With Google Chrome you can use the customise extension to change when a website loads and how when you exit, and you can use it to disable the popup boxes. We talked about customising this earlier. Click the downward pointing triangle, then select Reset settings to default, if you don’t want to keep your changes. Of course, you can return to the settings screen anytime by clicking on the wrench icon and selecting ‘Settings’. Setting up the wacom sketchbook Conclusion If you have any problems, or come across any better techniques please share them in the comments. You’ll be able to get your Wacom Bamboo as a set up straight from the manufacturers website. The first thing you’ll need to do is be sure that your monitor or TV is capable of a 16:9 format.If not, then you may need to invest in a set. VGA is not a good option. Once that is setup, you’ll need to disconnect the USB cable and power source. You can also refer to the following links for more detailed instructions on the subject:Simon Urbano and his team share how they use automation with Azure IoT Hub. Back in November 2017, Azure added IoT Hub to its list of service offerings. IoT Hub is an easy-to-use message broker that enables IoT devices to connect and send data using a variety of messaging services. Microsoft leverages Azure IoT Hub as a service in order to manage device-to-cloud connections to provide reliable and secure connectivity. This post will discuss how DevTest Labs in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IoT represents the six major vendors in the IoT Software Space and how Azure IoT Hub is positioned in the Magic Quadrant. We will also discuss the technical aspects of connecting a Raspberry Pi to the IoT Hub service. DevTest Labs (DT Labs) is a French manufacturer and marketer of IoT kits and software for rapidly building solutions using IoT technologies. DT Labs works with over 140 IoT vendors in over 30 countries. They are also considered as a standard equipment manufacturer by the IoT Consortium. DT Labs released their report «DEVTEK Q6 2018» in March 2018. This Magic Quadrant is based on the results of the DevTest Labs’ survey and interviews with their IoT experts. Overview of Gartner Magic Quadrant The Gartner Magic Quadrant is one of the most important analyst-created product comparison tools. Using the methodology and expert interviews as a guide, the Magic Quadrant

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