet * Browse and find junk files on your computer * Displays the lists of junk files * Identify duplicate, temporary and read-only files * Delete selected duplicate files * Move, delete or copy read-only files * Unzip files * Redraw files on the screen * Navigate the folders * Navigate the files * Add files to the list * Copy the selected files to the clipboard * Set and apply custom filters * Set custom program for each junk folder * Set the program to automatically start when the computer starts * Set a program to automatically open the selected files * Set a program to automatically open the current folder * Launch the program with one click * Change the program parameters * Set an alert for each folder and disk * Set a program to start when a disk is inserted * Set a program to start when a folder is opened * Set a program to automatically start after a selected period * Set a program to automatically stop after a selected period * Set a program to run automatically when computer starts * Set a program to run automatically when the mouse is moved * Set a program to open the selected files when the computer starts * Set a program to open the current folder * Set a program to launch when computer starts * Set a program to launch when the mouse is moved * Launch immediately when the selected file is changed * Launch immediately when the selected folder is changed * Launch immediately when the computer starts * Kill or bring back to front the currently running program * Display the programs in the list * Show the files or folders in the list * Show

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