Increasing the visibility of your website is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are various SEO applications out there that can assist you in analyzing the status of your webpage and compare it with that of your direct competitors in order to reveal strong points that can be exploited and weak points that must be eliminated. XCoders Site Seo Analyzer provides you with a simplistic application that aims to help you get an overview of your website and decide on the actions you must perform in order to increase its exposing to the target audience. While it is not as feature-rich as other SEO optimization suites, this program can offer you a starting point in understanding what SEO is all about and building your future Internet marketing strategy. Ease of use is one of its advantages, since all you must do is enter the webpage URL and press the 'Search URL' button. The application scans the address and indexes all the pages it finds. This process can take more or less time, depending on the number of indexed pages. A list of all the found links is neatly displayed within the main window, along with tables containing data concerning the external and the internal links and warnings about suspicious URLs. Additionally, XCoders Site Seo Analyzer enables you to view and analyze a, img, h1 and h2 tags of your website, which offers you the possibility to manage links and redirected URLs. There are lots of improvements that this application could use in order to increase its popularity amongst users. For instance, it does not provide any advice on how to act about detected warnings, it cannot analyze backlinks or keyword relevance and it does not allow you to copy the list of found links to the clipboard. Nevertheless, it can be a handy tool for advanced users who know how to use the provided information in order to promote their website.







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XCoders Site Seo Analyzer Free Download is an SEO application that allows you to view and analyze your web pages, and get an overview of the pages that perform best and the ones that should be improved. is an online marketing agency that provides solutions to small and medium businesses all across Australia. We help you in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and pay per click management. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization Australia services, contact us today!Q: Appending data from two different forms and passing values using PHP I have two forms that use a JavaScript function to post to my PHP form. My issue is that when the user submits the last form, the data is posted to the database but it is only adding the data from that last submitted form. I need the data from both form to be added to the database. What am I doing wrong? Below is my code. function add_form2() { var length1 = $(«#firstname»).val(); var length2 = $(«#lastname»).val(); var name = (length1 + » » + length2); if(document.getElementById(«add_form2»).style.display==’none’) { $(«#add_form2»).show(); $(«#add_form2»).css(«display»,»block»); } else { $(«#add_form2»).hide(); } $.ajax({ url: «ajax.php», type: «POST», data: «firstname=» + name, dataType: «html» }).done(function() { $(«#firstname»).val(«»); $(«#lastname»).val(«»); }); return false; } A: When you open multiple forms, some

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>> XCoders Site Seo Analyzer Activation Code is a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) software that has been designed to be fast and easy to use. >> Aimed at the development of content on your web pages, it’s a content analyzer that make it possible to: >> Analyze URLs of a web site. >> Detects URLs that contains visitor-tracking software, and masks them. >> Detects keywords within your pages. >> Analyze redirects found on a web site. >> Check page headers. >> Check the internal links of a web site. >> Analyzes pages. >> It will provide a useful information of your website by analyzing at a first glance, your page, about you, its keywords, backlinks and content. >> Plus, this website analyzer is a keyword analyzer. >> In order to analyze all the web pages, you just have to enter a URL (with or without subdirectory) and click «Search». >> Once the URL is found, its web pages will be displayed in a hierarchical manner, that permits you to zoom in the required page. >> From that moment, you can easily access to your page information, such as links, headers, keywords, language, content, quality score, SSL status… >> You can also analyze the IMG, H1, H2, metadata, Title and URL of a page. >> With our free SEO software, you can easily analyze any web page. And you’ll be able to do this within few minutes. >> And, as it’s a FREE SEO software, you’ll have the best software, on the market for getting a perfectly optimized web site. >> Optimize your web sites with the XCoders. >> No Survey! Just Free! No payment. Just free! >> You can download XCoders for free now. >> «FREE SEO Software» >> Do you want to know how to submit your RSS feed to Pocket? Do it here: FAD 1. Run the software (double click on the icon). 2. Enter the URL of the web page you want to check. 3. Click on the «Search» button. 4. A new window opens. 5. Wait a few minutes until the software displays all the found URLs. 6. You can now focus on the URLs in your interest. 7. 91bb86ccfa

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Use this SEO & Software to Check websites.. This SEO software will analyze your website and report all the links, keywords, text and HTML code that it finds Homepage: Publisher: XCoders Software License: Free for home use File size: 713 KB Date added: 2010-10-16 XCoders Site Seo Analyzer Contributors gnis1 I like it, useful, fast HTML_Hunter Usefull Software leahwp75 pebra This is a great tool for the beginner and experts. Useful for checking backlinks and find the weakness in your web pages. Thanks. home.1and1 It works as a non-bothering tool to the website. I take its help to check out the sites of competitors at all time. Very nice. Support XCoders Site Seo Analyzer is copyrighted material, subject to copyright laws, and is not covered by the GPL or any other license. Please contact the author and use the e-mail in the «Support» section in the application if you believe your rights are being infringed. Check for viruses XCoders Site Seo Analyzer is not affiliated or endorsed by the authors, developers or distributors of the products listed in the XCoders Web site and all trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Hotfile Removal Utility (hf) by Frn, is a free application that helps you to remove malware, adware, spyware and so on from your computer, more than 1.4 million users are already using it. xinextractor.php is a free software to remove the annoying toolbars — both from your own website (if it is not yours — it could mean that someone else is using it) and from others. This tool is to make it harder for others to use your software illegally. It does not require users to install a toolbar, modify the source code or use any other malware. Please note: the fake security software displayed on your end-users’ computers by the software described here is completely harmless and does not cause damages. HTTPS Everywhere is a free addon for the popular web browser Firefox which makes it easier to browse the web safely. While HTTP and HTTPS are both encrypted protocols and provide a layer of security for

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1.You can add or remove all the search links for specific url. 2.You can change the default search url. 3.You can change the default search engine. 4.If you are a website owner. You can access other information about your website url and other related to it. 5.You can see all the search links which are related to your site. 6.You can view the relevant information about search url found. 7.You can view the found url in detail. 8.You can view the list of external linked websites. 9.You can view the list of internal linked websites. 10.This application will scan all the url and display the list of found links. 11.You can view all the links and their url directly from the generated list. 12.You can select the search engine and search directly from the list of the searched page. 13.You can select specific page that you want to analyze. 14.You can change the search url. 15.You can also access to the related information about your site. 16.We show the relevant information of your website in a simple way. 17.When you find the same search url, you can copy the url to the clipboard. 18.You can also generate a report if you need to show the report of your site in a very detailed manner. 19.You can see your website url, redirecting url and other information. 20.You can export the list of all the links in your clipboard. 21.You can share the list of url that you got from this application on social sites such as twitter, facebook and google+ etc. 22.You can view the current version history of the site and click on version button to get the full history. 23.This version work for Windows OS only. Screenshots: It’s great to see everyone getting on the ‘Google Wave of social networking’. I’m a huge fan of Google+ (too much to be a fan, actually

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